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Dan Holohan

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@ August 2, 2002 5:38 PM in A free ticket to the Gathering! - Dan H.


Here's a link to area hotels

@ August 2, 2002 11:11 AM in Hotels in Marlboro, MA - Dan H.

Click here: HOTELS The Gathering is here: Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center 181 Boston Post Road West Marlboro, MA 01752-1883 (508) 460-0700 - Facsimile (508) 480-9343 It's a very nice facilty. Here's a link so you can check it out: If you're making a reservation there, be sure to mention the Dan Holohan event. We have a block of 30 rooms reserved at a rate of $99. If you're coming to the Gathering I suggest you reserve your room now. Ya snooze, ya lose. Thanks.

I want to go over the halfway point, so

@ August 2, 2002 10:25 AM in A free ticket to the Gathering! - Dan H.

Ticket Number 100 is a free one! Be that person and your ticket to the November 23 Gatering of Wetheads is on the house. I'm not going to post the people who sign up until we reach the lucky freebie. Feeling lucky? How's your sense of timing? ;-)

I use

@ August 2, 2002 6:14 AM in Edit feature

that one all the time!


@ August 2, 2002 6:14 AM in Things you may not know about the Search feature - Dan H.

by key word, which can be anything, a person's name, a subject, even a word like "word." Give it a try. Glad you like it!


@ August 1, 2002 8:04 PM in Basic Electricity book

How Long is a Chinaman.

I believe there are

@ August 1, 2002 6:00 PM in Need a ride from Boston? - Dan H.

Just mention the Dan Holohan event to get the $99 price.

I don't think so

@ August 1, 2002 5:48 PM in Need a ride from Boston? - Dan H.

this George keeps pretty busy with PM, PMEngineer and Supply House Times.

Here 'tis

@ August 1, 2002 3:15 PM in REALLY old steam - Dan H.

"An engine for giving a sufficient heat to all the rooms in a house from the kitchen fire. "A" is a copper with a a still-head "B" is a lead or copper pipe fixed to the head of the copper thorugh which the steam from the boiling water heats. It is passing through the eight rooms the pipe is fixed to the wall or side of the room in the place of the chimney. "C" and "C" are stop cocks by which the steam may be suffered to pass slow or fast as you please. (Isn't that a great line?) "D" is the vent for the steam to pass out at. "E" is a cistern of water to replenish the copper as it boils away. That's it! The significance of this piece is that James Watt will not give us the first radiator until 1784, 39 years later. Isn't this a wonderful couple of pages!


@ August 1, 2002 3:08 PM in REALLY old steam - Dan H.

> Post the paragraph please. I am intersted in what
> the thought process was.

This is the oldest

@ August 1, 2002 2:38 PM in REALLY old steam - Dan H.

drawing I have in my collection. It's from The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, May 1745. It's an extracted article, just three pages, but wonderful to me. My buddy Larry Weingarten put me on to it. It was for sale in England. Thirty bucks for the two pages, and it just arrived. Imagine what the whole book would be worth. The title of the very short article (really just one paragraph) is A Proposal for Warming Rooms by the Steam of boiling Water conveyed in Pipes along the Walls. William Cook


@ August 1, 2002 1:53 PM in 53 today (Brian)

I'm almost as old as you! Happy Birthday, Swampy.

Do you

@ August 1, 2002 12:49 PM in Custom manifolds

sell or represent these manifolds?

It's starting to sound

@ August 1, 2002 12:08 PM in Custom manifolds

like your company, Dan. Nice piece of marketing.

@ August 1, 2002 11:38 AM in A Gathering of Wetheads (the list of ticket holders)

