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@ September 6, 2004 7:05 PM in Funny/Outrageous Stories re customers or contractors

My Brother was home from the Navy (he was in Beruit, early 80's) Anyway, He was excited to get to work on something. We were installing an Ejector pump system and he was on his knees in the pump pit and I was installing the vent line up on a ladder. The next thing that happened was an accident I swear, I knocked the coffee can of nails over off the ladder and about 2 dozen nails ended up in my brothers pants. Entry by way of his plumbers crack. He has never displayed a crack since.

Imagine if Your dog could laugh out loud

@ August 10, 2004 8:19 PM in Imagine if your dog could laugh out loud

It's evicent that dogs have a sense of humor. In the evening as I watch the TV, every time I leave my recliner for a bathroom break or refreshments, my male chihuahua jumps up into the chair. When I ask him in a firm tone what he is doing there he turns his head and looks around as if to say "you talkin to me?" After that he returns to his favorite spot on the other side of the room. He does this as if he is taunting me. Both of the chihuahua's (MALE and Female, brother and sister) have thier own way of messing with me daily. I only wish I could hear them laugh as they do it. God made dogs mans best friend but God cheated us by not letting us hear dogs laugh.


@ July 29, 2004 8:52 AM in Frustrating Day!!

Wouldn't it be neat if the inspector could be sued for passing something like that??? . Cost of one towns license fee for installers tripled two years ago. I decided I was not doing enough business in that town to pay their lic fee, so I dropped my license in that town.(I had only done a couple of installs in that town in the last 5 years any way and each time I had to explain diffrent equipment to the inspector.) Since that time the town inspectors office called twice asking me to renew. I found out that 1/3 of the licensed guys did not renew their. The homeowners are now screaming for changes. . Simple solution: License those who prove competent, and do it at a resonable fee. Educate the inspectors, and hold them as liable for their signature as we are for the work. If you need to raise revenues, increase the permit fee not the license fee. Hold the big box stores liable for their advice given to homeowners.

Favorite sounds.......

@ July 12, 2004 1:06 AM in Favorite sounds

Ah yes the sounds of little ones, no matter what age. This past Saturday my 20 year old "wet-head" son, telephoned me after being away at sea for 56 days. His words "I love you dad I just want to come back home", still echo in my head. Due back this week, he asked if both my wife and I will be there when his ship returns. Of course!


@ June 9, 2004 2:15 AM in Possibly my largest job ever

HotRod, The Vanderbuilt home is in Hyde park, New York, overlooking the beautiful Hudson river. If this house is anything like our Vanderbuilt in HP,NY then you really want your name all over it! The Vanderbuilt home is now in the federal parks program and is open for tours year-round. Nice Place!


@ June 9, 2004 2:14 AM in Possibly my largest job ever

HotRod, The Vanderbuilt home is in Hyde park, New York, overlooking the beautiful Hudson river. If this house is anything like our Vanderbuilt in HP,NY then you really want your name all over it! The Vanderbuilt home is now in the federal parks program and is open for tours year-round. Nice Place!

Kids graduation

@ June 8, 2004 12:51 PM in Proud Dad

I ran a single truck Company myself for years. As my son Matt grew up it was very often you would see two of our trucks on a big job during his junior and senior years of high school. When Matt went off to college it was a major MAJOR change in my business. I was very dependent on him. He earned good money for both the company and himself over the last two years. Now that Matt has finished his second year at college, I look at these pictures and stories of other Dads teaching their children to turn wrenches I can only grin in appreciation knowing what you are going thru. Matt is now on his Summer Sea term at NY state Maritime College. Summer sea term includes tending the boilers on his school ship as they presently steam their way to Spain. Rubs his hands in bunker fuel and tells the other kids, "That there is the smell of sucess. Get use to it or learn to navigate a ship instead of fix it." WHen matt returns in late July, I will be able to take off a couple of weeks vacation knowing that my customers will be well cared for. Good luck to all graduates this year. And also, Good luck to all the family businesses that depended on these kids for the last years. If you taught your child correctly they will be a better person for having served people in this industry. Matt talks of coming back to this industry after college. Anybody here going to be looking for a Facilities Engineering? good luck

Truck fuel

@ June 8, 2004 12:33 PM in Truck Fuel prices

Ive never had a truck charge or a trip charge. I have always considered fuel as one of my operating expenses that I included in my hourly fee. Now like one of the gents here stated at $70.00 a tankfull and sometimes 2-3 tanks a week it has amounted to a substantial amount extra. Just trying to understand how the public took it the first time you added this chg., and how did you explain it. It took me 31 miles to get to a single call the other day. thats 62 miles round trip, at 10 miles pe gallon and 2.25 per gallon it's a substantial amount more to just cover this in the hourly rate. thanks for the thoughts guys...

