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Merry Christmas Everyone

@ December 25, 2007 12:06 AM in Merry Christmas!!

Hug your family one and all. Make a point of doing something special for someone who may be disadvantaged or hurting this Holiday season. It'll warm you from the inside out. God Bless

Same feeling scott

@ May 11, 2007 7:29 AM in HTP Munchkin Water Heaters fan broke?

A bunch of things don't add up here. Locations given, where the boiler was sold from, installer..........something stinks and it's not the Munchkin.

Flex duct

@ May 11, 2007 7:25 AM in Can any one spare a band-aid?

Ever notice how the insulation in flex duct smeels indentical to dead mice?

Sounds like

@ April 28, 2007 8:20 AM in Knight Boiler Frustration

You've covered all the bases except the board Paul. That'd be my next step. If I understand the way flame rectification works, the board sends a signal out which is passed through the plasma surrounding the flame to the flame rec probe. The fact that you are not getting any signal at all probably means there is no signal in the first place. If you had a weak flame signal, I'd think there was a problem with the flame, probe, corrosion or grounding but that doesn't seem to be the case. Stick a new board on it and I'll bet it works. I get side tracked on occasion also by coincidental events that are wholly unrelated to the failure, like your gas pressure test. They just make you go hhmmmmmmmmm....... and make you a little smarter for next time.

What is it with heating equipment?

@ April 25, 2007 8:14 AM in My burnam boiler cracked after 9 years, will they help with labo

I can appreciate the question but I have a hard time understanding where the thought that the labor should be covered comes from. Why do people presume that something 7, 9,12 or whatever years old has failed prematurely, or should be covered by a full warranty let alone parts only? Where does this long warranty concept come from? I can't think of a single device or piece of equipment of any kind that has a warranty like that, so why heating equipment? I'm not ranting about this and I'm certainly not trying to demean MR Galloway in any way shape or form. I just can't understand why many folks think that heating equipment is supposed to be warranteed for 20 years +. Comments on this from any homeowners would be welcome!


@ April 24, 2007 8:42 PM in condensoin boiler

The Munchkin/Lochinvar HX is most definitely NOT similar to the HX in the Vitodens. For starters the wall thickness on the Vito is roughly double than the Giannoni (sp) HX used by HTP, Lochinvar and others. The design is also completely different. Where the the Munch/Loch HX is a number of individual tubes connected to a common header, the Vitodens is one continuous coil of rectangular cross section. If you looked at both side by side the first thing you would notice is that the weight of the Vitodens HX is 2-3 times what the other type is. The second thing you would see is the the "loops" on the M/L HX are rather haphazardly arranged and spacing between each loop is variable. You would notice that the coil arrangement and the spacing on the Vitodens is absolutely uniform from front to back. This precludes any hot spots in the HX. As to condensate removal from the HX, I agree that the Prestige is a nice design and will likely stay clean as well as anything due to the gravity assist from the vertical HX. Viessmann has taken care of condensate by ensuring that ALL of it is literally blown out the gaps (.8mm) between the coils. The velocity of the air moving through that small gap is around 45 MPH and drops in temperature from roughly 1700* to about 20* above return temp in only 1 1/2" of travel. You are correct in assuming that air removal takes better purging than most installers typically do. We always purge all our systems, Viessmann or not, with a pump that will develop high flow and about 25PSI. This helps clean the system before placing it into service also. Once done in that manner, I have had no issues with air in any hydronic system. I've attached a couple of document from Allegheny Ludlum which describe the stainless alloys used in these two boilers. Makes for interesting least for someone like me. OK OK..........go ahead and call me a geek :)

Can't go wrong with Fluke

@ April 17, 2007 10:00 PM in New Meter

I have had probably more than a dozen different Fluke instruments over the years and they all worked as advertised. The company stands behind their product very well also. I had a simple 77 series meter that "became submerged" on a job site. It croaked and I stuck it on a shelf in the shop to send in. I found it again about 9 months later and sent it in anyway. They sent me a brand new one for the price of shipping.

Probably Zurn

@ March 30, 2007 9:56 PM in Pex in Home Depot

My brother in the hardware biz can order it drop shipped direct from the factory. $1,000 order is PPD freight. You can't believe the pricing on it. About 1/2 of what all of us pay at supply houses. Granted it's Zurn but to 95% of consumers, pex is pex.


@ March 30, 2007 5:32 PM in Hardware store radiant cooling

You mean the Bangkok where the RH is like 98% year around? How do they prevent condensation with that much moisture in the air?

You're all getting your hopes up for nothing.......

@ March 26, 2007 4:23 PM in I love the Yankees

The Tigers are going to win 115 game this year and sweep the Cardinals in a rematch of last years series. :) Go Tigers or go home!

I think.........

@ March 25, 2007 11:21 PM in figuring out the feet of head that a pump must work at

He used to kick field goals for the Patriots and now works with Peyton Mannings crew in Indy. ;)

Manufacturers are part of the problem

@ March 25, 2007 11:19 PM in Suffolk Bans Outdoor Wood-Burning \"Furnaces\"

I have seen operator manuals that state "our unit will even burn green wood". DUH! Well of course it will. Pretty much any OWB will digest green wood once a fire is established. The under fire forced draft most of these units employ will burn about anything. The question becomes one of efficiency. How much energy is wasted burning off the excess moisture content instead of putting the heat in the water? That's what they don't tell you. Just another one of a long line of wild claims I've seen from the majority of these manufacturers. 85% efficiency???? When pigs fly!!


@ March 22, 2007 9:48 AM in Critique this diagram please.

