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It strikes me odd...

@ January 28, 2014 9:50 PM in burnham ES2 pilot assembly

Now never touched a ES2. But that the thing even has a pilot?

Hi and thanks for the response

@ January 27, 2014 11:21 PM in How long in the shower?

I know, it's a dumb question. I just don't know what to say to the tenant. She describes how her hair is so complex at washing? I just don't know what to say. I feel silly even asking you. I believe everything is okay with the 40 gal. gas WH. Thanks again.

How long in the shower?

@ January 26, 2014 11:45 PM in How long in the shower?

Hi- Well I have a friend who has a new tenant in his rental. The tenant complains of only getting 15 minutes of hot water. Is there a golden rule out there that says how long a landlord must keep his tenants shower hot?. I'll just leave it at that.

I got the pictures

@ January 22, 2014 8:38 PM in Gateway + Aerco + Caleffi = nice job.

Good looking stuff. What's with the haters thing?

First a crash course

@ January 21, 2014 11:16 PM in monoflo help

Scroll up to the top of the site and click on systems. Click on hot water, then on circulars and then point of no pressure change. Also, wither the pump. For now just take the authors word for it. Explaining that in plain English is a trip.
If it were me I would remove those flow control valves (Ball valves for that matter) and throw on the pumps. Purge thoroughly
BTW while there I would stick the fill valve between the expansion tank and air separator

Pump location

@ January 21, 2014 8:40 PM in monoflo help

Putting the pumps where the flow control valves are now would allow both loops to see an increase in system loop pressure. You know, pumping away.

I agree, it will work

@ January 18, 2014 1:16 AM in Question about fitting on Backflow Preventer (BBFP) *with pics*

But what I'm wondering is how did Carl come up with 97.3 success rate and 2.7 as a no go?:) Ah, the mysteries abound. What ever came of the poor (27 out a 1000)souls?:)
Oh BTW Carl since you are an apparent numbers guy, do you any hot tips for Sundays football:)?
Until then I'll ponder this guys backflow preventer:)

Hi Jake

@ January 17, 2014 6:59 PM in Direct vent piping

Just curios, is the namestake ,from State Farm,have anything to do with the Insurace co.?

Hi Gary

@ January 17, 2014 5:56 PM in Water hammer noise after new gas boiler installed

BTW- While you're in the fixing stage you may want to get rid of that ell going the expansion tank and fill valve. That port is for air elimanation. All of that pipe has to be full of air. I'll leave it at that. Read the instuctions.Good luck and go Niners!

On those valves...

@ January 15, 2014 5:30 PM in Water hammer noise after new gas boiler installed

The wiring or terminals are on the inlet side on of the valve body. It appears the black circ.(on return)is pulling water from the wrong port of the ZV.

Hi Gary

@ January 15, 2014 3:48 PM in Water hammer noise after new gas boiler installed

Are you sure the zone valves are pointing in the right direction?

Hi- Sorry for lack detail

@ January 15, 2014 2:05 PM in Pex in electrcal conduit

Here is all I want to do. From the outside of the house drill a hole that ends up in the joist space of the interior. Then slide a EMT until it hits some solid blocking. Then cut the smallest hole , in the sheetrock, just to get an angle drill and bit into. Then start pushing through the EMT. Then move on to the next piece of blocking. until I get to the other end of the house.Then finish off the EMT ends with a connector and plastic bushing and in goes the pex.
The EMT is for support in instead of staples. I would gladly drop 60 bucks for EMT instead of some serious sheetrock work. It's somethig I've never done or seen. I'm aware of Pex growing as it gets hot. There will plent of slack.
It seems harmless to me.But just curios as to any warnings
P.S. it's 3/4 going into 1 inch EMT

Pex in electrcal conduit

@ January 15, 2014 1:48 AM in Pex in electrcal conduit

I have a project where I want to minimize drywall patching.I'm thinking of running EMT just as I would for wires, but instead put Pex in it. This would save me supporting the tube every couple feet and much more drywall repair. Seems to me it's okay, Um, is it okay?

I wondered about the Pic.

@ January 14, 2014 8:16 PM in One of a kind fireplace...

Could the cocktail next door to those steaks be implicated??:)

About Matthew

@ January 13, 2014 12:54 AM in Does anyone have any contacts w/ NY METS org? Mad Dog

I don't have any contacts with the Mets. What I do know is all MLB teams have a staff that deals in just what Matthew needs.
My suggestion is to get on the Mets website, click on community,click on Mets foundation, scroll to contact, and then send feedback.
Now don't be shy. I read the paper. This is horrible.
I would be shocked if the Mets didn't respond.
Good for you Matt! (both of you)

On the other hand

@ January 11, 2014 3:35 AM in How do i get this down

The bank let the sale go through because an old asbestos ridden boiler is sitting there minding it's own bussiness. That's fine. Once things start getting moved around everyone gets excited. To the OP, just keep things quiet and safe and nobody will be harmed. Dispose of properly.

Moving Company

@ January 9, 2014 9:54 PM in How do i get this down

I'm with Alan on that one.
The most novel idea of removing an old huge chuck of C.I. was to dig a hole in the basement and bury the thing. That house had to have been built around it.
Talk about contrast. Now let's toss a couple of these Mod/Cons here up on the wall here:)

My first thought...

@ December 31, 2013 12:49 PM in Replacement Taco 007 F5 suddenly buzzing

Hi Red- Is the cold fill pressure high enough? The pump could be cavitating itself to death.

But I'm wondering...

@ December 27, 2013 2:59 AM in Lp ga oven stopped baking.

Just how did the pie or cake turn out:)?

that's exactly what he does.

@ December 17, 2013 9:47 AM in Math quiz at end of first post after login...

I'm certain he, is right now, sitting at his desk, with his scientific calculator, figuring out the complexities of say, 2 plus 1 equals 3:)!!

My take on it is ...

@ December 12, 2013 8:46 PM in What is the definition of

that the term Make up air is air forced into (Fan) say a commercial kitchen, to compensate for the huge airflow through those huge range hoods. This as opposed to the term, combustion air (Just a hole in the building).

The Pics.

@ December 9, 2013 3:14 AM in Atmospheric out, Power Burner in

Frank, has anyone ever told you look like Neil Young? Now Gordo looks like someone off the food network with the apron:) Keep up the good work!
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