The first Gathering of Wetheads is on Saturday, November 23 in Marlboro, MA. This one is completely sold-out. See you there! Thanks for all that you do for us. Here's who's coming: 1. Bill Nye (NOT the Science Guy) 2. Dan Peel (Oh Canada!) 3. Chuck Shaw, the Old Yankee 4. Arthur R. Hapenney 5. Andy Lyne Jr. 6. Timmie McElwain, the Gas Trainer! 7. Anthony Pici 8. John Felciano (Felcie!) 9. Jerry Jubinville (who has forgotten more than I know) 10. Patrick J. Flaherty 11. Noel Murdough (Mr. Steam) 12. Scott " Longest Threads " Milne 13. David Wood (Woody!) 14. John Ruhnke (the Inventor!) 15. Ted "Mr. IPEX" Lowe 16. Dan Foley, Dedicated Parrothead 17. Steve Thomas, who twice nearly killed me in arm wrestling 18. Dale Wegman 19. Gary Alex 20. Joe W. (my favorite Fireman) 21. John "Advanced Radiant Design" Abularrage 22. Rich (Boone) Cavanaugh 23. Joe W. guest 24. Paul Pollets (ARTist!) 25. Dave Yates (PAH) 26. Matt "Mad Dog" Sweeney 27. Mike Kraft (Cheese!) 28. Hot Rod Rohr, Wethead Artist 29. Ellen Rohr, who writes better than I do 30. John Gates (J.C.G.) 31. William Lehey 32. Henry Dowd, with whom I worked on Boston's Old North Church 33. Michael Guglielmo 34. David Broome, the BIG man 35. Floyd "I shot the Sheriff" Kolb 36. Dan Cook 37. Jim Levin 38. Brett Jacobson 39. Ron Jr. (ask him how he fits into those little spaces) 40. Michael Mancini 41. John Pizon 42. Bob Bona 43. Bob Bona guest 44. John Perry Sr. 45. John Perry Jr. 46. Robert O'Connor 47. Al "Ace Troubleshooter" Levi 48. Erik Lowe 49. Sherriff B.J. Murphy 50. Chris Smith 51. Joel "007-1/2" Boucher 52. Steve Taylor 53. Michael "Warm Floors" Luttrell 54. Dave Lovesky 55. Parker Wheat (Best rep I know) 56. Ken Fagan, The Scourge of New England! 57. Jim Simas 58. Gary Wilson 59. Bob Gagnon 60. Dave Murphy 61. William J Kollar 62. John Barba, best trainer in America 63. Tim "Mr. Wirsbo" Doran 64. R C McCarthy 65. George Stawnyczyj (Earthfire) 66. Arlene Puentes, my favorite home inspector 67. Ric Murray, Mr. 68. John Lennon (the other one) 69. Richard Gregor 70. Rich Corcoran, Mr. Grundfoss 71. Barry Nauss, the other Mr. Grundfoss 72. Bob Murray 73. Rich McNally 74. Steve Hergott 75. Leonard Hall 76. Jeffrey Young (Heatboy) 77. William Dean 78. William Dean (guest) 79. Jim Olsztynski, my favorite editor 80. John Malm 81. Jeff Lawrence, Southern Man 82. Prisco Panza, East Coast Wholesaler Extraordinaire 83. Morgan Muir, West Coast Wholesaler Extraordinaire 84. Stephen Torkelsen 85. Stephen Torkelsen (guest) 86. Bob Boltz (with whom I have shared miniscule sleeping quarters) 87. Travis Eisenhauer, a rising star 88. George Zebrowski, my favorite publisher 89. Andrew Barton 90. Paul Lessard 91. Andy Stack (who has the best showroom in America) 92. Jeff Riley (Riles) 93. Ken Secor (worth the trip just to meet this guy) 94. Dave Holdorf (Mr. RTI) 95. Dave Holdorf (guest) 96. Roy Waters (perfect name for Wetstock!) 97. Rich Abernathy 98. Paul Dixon 99. Bill Clinton (the California Wethead Clinton, not the other one) 100. Jason "Cowie" Cowette 101. Gary "Pipedream" Wallace 102. Rick "Absolutely Radiant" Kelly 103. John Fantauzzi (RPA's new Technical Director) 104. David Himes 105. Joanna Ford (David #106 and Joanna are from Hydronic Heart in beautiful Durango, CO) 106. Dale Duby 107. Dale Duby (guest) 108. John (The News) Hall 109. Jeff "Munchkinman" Cook 110. John Sawyer (the other Munchkinman!) 111. Mark Eatherton, Colorado Madman! 112. George Carey, a good man to have in any old basement 113. Andrew Pratt (Tails up!) 114. Gregg Foley 115. Gary Boissy 116. Carl Saunders (Utica Boilerman) 117. Ed "Mr Viessmann" Nordstrom 118. Steve "Mr. Enthusiasm" David (commercial sales for Viessmann-US) 119. Jim McCarthy (in charge of training for Viessmann-US) 120. Scott L Patton, of beautiful Huntertown, IN! 121. Herb Bell, a man who rings true! 122. Roger Link, all the way from that magical place, Hickory, NC 123. Dave "Mr. Tenacity" Mason 124. Steve "Golden Rule!" Ebels 125. Big Oswald Hancle (OJ!) 126. Paul "MomDad" Bock 127. A Real Good Plumber #1 128. A Real Good Plumber #2 129. The Legendary Robert Bean 130. John Williams, Jr. 131. Steve "Mr. Slant/Fin" Levine 132. Claude Bisson 133. Wayco Wayne! 134. Noel Kelly, The Irish Bard 135. J.C. Aiello, (JCA) 136. Stephen A. Redlon, of the fabulous Granite Group! 137. Kevin Coppinger 138. Thomas Farrell 139. Pete "Mr. Bacharach" Cullen (The Dean!) 140. Alan R. Mercurio, our friend in the industry 141. through 160. Pete "Mr. Monitor MZ" Caruso! 161. Richard "Pro H20 Heating & Plumbing" Vaughn 162. Richard Vaughn (guest) 163. Michael Bleier, Able Distributors Chicago! 164. David Sweet (The very best controls guy around) 165. through 176. Bill "County Supply" Curry and friends 177. Mark Hunt 178. Bill "Mr. Honeywell" Wolfe 179. Al Schurman (eleft) retired 180. Wes Sisco, WirsBro! 181. Cindy Albrecht, Pure Enthusiasm! 182. John Certuse, P.E. 183. David Rothacker (The Wizaard!) 184. Jerry Bridgham 185. Steve "Wheels" Wieland 186. David Lovesky Guest 187. Troy Morgan 188. Edgard. Blue. Benedetti 189. Mark Walnicki 190. Mark Walnicki guest 191. Leo Janssens II 192. Mike Giordano 193. Mike Giordano guest 194. Mike Giordano guest 195. Tom Godett. 196. Lee Ensminger, Crown Boiler Company 197. Mark Hughes, Laars Heating Systems 198. Bob "Mr. Oilheat" Hedden 199. Mr. Colin Wunder, Wethead Cowboy 200. Alan Bright of Weatridge, CO Anything can happen. Probably will!

