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Joined on January 3, 2008

Last Post on December 8, 2008

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Buderus/Riello OEM

@ December 8, 2008 5:49 PM in Buderus/Riello OEM

I install a lot of Buderus systems both oil and gas for replacement boilers. I also perform annual servicing of these units. I have found out the hard way that on a Buderus/Riello OEM packaged unit they do not fire with Hago nozzles. This has happened to me on two separate occasions and I confirmed this with the Buderus tech. The nozzle must be the brand they specify. It sounds a little strange after doing burners for so long that the brand would matter not just metering, patterning, and atomization. Hopefully this will save you some aggrevation.

Riello on Buderus Problem

@ January 3, 2008 8:40 PM in Riello on Buderus Problem

Hello from Beantown, Walligans! I have installed many Buderus/Riello packaged boilers over the years and they are my boiler/burner of choice. I usually install them and forget about them until they need their anual service. However I have this one G215-4 oil boiler that I installed a few years ago that is driving me Nutz! When the unit doesn't run for a long time it loses its prime. It is connected via a single pipe to a Roth tank (about 6' run, tank is outside), has a spin and grin type filter adjacent to the boiler. I have already replaced the flexible suction line inside the Roth tank with ridgid pipe. The fuel pump pressure and suction are fine and the unit runs great until a warm day when it doesn't come on as often. I am thinking of running a return oil line back to the tank from the fuel pump. I have always run single oil pipe systems and never had a problem in twenty years other than this one. Has anyone else had this problem? Any constructive thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated