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Circulator pump model

@ March 11, 2005 9:23 AM in 40 Gallon Amtrol Boilermate

The circulator pump is a taco model 007-F5 1/25 HP .7Amp. Is this sufficient? I moved into the house a little over a year ago so i don't know how it worked when it wast installed. The Boilermate model number is WH-7l it has approx. 1/2 inch bolt at the top with a relief valve and the potable hot water out line. The boiler water circulates from the bottom. It his set up with hot water priority but it takes so long to heat the tank that on cold days the house temp drops afer a shower. I am going to contact amtrol today and have them send me an owners manual for directions to clean the system.

Amtrol Boilermate problem

@ March 10, 2005 12:48 PM in 40 Gallon Amtrol Boilermate

I have a 40 gallon amtrol boilermate 3-4yrs old run off a weil mclean CG-5 gas boiler. It runs out of hot water afeter about a 20 minute hot shower and takes 45 minutes to come back to 140. I moved into this house a year ago. Seems to be little difference in hot water going in and the return to the boiler. Is this normal operation? Could this be the coil needs cleaning? Any ideas? How difficult is it to open up and clean with Phosphoric acid? Should a 40 gallon Amtrol boliermate be able to supply more than a 20 minute hot shower before it runs out of hot water? and how long to heat up again it takes mine about 50 minutes to get back to 140.