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No Guidelines

@ February 2, 2009 9:55 PM in In Harms way (GrandPAH)

Dave. yes i see this all of the time and it shall be against code! But code officials look away or do not know what to look for. Can't we have our own "DIN" for this ? Is it time to reinvent the wheel? what do them Germans know about this? let's just learn it the hard way!

Look Ma, no Plates !!

@ February 2, 2009 9:24 PM in Onyx radiant tubing

Yes. Have seen it,and everytime i talk about it, it seems like i am the only one,and am seeing Ghost. Two more other local guys seen this as well or are admitting to have seen this! Let me guess "Look ma no Plates"! What temps are you running? PH at? In my opinion it is a Rubber hose that deteriorates! Maybe time for a "Strainer" and a little Chemical rescue?

@ February 2, 2009 8:26 PM in Home from Surgery

That's great.Have a good recovery. Richard

@ February 2, 2009 8:05 PM in The \"Prestige\" to Snowmelt

Thanks Dave. I just remember that Triangle only wanted up to a 50/50 Mix which i think that 49% will give me -20 F ? Just seems like this system will be "Living on the edge"

R & D

@ February 2, 2009 7:48 PM in My quiet Munchkin

Wayne, One more revised "Upgraded" new and improved version Does it come with a Free sticker for the newer board that gets installed over the old sticker?,Kinda like the Hydro pulse! Is this how HTP does the R&D of these boilers? Hope it has ODR :-) No harm intended! Richard

The \"Prestige\" to Snowmelt

@ February 2, 2009 7:34 PM in The \"Prestige\" to Snowmelt

On a service call today i saw a prestige that was hooked up directly to the snow melt! In this neck of the woods we use about -30 F to protect these systems! I do not remember but is this not to much glycol for the Prestige?

@ February 2, 2009 7:06 PM in Boiler Condensate into Septic Tank

They use Limestone or also the pellets that Viessmann sells, but limestone is cheaper.

Up to 5 Gallons

@ February 2, 2009 11:24 AM in Boiler Condensate into Septic Tank

I have systems that are condensing like crazy and that is what you want because the system is at it's peak when this happens ,on some systems i get 5 gallons of around a 4 to 5 PH. Kinda like Orange juice i was told. Just imagine everyone does this what will happen to the Water treatment plants and the Concrete Pipes that are Buried in the Streets?

Plant Pine Trees !

@ February 2, 2009 1:38 AM in Boiler Condensate into Septic Tank

So you shall make him/her or his department responsible for any consequential damages and have him/her sign off if it did freeze and back up and or if someone slip's and fall's on the muddy mess in the side yard. And then again maybe you shall recommend planting some Pine trees or some Moos or any lower PH loving vegetation that will thrive on this and keep the muddy mess from happening. Or is it time to get a Bio chemist involved? Or if the Heath department guys that actually studied this and are signing off on the septic systems remember what they learned in the studies shall have the final answers to this! what do ya think? Time to call them out!

@ February 1, 2009 10:44 PM in Boiler Condensate into Septic Tank

My Brother studied waste water Treatment in Germany we had this conversation and or post before and as stated before it is a no Go! I have seen it on neutral PH wells and it is ugly. That is why the German Codes do not allow it! And how hard is it anyway to run it through an bucket with $5 worth of Stones?. Peace....Think "Green"


@ February 1, 2009 7:51 PM in USB Temperature Loggers

I use Hobo


@ February 1, 2009 7:46 PM in Boiler Condensate into Septic Tank

The "Nitrobackters" that help break down the Solids Will die and you Could Clog your Septic leach field which can be very Expensive to replace.. I HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE! and it cost the Customer's $45000 to have it fixed! So on a small environment the Solution to pollution is dilution does not always work !!! BTW in Germany it is Illegal to drain the Acidic Condensate down the Drain with out Neutralizing it first!

@ February 1, 2009 4:32 PM in Moving west (Dan H.)

My heart skipped a beat I thought the wild west as in The Beautiful Wild West COLORADO Oh well the Islands are nice too. Have a nice time i hope to see you at the ISH. Richard

Cruel to be kind

@ February 1, 2009 6:12 AM in what would it hurt to be nice

Brad was nice and got a "Slap in the Face" so he did the same i would have by NOT holding or offering the other cheek.

Analyze This!

@ January 31, 2009 5:29 PM in Giannoni heat exchanger

I Think that it is time for a Investigation in what the Debris are that are accumulating in the boiler i.e. simple Lab test in the consistency for the materials/ Mineral/ Chemicals maybe some science teacher in your local high school can point you in the direction may make a Project for his Students or just take it to a laboratory otherwise you will always be Guessing. Analyze it with the proper tool Just think of it this way it kinda like adjusting a high efficient boiler without the proper tools...

IT Depends

@ January 30, 2009 9:38 AM in mod. cons. at 180*

It Depends on you heat emitters I have found that most of them are "Oversized" and it will work good. I have seen 30% to 40% savings due to Out door reset/ Modulation in milder outdoor temps!

@ January 29, 2009 11:31 PM in Giannoni heat exchanger

In which City? How is the air there? No wonder people have respiratory problems if this is what is happening with die boilers due to die intaken sie Luft.. jeest kidding ?

Tekmar 360

@ January 29, 2009 10:15 AM in Tekmar 360

Had a tekmar 360 last week that was "acting up" Here is the situation : Got a no heat call, found that the house that was nearly frozen just to find that the Esbe actuator was not working. I disconnected the Actuator adjusted it manually so that the house will heat without overheating the wood floors at this time the tekmar had a "Glitch" which i brushed off as maybe a high power wire/Sensor wire electromagnetic interference situation, ordered a new actuator installed the new actuator made sure it was working walked away! Inspected the system the next day just to find that the Tekmar is "Burned Up" How does one explain this to the Customer? Maybe the Esbe's fault? wires shorting out somewhere? Eat the control make the customer happy? Any thoughts?

Materials used

@ January 29, 2009 9:10 AM in Giannoni heat exchanger

Does anyone have the data of the grade of SS materials that are used for the Plate vs the exchanger?(From the Manufacturer: HTP ? )


@ January 29, 2009 8:41 AM in Giannoni heat exchanger

Mark soo this looks like another Hydro chloric acid deterioration situation? Is that a dryer vent stack next to the concentric. any "Commercial" or "community" Washer/Dryer setup in the Building ?


@ January 27, 2009 8:09 PM in Giannoni heat exchanger

I am confused about the plate between the exchanger and also is this Mild steel in a corrosive environment?

@ January 27, 2009 7:55 PM in Condensate pump

Little Giant will work as well If you do not use a "Neutralizer" and you have cast drains it will corrode the cast away, it is kind of like putting acid down the drain every day. If you are on a septic tank you will kill the "Nitrobacters" which help break down the solids If you have a septic tank and you "Kill" your "Nitrobacters", you run the risk that the Solids will clogs your leash field ,and having to fix that may be very expensive.. If you are on a sewer line and have PVC or ABS drains you still shall be "Green" and neutralize it! Richard
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