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Too bad a savy manufacturer didn't

@ September 30, 2007 9:51 PM in Should the trade 'pigeonhole' its young talent?

provide them with some shirts and hats before they boarded the bus :) I agree with not judging a book by it's cover. But also with the dress for success motto. I would think the school and instructor would want to present his class in the best possible light to prospective employeers. It really has little to do with their desire or technical talents. Nothing but employment opportunity at an industry trade show like that ;) On your own times anything goes. Sounds like they were on school time, maybe their parents nickel, or a tax payer funded class? In a way the instructor set them up for some second looks. I'd wonder if he would have an anything goes dress code for an industry event next time? I'm curious how you would like to see you child dressed to attend a event like that, John. hot rod

Precision Hydronic Products

@ September 30, 2007 9:35 PM in Low loss headers

The same folks that build those great mod con boiler stands, manifolds and more. hot rod

Take a coil of pex

@ September 30, 2007 9:32 PM in rusty fill issue

and feed right from the main at the point of entry to the fill valve :) Bypass all the bad pipe. Why is the valve being asked to auto fill? Most times a one time use is all they ever get to provide. If the pipes in the building are really that bad, faucets, ball cocks, fill solonoids, etc are not going to like it. Thime for a pex pipe re-plumb possibly? A band aid is just a temporary fix, treat the problem not the symptom. hot rod

If they fix it and...

@ September 30, 2007 9:25 PM in Pro Press fittings

it turns out after an O-ring analysis that it was and installation issue, then what? Plenty of variables can cause an O-ring failure. I think in all fairness a third party should be allowed to forensic engineer one of them. Here is a company that provides some data and services. I wonder too that cleaning one of the fuzzy joints would answer some questions. Isn't it possible they seeped a wee bit until they got "wet". Maybe the seal is now complete. A good question for the folks above. Reading their data, EPDM gets along fine with glycol. I have had a slug of name brand ball valves fail to hold a 60 psi air test lately. Once the water was introduced they sealed just fine. Even with another air test. Harold, what exactly do you want to happen? Every joint replaced with solder fittings? Threaded fittingg? Just the seepers replaced? To me this doesn't sound like a problem that should take a lot to resolve. hot rod

I look at the amount of BTUs to be moved

@ September 30, 2007 9:04 AM in Zone valves or pumps

generally my zones require 1-4 gpm. A whole house rarely over 100K. So 1 circ easily does that work with zone valves as the zone control mechanism. Most small wet rotors have their sweet spot around that 6-8 gpm figure, so they operate at peak efficiency at design load. Plus the power consumption of one 80 W circ as opposed to 4, 6,6 or as many as a dozen circs on some jobs we see! I may change my opinion as we see more and more ECM circs hitting the market. Been playing with some Grundfos Alphas and watching them do a fine job at 7- 17 W consumption! hot rod

I suppose it depends

@ September 29, 2007 9:00 AM in Treating Condensate from ModCon boilers? How important?

on what the drain is connected to. In a new home with all PVC drain lines I doubt any harm would be done. I'm on a septic tank and the warm condensate runs through the tank into a leach feld of limestrone. I'm not too concerned. I'd expect the same with a system connected to a city wide sewer system, probably plenty of dilution waters. i don't recall seeing FA furnaces with condensate neautrilizers. They have been aronnd for 20 years. Still, it is a simple and inexpensive device to build. I use a tube of 4" PVC with a closet flange on the bottom (plugged), for a base and a Fernco cap on top for ease of removal. Drill and tap a 3/4" PVC ell at top and bottom. hot rod

PHP and Radiant Engineering have some

@ September 28, 2007 8:50 PM in Low loss headers

Watts Radiant will soon. Sinus has some wild looking stuff. They have a dealer in WI, Radiant Ted that hangs here. And one in Canada. hot rod

I like the Rhomar products also

@ September 28, 2007 8:40 PM in fernox superfloc

they make a multi metal boiler cleaner that is second to none. It is being speced in many aluminum and stainless boilers. hot rod

I've seen it in Canada

@ September 28, 2007 3:46 PM in fernox superfloc

as I recall there were some EPA issues with importing it into the US. Did you try a websearch? Theis site should give you reps or dealers. hot rod

Sounds like they

@ September 28, 2007 8:39 AM in Piping question (SE)

may not understand, or believe the concept of the hydro-separator? Adding another P/S loop would complicate the calculations on actual water temperatures getting to the zones, as you have two blend points to deal with. As I see it. hot rod

Sounds like a great time

@ September 28, 2007 8:35 AM in BSA Wizard Camporee - solar

if it gets boring, turn the buffalo lose in camp :) I remember my 50 mile hike with the scouts on the Appalachian Trail. We got rained out big time and a troop from Boiling Springs PA sent their bus and bailed us out and set up a dry camp for us in a city park. Nice folks back in the Keystone state. hot rod

I have another REMS tool

@ September 27, 2007 10:11 PM in Tube Bender for 1/2\" M Copper Suggestions.. Please.