I'm getting

@ August 1, 2002 10:40 AM in New Give & Get - Dan H.

some good, detailed instructions from people who do this all the time. Nothing better than experience! Thanks for sharing it with others.

Last call

@ August 1, 2002 10:01 AM in Electrical training from one of the best - Dan H.

for the NAOHSM sponsored seminar, "Review of Electricity & Electrical Troubleshooting" to be taught by Carol Fey, in Ft. Washington, PA August 13th, Union, NJ, August 14th and Plainview, NY August 15th. All of the sponsored seminars earn NORA CEU's or credit hours towards certification. The electrical classes are filling up particularly in Union and Plainview. So if you have a young technician, or just want a refresher, this is the seminar to take. You can register online - Or call Judy Garber, Goddess of Oilheat, at 1-888-552-0900

Very, very good

@ August 1, 2002 9:56 AM in New package from IPEX

stuff. I've seen it.


@ August 1, 2002 9:28 AM in R&M is Expanding and Looking for Good People (Steamhead)

you could not deepen your knowledge of heating in a better way. What an opportunity!

If you're flying in for the Gathering in November

@ August 1, 2002 9:27 AM in Need a ride from Boston? - Dan H.

Jim Olsztynski has room in his rental car for a few other Wetheads. He's landing at Logan on Friday, November 22 at 5:21 PM. If you're arriving around the same time and want to hook up with Jim for a ride to Marlborough, let me know and I'll put you in touch with him. Also, George Zebrowski, my favorite magazine publisher, will also be with us. It gets better every day!

You can go back in time

@ July 31, 2002 12:59 PM in Things you may not know about the Search feature - Dan H.

with the Search feature. It works by keyword. Click on Search and then type something in the box. Pick a time within the past 90 days, or just leave the dash in the box and it will go for everything that relates to that key word. The search will show a list of posts. If one looks intersting to you, click on Show Thread, which you'll see at the top of each individual post. Show Thread opens the entire original thread. If you then add a post to that thread, the old thread, along with your new post will appear at the top of the Wall. A bunch of people have asked me about this so I thought some instructions would help. This new Wall's pretty neat, isn't it? Thanks for being a part of it, and for all that you do for us.


@ July 31, 2002 12:52 PM in Ball valve with Thermometer as handle

came from different locations for the photo. One was inside; one was out in the truck? Thinking like a mystery writer here. Or maybe Mario had one in his armpit while he was setting up the camera? Hmmm.