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Robert O'Brien

Robert O'Brien

Joined on November 16, 2005

Last Post on August 18, 2014

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Day trip

@ August 18, 2014 4:09 PM in Long Island/NYC trip to Viessmann

It would be a day trip,any interest? It's quite a facility!

Long Island/NYC trip to Viessmann

@ August 18, 2014 9:19 AM in Long Island/NYC trip to Viessmann

Anyone interested? Need a few people to get a bus together


@ August 18, 2014 7:02 AM in Tom Schwarz' Tools

The list was missing some items and has been revised. You can contact Tom's widow at for more info.Thanks!

I agree

@ August 16, 2014 7:48 PM in gas condensing boiler recommendation

My first choice would be Viessmann and Triangle Tube next. The WM 97 is a fine boiler with a proven HX and if the support is there,you will be happy with it


@ August 15, 2014 6:07 AM in Tom Schwarz' Tools

The list was missing some items and has been revised. You can contact Tom's widow at for more info.Thanks!


@ August 15, 2014 6:05 AM in Tom Schwarz' Tools

Item Number
Pex tool kit 1
assorted pex fittings 100
pex tool 1
Wirsbo multipress D6275063 1
CA-6100 Combustion Analyzer 1
Assorted hilti bits 12
Hilti TE5 drill 1
Hilti TE74 1
Solar pathfinder 1
9010A Electronic refrigerant scale 1
Extech RF-40 Refractometer 1
Pex line 1/2 inch 220
Pex line 1/2 inch 39
Pex line 5/8" 330
Pex line 1 " 471
Pex 5/ 8" 95
Pex line 1 " 45
Pex line 1 " 46
Pex Uncoiler 1
Tile master-Felker tile saw 1
50 lb recovery cylinder new 1
50 lb recovery cyl old 1
25 lb R410A 2
DH 16-I drainhose 175
MAT240 absorbant pads 18" 1
Expansion tank PT-12 1
Expansion tank HFT60 1
tin wipes hand ? Box 1
1/2" seal tite 40
Wohler digital Meter 2
come along 1
Viessman D35107 oilline 1
Appion G5 twin recovery unit used 1
slim duct trim 1
Mupro pipe clamps assorted 894
REMS 4" driven hand saw 1
Powersaw guide support 1
REMS auto threader 1
Tornado 2000 1
Curvo bender,electric 1
pipe stand 2
Amigo 530021,540021 2
kindorf clamps asst 50
aargo post base 2 sizes 2
Mupro lag screws 1000
Hilti TE70 1
Hilti bits
Hilti DX36 1
Hilti anchors 1000
used guage manifolds 4
48" alum pipe wrench 2
48" steel pipe wrench 2
large rigid pipe cutter 48" 1
36" alum pipe wrench 2
36" steel pipe wrench 1
pipe cutter 1
rems cutting oil 4
portable ventilator 39012W 1
assorted pipe wrenches 14
knockout punch set 1
TiF5600 leak detector 1
electric snake/drain 1
conductor shrouded cable #18 wire
acetyline tanks 2
PVC plumbing fittings 150
Imperial pipe bending kit 364FHA 1
insulated ref lines 100


@ August 14, 2014 5:53 PM in Beckett NX

Whatever you set it to! Will run 14% plus at zero smoke but that doesn't leave a lot of safety margin! 12.5-13% is a safe number.

Oil Heat Training- Long Island

@ August 14, 2014 5:28 PM in Oil Heat Training- Long Island


Our NORA certification class, Intro to Oilheat, is starting in a few weeks.

Our schedule is attached and on-line registration is available at:

Please call if you have any questions,

The ultimate guide to coil bolts,via Keith Thomas

@ August 12, 2014 2:58 PM in removing bolts

Hey Ron,

How you doing? Swig one while you read this.

You swiging yet?, cause I'm typing.

On a coil removal job, Put a socket on the 1st bolt head. If it does not come out EASY, move on to the next bolt head. If it does not come out EASY, move on to the next bolt head. Keep doing this until you have tried every bolt.

Excuse me, my glass is dry, be right back.

There, I'm back. Wow what a day. The day after a holiday weekend. Everybody calling for E service, and idiot me had already booked a full days work for today,

OK, So now you have some bolts that did not come out easy.

At this point I grab my 4 inch cordless angle grinder. (some guys will grab a 3 lbs hammer and pound the heads, This has never worked for me.)

Sip...OK make that 2 sips...Oh that's a good one.

Grind the heads off of the bolts. SAFETY GLASSES ARE A MUST!!!! This will throw a lot of sparks, so clear the area of combustibles.

Man I type slow...Already time for another sip.

HEY!!, Don't hit the copper coil piping with that grinder you mullet head!!

After you have all the bolt heads ground off, go out to your truck and call the local pizza delivery shop in my area and have them send over a large loaded with a 12 pack of Rolling Rock, Put it, along with a tip, on your credit card.

Hang on a minute, Gotta go out and burn a butt.

I'm back,

Now pull the coil out and set it in a 5 gallon bucket.

You should be looking at the boiler block and a bunch of studs. Take your 3 lbs. hammer and whack the studs.....Really, you call that a whack?...WHACK them studs like you mean it. At the base of the studs, right were they go into the block, you should see some flakes fall off.

Take a sip...

There you go, now take a pair of vice grips and clamp them on to the first stud, or whats left of it. .....Turns out just like it was put in yesterday does't it?

Do the same for the rest of the studs.

How does that boiler block look? Take a 16 oz. hammer and pound off all the flaky iron. Take your grinder and smooth out/touch up the block. Do the same with the coil plate.

Hold on....Man I mix a good drink...

Spray all of the bolt holes with a shot of WD-40 (I only do this to cover the double onion Italian sandwich bletch that I let out) Take your tap and ream out all of the bolt holes.

After you have the plate, the block and the holes cleaned up, spray all of the surfaces and the holes with "choke and carb cleaner. We want clean and dry surfaces.... Really, come on spray some more carb cleaner in those bolt holes, I want them clean. ( I use carb cleaner because it evaporates and dries fast)

Wow, If this post goes on much longer I am going be lit up....Sip time.

Look, this is the important part...DO NOT PUT ANY TYPE OF SILICON ON THE SURFACES!!!

Slide your coil back in with your new gasket.
Do not bother putting never seize on the new coil bolts. Really... I'm not kidding do not put never seize on your new coil bolts. If the coil gasket leaks again in the future, the water will wash the never seize out.

Coat your coil bolts with high temp silicone. Use the high temp silicone on your bolts just like you normally would use never seize.

Hey thanks Ron, The pizza guy just showed up.


@ August 10, 2014 4:20 PM in Oil fired flue without barometric damper?

When issues with the tight JOT's surfaced in 80's it was common to remove barometric. What is date code?


@ August 8, 2014 6:19 PM in Burnham has tested Beckett gas burners in oil-fired boilers

While it was certainly true that they sold primarily Riello,especially on Long Island. It no longer is, the hydraulic jack leaks and the lack of availability of product after Hurricane Sandy have shifted many people to Beckett


@ August 8, 2014 5:31 PM in Burnham has tested Beckett gas burners in oil-fired boilers

That was true,I heard it
from a Petro manager, only thing was it was 25 years ago! :)

US Boilers

@ August 8, 2014 8:43 AM in Burnham has tested Beckett gas burners in oil-fired boilers

Thanks for your input,too few manufacturers are willing to participate anymore. I understand your position but not sure I agree. Have you considered approving gas burners on just the MPO/Megasteam? The Megasteam would be the best in class gas fired steam boiler as it is already with oil. Having the MPO convertible to gas would put it at an advantage to most triple pass oil boilers that are not,a consumer that just spent a fairly sizable amount on an MPO/Alliance/ODR card etc is loath to trash it when gas becomes available as it some point it will in all but rural areas. That feature is certainly a benefit to both contractor and consumer in making an MPO sale right now.


@ August 6, 2014 1:25 PM in Burnham has tested Beckett gas burners in oil-fired boilers

CG4 comes with a welded flange and preset for the boiler it is designed for. The Carlin has an adjustable flange and can fit almost anything.


@ August 6, 2014 9:10 AM in Burnham has tested Beckett gas burners in oil-fired boilers

You can add Megasteam to that list shortly. These are Beckett supplied specs,not boiler manufacturer.

Beckett CG4

@ August 5, 2014 3:03 PM in Peerless ec-04

Factory set for your boiler

Tom Schwarz' Tools

@ August 5, 2014 3:00 PM in Tom Schwarz' Tools

Tom Schwarz( TGO) passed away very suddenly in February 2014. Tom was a fastidious craftsman and his tools reflect that. His widow would like to find them a new home. I posted pics/info on the Barter/Buy/Sell board. Any questions,PM me. A great opportunity on some excellent condition,high quality stuff!

Part 2

@ August 5, 2014 2:50 PM in Tom Schwarz' Tools

Part 2

Tom Schwarz' Tools

@ August 5, 2014 2:47 PM in Tom Schwarz' Tools

As many of your you are aware,Tom Schwarz( TGO) passed away in February 2014 very suddenly. His widow would like to find a good home for his tools,where they can continue to do the work he did with them. Tom was a meticulous craftsman and his tools are used but in incredibly good condition. If you are interested in anything,send me a PM. Thanks!

Powersaw guide support
REMS auto threader
Tornado 2000
Curvo bender,electric
pipe stand
Amigo 530021,540021
kindorf clamps asst
aargo post base 2 sizes
Mupro lag screws
Hilti TE70
Hilti bits
Hilti DX36
Hilti anchors
used guage manifolds
48" alum pipe wrench
48" steel pipe wrench
large rigid pipe cutter 48"
36" alum pipe wrench
36" steel pipe wrench
pipe cutter
rems cutting oil
portable ventilator 39012W
assorted pipe wrenches
knockout punch set
TiF5600 leak detector
electric snake/drain
conductor shrouded cable #18 wire
acetyline tanks
PVC plumbing fittings
Imperial pipe bending kit 364FHA
insulated ref lines


@ August 2, 2014 5:21 PM in Condensing cast iron?

This a RaY in green

Going into business?

@ July 23, 2014 8:59 PM in Oil Burner Housing

Manufacturing oil burners? :)


@ July 16, 2014 7:39 AM in Replacing oil furnace w/ fan coil connected to new boiler. What brands to consider?

Built to last
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