Service Truck Fuel prices

@ June 7, 2004 2:26 AM in Truck Fuel prices

Ok first off I do not wish to start another T&M vs Flat rate discussion, I'd just like to address the ever rising Service truck fuel prices. I am very happy with my present labor rate, but... I have done my second quarter books and have noticed that my income vs fuel costs compared with previous quarters has greatly increased. My question is for those guys that charge a truck charge. Do you charge everyone the same fee? Do you charge for diffrent zip codes differently? In answering customers questions on the truck charge what else do you include in that fee? A truck charge is new to me so any help is appreciated. thanks

Radio communications

@ March 31, 2004 12:52 AM in Radio assistance

Hello all, I have been given the task of refitting an old communication system with a new radio system. The new radio system must be in the 450mhz range. (thats all thats available in this area). The reason I bring this to all other wetheads, I need assistance. We work very tightly with another company that have radio's operating in the 800mhz range. Does anyone have any experience in cross-banding the radio's? I know this is not our normal area, but I am trying to gain knowledge before I open my purse to a salesperson. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

Same CO

@ March 28, 2004 6:55 PM in Carbon Monoxide mishap AGAIN!

I wanted to keep this article ongoing for those that may have missed it over the weekend.


@ March 28, 2004 6:53 PM in Lingering symptoms of CO poisoning

Guys, If you need the article, I had copied the entire article to this website in a thread called Carbon Monoxide AGAIN. I will keep it on the top for a day or two for you. Jim

Carbon Monoxide strikes another family

@ March 27, 2004 10:16 AM in Carbon Monoxide mishap AGAIN!

Copied from our local paper. Its shocking to see that people still do not take precautions. Family escapes carbon monoxide poisoning in home Family still ill a week later By Nik Bonopartis Poughkeepsie Journal Dr. Rabi Sinha and his wife, Pramila, daughter Nikita and son Rahul barely survived a carbon monoxide leak in their Town of Poughkeepsie home. More than a week after a Town of Poughkeepsie family was nearly overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning, headaches and fatigue linger as a chilling reminder of their near-fatal experience. The deadly gas has been cleared from the home -- and circulatory systems -- of the Sinha family on Coachlight Drive. But the memories have not. Dr. Rabi Sinha knew something was wrong when he could no longer stand up. Sinha was in his home on March 18, waiting with his children to see if the snowfall would turn a delayed school day into a canceled school day, when the kids started to feel ill. Soon, Sinha and his wife began feeling nauseated too, and they thought a stomach virus or the previous night's meal could have been the culprits. ''It got so much worse we weren't able to keep our heads up,'' Sinha recalled. A half hour later, ''We knew it was more than a virus.'' With his children becoming unconscious and his wife dozing off, Sinha called 911. Deadly dose of gas When firefighters and police arrived six minutes later, they found near-lethal carbon monoxide levels in the home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that when breathed moves into the bloodstream and pushes oxygen out, preventing it from reaching vital organs in the body. Even low-level exposure can cause permanent damage to organs and the brain. ''You couldn't smell any fumes, but as soon as you took a breath, you didn't feel good,'' said Lt. Ed Madison, one of the Arlington firefighters who responded to the Sinha's home. ''A couple more minutes, they would have been dead. That's how serious this call was and how close they came.'' Madison, along with firefighters John Cox and Richard Fishwick, quickly got the family out of the home and into an ambulance, where they put them on oxygen tanks. The family was transferred to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, where doctors placed each of them inside a hyperbaric chamber for six hours to cleanse the carbon monoxide from their systems. Hyperbaric chambers are most commonly used for decompression sickness, also known as ''the bends.'' That sickness most often occurs when scuba divers move from high-pressure to low-pressure environments, creating bubbles in the blood stream. Carbon monoxide patients are treated in hyperbaric chambers with pure oxygen. Combined with high air pressure, the oxygen forces the carbon monoxide from the blood. A week later, the Sinhas and their two children were still suffering from some side effects, including headaches and fatigue. It's not uncommon for symptoms to show up even a month after carbon monoxide poisoning. The Sinhas live in a large, biege-brick house in a neighborhood comprised almost exclusively of recently-built homes. Newer houses are fashioned with better insulation and often have double- and triple-pane windows. While those windows do a superior job of keeping heat or air conditioning from seeping out, they can also keep harmful gases sealed tight, Madison said. The Sinhas have installed carbon monoxide detectors on all three floors of their home, and they've gone to their neighbors to encourage them to install the devices as well. ''When we found out what it was, I said 'Why didn't we have one?' '' Sinha's wife, Pramila Sinha, said. Rabi Sinha, a doctor in private practice in internal medicine, said he hopes others don't have to have a carbon monoxide problem hit close to home to take preventive action. ''Being aware is the best defense for this type of problem,'' he said. Dangerous circumstances Authorities haven't determined the source of the carbon monoxide, but they said dust may have been sucked into the home's boiler, blocking outgoing air from the chimney. Also, it appeared the placement of the satellite dishes near the chimney may have also blocked air flow. The boiler has been cleaned and the satellite dishes have been repositioned. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence on the source of the gas, authorities have deemed the home safe again. Madison said it's a common misconception for folks to think smoke detectors also double as carbon monoxide detectors. Both are important to have, he said. ''Everybody should have one, that's for sure, and if you have more than one floor you should have them on each floor,'' he said.