That's just a "stock" drawing I have in my documents. I have a couple dozen basic drawings taht I've accumulated which are used for reference when laying out jobs. I don't think it's entirely applicable to MDF's application but I posted it just to try and better understand what he's trying to do. The drawing was done with Siggy's Hydronicad software. It works pretty well for a guy with average computer skills like myself.


@ March 22, 2007 9:42 AM in Critique this diagram please.

I'm a little slow but I do catch on eventually. The picture I'm drawing in my head is that you have two units, piped with 1" pex, which dump into a "primary loop", which is 1 1/2"? Correct so far? That loop is what handles the total 25GPM flow? Then from that primary, your zones run out to their destination?


@ March 21, 2007 8:52 PM in alternative to global warming thread

Regardless of what Brad is asking, please keep the details to yourself :)


@ March 21, 2007 2:37 PM in alternative to global warming thread

Yes, it's true, we do in fact hold up out hand and point to our palm to show where we live. That would be the right hand becasue the thumb is on the wrong side if you look at your left. The fella's in da UP are out of luck wid dat eh? Can't point to nothin' eh? Just us trolls livin' under da bridge ya know?

I'll admit that

@ March 21, 2007 2:32 PM in alternative to global warming thread

The better half and I walked from Ford field to our hotel after a Lions game last November and we weren't, OK, I'll give you 29. :) Local history has it that the name of our fair "city" was originally Pinhook, derived from the 180* bend that the river made in town. In the 1870-1890 era, I think it earned the name you mentioned, "Foulmouth", from all the loggers who were bent on coming into town for a good time on the weekend. There were at point 5 hotels, 7 churches and 2 bars along with the ones in the hotels and the town was the county seat. In an election during the 1890's, legend has it that the folks from Lake City came to town and got all the loggers drunk and told them to vote for Lake City as the new county seat. The measure passed so it must have worked. It's believed that some of the Dutch immigrants that populated this area departed from the port of Falmouth England and named their new home after that town. Don't know if that's true or not but it makes a little sense.

How do ya?

@ March 21, 2007 1:02 PM in How do ya?

Anyone know how to take a drawing done on Siggy's hydronic cad software and convert it to a JPG so I can send it to someone?

At least you had people at yours

@ March 17, 2007 3:33 PM in Did a homeshow today (The Youngster)

The home show here was a non event. You could've touched off a 12 gauge through there and not hit anyone. Worst we've ever had.

Here's what we do

@ March 11, 2007 1:01 PM in Home owner

Upon discovering a furnace with an obvious problem we first take pictures then drag the HO into the basement and show them. We do a copmbustion test and print it out twice, one copy for the HO and one copy for our records. After informing the HO of the problem we disconnect the furnace or what ever the offending applaince may be and install a temporary heater in the basement, This is just an unvented 30,000 btu heater that we have set up on a stand. We advise the HO that this is just temporary heat and they need to replace the furnace ASAP!!. We also encourage them to seek other opinions if they want and to seek other bids if they are going to replace it. If they choose us for the replacment there is no charge for the temporary heat. If they go with someone else then the charge will be $xx.xx depending on a few factors. We have nwever had a problem and neither have we ever lost a replacement job to someone else when this happens. I guess the rules would be to treat them and their property as yo would like to be treated yourself. Disabling the equipment and walking away is not something that you would like someone to do to you, is it? That being said, if you don't handle replacements in house, I think you fulfilled your obligation by recommending some other contractors to take care of them.

I'd be interested in knowing

@ March 8, 2007 9:22 PM in disgusting HO's anyone???

What are Markism's number 1 and 2?


@ March 8, 2007 2:01 PM in disgusting HO's anyone???

I guess we should preface this thread by first defining some words. Words like Wierd, Abberant, Slob, Revolting, Strange, Psycho.....those kinds of words. :) A few observations from a lifetime of service work: I can't believe the number of homes with porn of some type lying around. Even homes with small kids. Must be there's not much else to do during winter in Michigan. ??? I was in a house a while ago that the HO was watching a XXX DVD on his 60" flat screen.......which was right in front of the furnace. Fortunately the TV faced away from my work. I won't mention his state of attire. In hindsight, I should have walked out. Ever listen to the soundtrack on a porno movie while trying to change the ignitor on one of those 34" tall Rheem's?...... I didn't think so. It was one of those days when you walk back in your house in the evening and the wife says, "How was your day Hon"? ........ you don't quite know what to say. :)) Animals are another issue. Why does it seem that a lot of the time there is a direct correlation between the income level of the HO and the number of animals running around the house? Maybe it's not income.......intelligence would be a better word. The lower the income/intelligence level the more animals are accumulated to compensate for it........or something like that. Got a call at O:dark thirty in the night a couple years ago. New baby in the house, two other kids sick, no heat. I didn't know the people and had never been there before. It was a mobile home.........why is it always a mobile home??? Anyway, 8 dogs come to greet me when I knock on the door and enter the house. All of which are seriously friendly. Two tried to hump my leg at the same time to show their affection when I got down in front of the furnace. The furnace of course is in the darkest part of the hallway and the HO says the pilot won't stay lit. I knelt down and began to unscrew the burner when I notice my knees are feeling wet..........did I mention that the place smells like a kennel? I looked up at the ceiling praying silently that I would see signs of a leak, but no, all is dry up there. Which means I am kneeling on carpet that is saturated by dog piss.......As Borat would say, Atsa NIIIIICE! I went back to the van and retrieved a plastic drop cloth to kneel on and commenced to change the thermocouple in record time........ And they wondered why the kids were sick. I could write a book..........
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