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@ September 17, 2006 9:57 PM in Computer Crash

I just got my unit back from the geek squad. Totally infected with viruses and add/spyware. I had Mcafee/ spybot/ others. lost everything could not even do a system recovery, I had to order recovery disks from HP $23.10 overnighted. I got my pictures burned before it happend thank god. All in All 260 bucks to get her back online. Installed PC Cillen, and spy sweeper what they recommended. Can't believe all the rubish that gets on the hard drive from the internet. Good Luck Gordy

Thanks Al

@ September 11, 2006 8:14 PM in Copper Radiant

Throw in some rope lights your idea would make a heck of a dance floor. Seriously I don't think copper for a underfloor plate or staple up install is the answer over pex, labor or material. In that type of application conductivity is severely lost unless you use plates with the copper noise to follow. I have the chase copper and brass pamphlets from my ceiling radiant with photos of the ole boys installing those big rolls of soft copper overhead. Those boys earned their money. Gordy


@ September 11, 2006 7:39 PM in Copper Radiant

It all depends on where you decide to put that tubing of any kind. Imbedded is best.

@ September 11, 2006 7:34 PM in Copper Radiant

Works beautiful Brad. I actually decided to hook it up to a little 2.5 gal ariston electric water heater with a laing pump. Makes a nice floor warming package. To bad electric rates are .09 a kilowatt costs about 20 bucks a month to run. But I can actually make my wife say her feet are too hot...mission accomplished. The kitchen, and rest of the house is heated via ceiling radiant, and floor radiant in the basement. I will tie the floor warming loops in the kitchen to the rest of the system eventually when a mod/con choice is made. Gordy

Pex vs Copper

@ September 11, 2006 1:58 PM in Copper Radiant

Do a search for thread pex versus copper. I did the kitchen floor in copper before the jump in price. Gordy

@ August 24, 2006 11:22 PM in Revisit DIYers

Do they have pigeons in the boiler room?

exceptable hourly rates

@ August 24, 2006 11:19 PM in Revisit DIYers

I will take a stab. Alot of the numbers depend on area of the country. I will say 185.00 an hour. I'm a tradesman "carpenter". Gotta think about the WHOLE package per man hour homeowners that are viewing. This is not what the tradesman or the owner of the company gets in thier pocket. Its the cost of doing business. Gordy

Right answer

@ August 9, 2006 8:23 PM in Joist Blocking

Eric is correct. If you look at bridging, when installed "correctly", helps transfer the load of a single joist to each adjacent joist so they do have a function other than keeping joists straight. Solid blocking does the same thing, some find bridging is easier to install. For a 23 year union carpenter it would be like myself taking out every other pipe hanger on your good work, and saying the pipe is still hanging straight don't need them. Drill blocking that is installed to retard flame spread over partition walls, code in some areas. Inspectors can get finiky about those areas. Gordy

Phantom proof reader

@ August 4, 2006 5:44 AM in Radiant Heat isn't about the feet....

Love the edit button better now? Go back to Ebay. Gordy

Mr. Wallace Makes a Valid Point

@ August 3, 2006 6:16 PM in Radiant Heat isn't about the feet....

Gary Makes a valid point, about the lack of warm floors in a low energy house. This statement then evolves into "when does radiant make sense"? Since I do not have a super energy efficient house I enjoy the warm floors, and ceilings. As the outdoor temp drops it gets cozier. "Liquid sunshine". But I also miss a conventional FA system for AC in the summer. So whats the threshold, does radiant always make sense, I think not. Gordy

@ August 2, 2006 6:15 PM in How much, is to much........

Kens right, No one wants to pay the prevailing price for a commodity they "NEED" on a daily bases. Is it right? "How much is to much"? Would You like it if someone questioned your wage scale? The thought of that pisses me off. We Americans are "SPOILED" period paying the fuel prices we have been for years. Go to Canada, Europe. This will be what it takes to get everyone energy conscious "some day". Gordy

Mike T

@ July 28, 2006 10:01 PM in How much, is to much........

Same here in Ill. This is where all the dollars are generated to be matched by the Feds. for road construction funds. Gordy

@ July 28, 2006 5:45 PM in How much, is to much........

> The thing the media doesn't harp on is the record
> taxes collected on gas. Don't forget state taxes. I don't have a problem with that that is how things get done around states, and this country. Its a fair tax you use fuel you pay the tax period. "The feds made more last Fall than the big, bad oil co's". They get a percentage so this would stand to reason, one hand washes the other again. Then they want
> to "windfall tax" them, which is even more money
> to blow on pork.
Yup pork is always in the equation. I do bridge construction. So that tax is also my bresd ,and butter. >
> _A
Not trying to be sarcastic with my post at all but the fact is that Exxon made 10 plus BILLION in one quarter NET profit. Just sorry idid not buy the stock when they were sucking wind not so long ago. Gordy > HREF="
> 384&Step=30"_To Learn More About This
> Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in
> "Find A Professional"_/A_

While it lasts

@ July 27, 2006 8:26 PM in How much, is to much........