Answering services

@ January 4, 2004 6:57 PM in Does anyone use an answering service?

I was courted by a local answering service one time. Prior to me signing up with them THEY did two things to convince me not to use them. #1) They hired my (now ex)sister in-law. What a loony she was. And to think that she could be answering my phone????. #2) I called the salesman 2 times. 1st time I was on hold for over 4 minutes. That was bad enough, but the second time I was told he was on an important call and could not be disturbed. She never offered to take my name and number. The next time he called me I just told him how I was treated, on hold and his important call etc., He immediately blamed his help instead of himself, and never even appologized!. No I have found the best for me and it isn't an answering service.

Noisy burner

@ December 1, 2003 7:02 PM in burner question

Steve Give the team at the wall here, (TEAM Wallies) a little more to go on. Gas or Oil, New or Old, chimney or direct vent, Mfg and model. Then draft and CO measurements are a must. If you do not have the equipment to take the measurments then don't make any adjustments. Just like in surgery an ooppps here could mean death or injury. Had a nurse tell me once that she is a professional, if she makes a mistake someone could die. I told her I must be a super proffesional being a burner tech. If I make a mistake I could wipe out an entire apartment house full of people or maybe that little catholic school full of kiddies with the old boiler. Its not rocket science, but we can launch a water heater just like a rocket.

Oil run out

@ November 25, 2003 9:52 PM in $1,000.00 to answer a question! (PAH)

Be careful Dave! I started to talk someone through a similar pump priming scenerio and decided that this may become a liability issue if the person on the other end of the phone tries this and something goes wrong. I could see it now.... "He said to do it!"

Be careful Dave.

@ November 25, 2003 9:49 PM in $1,000.00 to answer a question! (PAH)

> So, we call the accounting firm to inquire: Do we
> need to charge sales tax if we use the word
> "cleaning" - as in furnace cleaning?
> No
> mention is made by the receptionist that we will
> be charged for obtaining an answer.
> We got
> billed $1,000.00 and attached were several
> e-mails to the PA dept of tax along with two
> internet web site pages detailing the answer.
> Seems a tad excessive to me!
> YOWSA! I just
> talked a customer through a no-heat call over the
> phone. He ran out of oil earlier today & the oil
> co delivery guy didn't think to bleed air out of
> the pump. Seems like I should be billing them!
> _A
> HREF="
> 98&Step=30"_To Learn More About This Contractor,
> Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A
> Contractor"_/A_

protective apparel

@ November 18, 2003 1:46 AM in What were they thinking?

He'll be OK if he keeps his hands in his pockets.!

water heater book

@ November 6, 2003 11:34 PM in WATER HEATER WORKBOOK AUCTION! - Dan H.

Dan Its the family here on the wall that brings a tear to your eye. My comuter has been dawn since this all started and I missed the end of this. But I still would like to see it happen again! Please give us all a second chance at the same auction ??? Jim

Da book

@ November 5, 2003 9:02 PM in WATER HEATER WORKBOOK AUCTION! - Dan H.

Dan I'll give $200.00 as long as we do one more. Jim

water pres rising

@ November 4, 2003 10:54 PM in can not get pressure below 22lbs

Does it stabilize at 22lbs? If it goes above it and dumps, is there a tankless coil leaking into the boiler water intermittenly? I recently had one that only leaked during the heating season. Problem went away last april only to retur a month ago. Had customer shut off feed to coil and rising pressure problem did not happen over night. Coil had a pinhole leak that only showed up during the heating season.

LEts help out guys

@ November 4, 2003 12:12 PM in WATER HEATER WORKBOOK AUCTION! - Dan H.

Here you go guys, We can help Larry and Suzanne out and at the same time "PURCHASE" a nice book for your business. Remember, Reference books are tax deductable!!! Next
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