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Just a thought.

@ May 15, 2012 8:23 PM in condensate pan

When doing this, I try not to unsweat fittings unless there is no other way around it.  I will cut somewhere else for a clean fitting even if I have to add another coupling.  Let me know how you made out.  Chances are that you will be able to pull it off with out major

Mike T.

Changing the pan?

@ May 15, 2012 7:17 PM in condensate pan

Not sure how someone stepped on the thing, so you are replacing primary or secondary pan?(never mind, I read thru)   Most line sets will give a little but only you can tell if it will be enough so no kinks or rupture of the lines.  Do this, pump down with only 2 to 4 psi left in the system so if you crack the lines, no harm done.  Just evac and open it back up.  Let us know the outcome.

Mike T.

WOW...Hope you get it straight before final.

@ May 15, 2012 3:41 PM in replacing heating distribution pipes with pex

1/2" pex for each floor? All radiators in series?  Find a local contractor to do this right or you'll regret it.  The boiler itself must move 13.5 GPM so 1/2" pex is a no go.......Total up your radiators BTU/HR and see what size boiler is required.  Go from there.  The whole name of the game is to get your 20* "delta-T" between supply and return.  These numbers can vary, but that is a starting point.  You can slam water through the 1/2" pex, but velocity will be causing incredible sound.  Not sure what he was thinking when recommending 1/2".

Mike T.

Test, Leak check

@ May 12, 2012 11:58 PM in trouble with a new system

Close off you water supply to boiler, Waite the 3 to 4 days like you said.  Check pressure reading on T&P Gauge.  It should not drop at all.  3 leaks from rogue nails concerns me.  Yes pic's would help.  Who is purging the zones?  Are you sure they are completely free of air?  Air will not be introduce to boiler circuit due to Indirect tank.  If in fact there is a leak, It could be anywhere that you cannot see.  Leaks usually make a mess if in conditioned space.

Mike T.

Not at all.

@ May 12, 2012 11:46 PM in 2 stage heat pump

Second stage can be anything you like.  Differential will control boiler only when calling for stg. #2.  2* to 3*  Diff will work, and short cycling should not be a problem. 

Mike T.


@ May 12, 2012 11:36 PM in Refregeration art

Neat project to say the least.  As far as capacity, each line of letters will have a set load depending on how many letters and it's length.  Your cap tubes must be able to handle each line or it's load (cap must be proper size and length).  The suction line is actually not a true measure of the evap temp, but a sum of all lines together.  Unless you measure each line of letters after it ends and dumps into the common suction line.  Have you thought about serving your lines with 1 cap tube installed before it gets to the whole area?  This would insure that the entire load be treated as 1 coil (load).  At least now the suction line temps would represent the entire project.  You need to research the heat transfer of copper tubing and then you can total it up and determine the total capacity needed.  This is just my opinion and others input will help.

Mike T.


@ May 12, 2012 2:53 PM in trouble with a new system

Your new equipment should be under complete parts and labor for 1 year.  I would call the installing contractor and they can help you out.  It's probably something minor, but that's their job to keep you satisfied.  It's unusual to purge your zones that frequently.  While they are there, ask them to explain the operation sequence so you can be familiar with the new equipment.

Mike T.


@ May 11, 2012 5:20 PM in how to lower water temp

140*f is the cut off at which condensation can occur.  ORC would be great to control your boiler operating temps when warmer weather comes.  Control should only be adjusted by qualified Professionals.  You don't want your system rotting away.  Having said that, a 1970's boiler does not owe you any money so if you would like to save on fuel bills there is a ton of new equipment designed to do just that. 

Eugene, chime in if you would.

Mike T.


@ May 11, 2012 11:38 AM in Problem with rheem unit

Could be multiple problems.  Have you tried calling your local professional?  Something you might want to do to get the problem squared away.  Unfortunately, for us to help we need a slew of information from the equipment and it's readings during operation.  Model # is very helpful, but will not tell anyone how the system is operating.  Hope you can provide additional info.

Mike T.

50* and Above.

@ May 3, 2012 6:16 AM in Is it too cold outside to run my AC?

I have no problems with it running or charging it.  Below that, it will need some kind of lo ambient control to keep head pressures up.  Even when checking at 50* or 55* the pressures across the board will be lower than desired, but the load should satisfy relatively quickly.  If you are trying to keep your house below 70* when cool outside, you will have problems.  Your HVAC guy should be able to help with the on off that you hear.

Mike T.
Hey Don, getting ready for the heat wave?

Thanks Dan

@ April 25, 2012 5:50 PM in For Dan H.


For Dan H.

@ April 25, 2012 5:19 PM in For Dan H.

Hello Dan, Q:  The "Subscribe to future posts on this thread",  Does this feature work?  I am assuming that it will post in my E-Mail when reply is posted,......Am I correct?  Does not seem to do that.  Thanks, let me know.

Mike T.
PS  Do you still have that watch?.....:-)


@ April 25, 2012 9:32 AM in SpacePak Thermostat Wiring

While every manuf. is different, a diagram from the cond. and the electric heat would help.  "w" from the condenser???  is this powered when in defrost?  More info needed.  Everything you need should be in your internal equipment wiring diagrams.