that will swedge the ends of hard copper without needing to anneal it. It just heats and streches much like a T-Drill does. With the bender and the HURRICAN swedger, fittings and solder joints are minimized. pressure drop is also minimized and insulation likes the sweeps better than 90 ells :) The CURVO is a a great tool for solar panel installation. A few measurements and bend away. Throw in a Press fitting and all you need are the tees and threaded adapters. I have made multiple bends on a 20 foot stick of copper. Not unlike the electricians do on EMT condiut. You can buy bending software programs for exact multiple layouts. I did the trial and error method. hot rod

Same thickness

@ September 27, 2007 10:03 PM in A \"super\" heat transfer plate (hr)

as the heavy extruded aluminum. I actually used a U-fin and some 1/2 od copper to form the shape. It sticks very well to the smooth pex tube. Once stuck it de-lams trying to remove it. The first sample has stick-um on one side and a clear film on the opposite side to keep it mess free. I doubt the tube or the plate would make any noise. It if fairly flexible, like thick gasket material, and a low thermal expansion factor. This company can do just about anything you might imagine. Vary the graphite "cooking" process for different effects, either up and down or lateral heat spread, vary the thicknes, backings, cover sheet and material. They could even laminate a stiff plastic if need be. I think the potential is great. I think it would make an excellent solar absorber plate also. Better thermal performance, no corrossion, great color, less cost, etc, etc. So much to do so little time :) hot rod

I doubt

@ September 27, 2007 9:46 PM in BSA Wizard Camporee - solar

I could get it there that quick. rare to get anywhere over-nite from Springfield, MO according to both UPS and FedEx.. We've tried before. How about your solar oven? That is always a big hit for solar newbies. We attended the Missouri Renewable fair last weekend. A fellow had a row of solar cookers baking breads and carrot cakes. He also does all day chicken and roasts with his. Neat technology, the sun and a box with mirror around it! hot rod

Bending is very common in Europe

@ September 27, 2007 9:38 PM in Tube Bender for 1/2\" M Copper Suggestions.. Please.

that's why most of the small power benders come from there. I'm not sure how their copper gauges compare to our K,L,M designation? Some day I will mic the wall thickness at that outer bend radius just for grins. No doubt it will be thinner after the bend. How thin is too thin? I'd rather not risk a pin hole or stress crack. For my customers I'll stick with L. I know the Copper Development Association suggests velocity of no more thean 5 fps in hot water lines and 8 fps in cold. Typically 4 fps is the desigm max. for hydronic. hot rod

A solar merit badge?

@ September 27, 2007 9:20 PM in BSA Wizard Camporee - solar

Does one exist? If not it should. I'm wondering if you will get a thermo siphon thru the evac tube header? Those evac tube schuckers sure do heat quickly. It may end up sounding like the old "Copper Crickets" solar systems :) A small Laing D-5 and a 20W PV panel would further the solar experience for the scouts, and assure adequate flow. I'd be gald to send a loaner pump and panel if you think you need it. Be sure your collar tie at the base of the legs is up to the 500lb plus task at hand. hot rod

I'm not sure

@ September 27, 2007 9:11 PM in Piping question (SE)

exactly what you are describing? Got a drawing? Single pipe P/S?? hot rod

Same with bending M, Jim

@ September 27, 2007 5:35 PM in Tube Bender for 1/2\" M Copper Suggestions.. Please.

that outer wall thickness gets dangerously thin. I've tried bending some old M and it sometimes breaks to expose that paper thin wall thickness. Any little nick or score in the pipe will cause it to break. I suspect this is why the CDA lists L and K only for bending. hot rod

Yes it is graphite

@ September 26, 2007 7:20 PM in A \"super\" heat transfer plate (hr)

designed specfically for lateral heat spread. This company can special build the sheets and align the "flakes" for best purpose. I did shoot a staple around the tube every foot. And some small swing hammer staples around the perimeter of the mat. I need to crank the temperature to test the adhesive. The graphite is good to 3000K. Graphite is used in a lot of electronics to rid components of heat. Also in the nuclear industry. Available in most every country with S Korea and Austria the biggest exporters. It needs some more testing, maybe a winters worth of heating, but I am satisfied so far. hot rod

If you can find

@ September 26, 2007 7:01 AM in Been a long time since I did this... Electric WH as an indirect

a Bradford White, many of their tanks have additional side taps to make the use of external HX very easy. AO Smith offers a tank with a plate HX mounted on the outside also. Or remove the drain cock and add a brass tee for the connect to the woodstove HX. And a tee at the top hot for the other side. Actually with a pumped flow on the hx connection points are not that critical. Cold enters the bottom of the tank, I pull from there. Or consider the Butler solar wand which screws into the top and doesn't require a circ. hot rod

I prefer

@ September 26, 2007 6:55 AM in Heads up on where to buy Isolation Flanges

The B&G with the swivel flanges and nice plated bolts. Grundfos is a close second. I luse the other Webstone products like the purge valves. hot rod

it doesn't get any better

@ September 25, 2007 7:50 PM in favorite radiant manifold

copper! Watts Radiant, PHP, Alberta T Drill Sioux Chief, and a few others offer all sorts of copper manifolds. They will build to your spec, and Watts keeps a good inventory of the most common 1" trunk with pex connections ball valves or not. If I'm not mistaken Watts builds manifolds for quite a few of the radiant tube companies. hot rod