Gotta make all they can while the Dino juice lasts. We are on the backside of the production curve thus far. Those record profits will be future revenue for R&D before. A. The last drop is pumped. B. To find the last drop to pump. C. When the last drop is pumped what will we do now. You don't believe when there is no more oil, these companies will just fall off the face of the planet do you? They see the end is comming, and they are planning for it. This should be a warning shot. Gordy

Loss of invincibility

@ July 23, 2006 10:03 AM in Bad Day

When you are young, and invincible..."you think". You don't realise or think about alot of things that can create dangerous situations. As you get older, and witness more incidents. You start to understand. 1.How fast things fall. 2.How slow your reflexes really are. 3.How even brand new things fail. 4.How hard you hit the ground from the smallest of heights. 5.How stupid things other people do, can directly effect the out come of your safety. 6.How other people don't realise they are doing stupid things that have an effect on other peoples safety. Feel free to add to the list. Gordy

Lochness monster

@ July 23, 2006 9:43 AM in Bad Day

Kinda would be the same effect as a witness to a Lochness monster siting. I have seen my share of low bridge collisions, while in the midst of constructing them. Some drivers do not even realise they hit, and just keep on going. Had one driver peel 12 feet of the top of his van trailer back like a sardine can. Never even stopped. The Kodak moment when he got out of his rig when he hit his destination, and saw the damage would have been priceless. Another incident a driver hauling a shipping container hit the old half of the bridge so hard it pushed the diaphram through the web of the beam. Funny thing is he must have known it was going to be a tight fit, and put the coals to it right before he hit. I guess once you exceed stopping distance its worth a try to squeak on through. Replaced a pedestrian bridge that a semi car hauler hit when he pulled out of the dealership down the road and his rack was not down. Launched two brand new vehicles up over the top of the bridge luckily no one was walking across at that point, and time. Gordy

RE Question

@ July 22, 2006 11:56 AM in Bad Day

Velocity plus Mass.....An object does not have to be that sturdy when velocity, and mass is behind it. I would say the back hoe is pretty much junk. That truck driver probably felt a mild jolt as the 2" king pin on the trailer sheared off. Gordy


@ July 21, 2006 7:51 PM in Bad Day

Thanks Dan, The pictures were emailed from an engineer with no info attatched. Being in the bridge construction industry, I can easily say the 134,000 dollar "estimate" won't be close in the end. If you analyze the picture, how many times do you see a crawler backhoe hauled with the boom to the front of the trailer? If the hoe would have been loaded with the boom aft on the trailer as usual, the boom would not have shot up through the bridge deck, although damage would have still resulted. I would go as far as to say that this is why the load was over height. Loading the hoe with the boom to the front does not allow the boom to be lowered fully, "clearance from the cab of the semi". Gordy


@ July 21, 2006 5:53 PM in Bad Day

When you think you are having a BAD day, someone else is having one to top yours. I could not picture calling the boss on this one. Hope they have good insurance. The backhoe, and Lo boy will be pennies compared to fixing that bridge.....scratch fixing I think a new one will be in order. Would have liked to seen the extraction procedure for the hoe. Gordy

Dew point

@ June 27, 2006 10:41 PM in radiant floor cooling

You still need to remove humidity. The floor will sweat only if your floor temp is able to reach the dew point in the envelope of your dwelling. Gordy

Thanks Larry

@ June 18, 2006 7:29 PM in Cave in!

This incident I referenced happened some time ago.... but is instilled in my memory forever, changing how quickly a human life can be there one minute, and gone the next in my eyes. There is no such thing as "Accidents" only incidents of preventable loss of life, and injury. Larry do you specialize in construction, or industrial incidents? Thanks for your offer. Gordy


@ June 18, 2006 12:45 PM in Cave in!

Dave when one witnesses a death on the job from an accident of any kind it completly changes your whole perspective on life, and on the job saftey. Its weird to sit there, and have coffee with someone at break, 15min. later that same person is killed, 2 years to retirement. My experience was just that. It takes this type of experience to demacho the nay sayers on job saftey. Accidents happen FAST, and its to late after. Seen one of our underground subs get popped for 250,000 by OSHA, working in a open trench with the box right there on the jobsite....How do you recoupe that kind of loss from stupidity. Gordy
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