Mike T.


@ April 25, 2012 9:05 AM in circulators burning out frequently

Heat for 1 day or more is not acceptable.  At this point pictures would help as Tim stated, and I am wondering in pumps are dead heading on any particular zone, but still like stated above, takes a lot to burn these pumps out.  I too am looking at electrical problems.  A simple amp draw reading on the pumps when in operation would tell volumes.  You are in good hands here.  Would be nice if teleportation was possible, we'd be right  We eat this stuff up.

Mike T.


@ April 25, 2012 8:51 AM in I bought a house and am thinking chiller.

While I'd like to address your scenario, my brain would probably explode.  Q:?  How would you bill each tenant for the Chiller usage?  I personally would stay with your 95% eff equipment.  Nice savings there.  Chilled water coils are available and can be sized for any application.  I guess the cost is probably what you will want to look at.  Either are probably going to cost a bit more than you think.....

Mike T.

407c vs R-22

@ April 25, 2012 8:39 AM in 410a & 407c

The battle will wage for years.  Yes it is an excepted drop in for R-22, but as for the performance, R-22 does perform better in recip. compressors as compared to R-407c Refg.  Nice article on the 2 refg.  Google R-22 vs R407c.  Very interesting articles on the refrigerants.  How have you been Terry?  Oh and in my opinion, $Cost is most likely the determinative factor on this topic.  Many specialty systems, especially Liebert which is in use in almost every Server/PC rooms in the gov. powers that be and the thought of changing to R-410a could not be tolerated and the down time is not an option.  Can you imagine the contractor telling gen whoever, "Yup, we'll have to shut down the predator drone sector of the building for a month while we switch you over to R410a, tell the war to hold on a few..........?"

Mike T.

Additional info needed.

@ April 25, 2012 8:13 AM in Indoor Pool

Not sure what brand you are using, but a nice way to properly size this system, call Dectron Pool Equipment manufacturers.  They will help you out.  Most pools located inside structures are rarely covered and are always in operation or in use.  The point of any equipment being used for indoor pools is to control the environment in relationship to the water volume, and the temp at which it is kept at.  Also in relationship to that, water in motion will give up it's latent heat content at a greater rate, but this is where the sizing is critical.  Let's look at your equipment.  I would hope it has 2 condenser coils, one for heat rejection and one for heat this the case?  In general the air temp in the structure should be at minimum 2* above the pool water temp.  Is that the case?  If the water is at 85*, the air temp should be at 87* and RH is generally set at 70-85%RH  Q:?  How is the duct system laid out inside the structure?.  These systems EAT electrical usage up.  Either control the environment (24 hrs a/day) or replace the inner structure every 5 to 10 years.  There is no " I'm not using the pool so I'll shut the unit down".  As stated above the evaporation will go crazy!  This is just my opinion and more info would help all.  Thanks.

Mike T.

Great webinar on Taco Zone control Products

@ April 20, 2012 1:00 PM in Great webinar on Taco Zone control Products

This is a great webinar for anyone looking to learn more about Taco's line of controls or just wishing to brush up on brand new stuff. and located in the sub title "The Neighborhood".   They go into a little bit of wiring strategies and combining the controls.

Mike T. 

Tim, Not sure?

@ April 17, 2012 9:17 PM in Control two circulators with L4081B

Tim I am not sure if he replaced the boiler or just the power burner or what?  I guess until a reply is posted it's only a guess as to what is actually there.

Mike T.

HEAP, a few Q?...

@ April 17, 2012 9:10 PM in Control two circulators with L4081B

Like Tim asked, what other if any controls are you looking at?  If you are using the (L4081) controller the "T"&"T" was probably jumped.  Is that correct?  The Lo Limit side of the control will cut off both pumps in your description (Not just 1) and not be zoned for 2 separate zones.  Even if that were, how is it wired, It must be uncomfortable.  Also, if TT is jumped out, it will always be calling when power applied and each individual stat will bring on the pump that it is designated for.

Mike T.

More Info would help.   

HEAP, a few Q?...

@ April 17, 2012 9:08 PM in Control two circulators with L4081B

Like Tim asked, what other if any controls are you looking at?  If you are using the (L4081) controller the "T"&"T" was probably jumped.  Is that correct?  The Lo Limit side of the control will cut off both pumps in your description (Not just 1) and not be zoned for 2 separate zones.  Even if that were, how is it wired, It must be uncomfortable.  Also, if TT is jumped out, it will always be calling when power applied and each individual stat will bring on the pump that it is designated for.

Mike T.

More Info would help.   

? I think the gentleman above:

@ April 14, 2012 9:55 PM in gas line size? and how to determine tim plz

Tim I think the man above was referring to the first original post and not our conversation.  Thanks for the Defense, but I'm not worried about my qualification.  Last time I answered that, OSHA was more than satisfied.  Anyways, If I run across the dial pocket calc. I will fire off a few to your office.  They are very handy. Pocket size.

Thanks Again:

Mike T.
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