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Buderus won't fire on generator power

@ June 3, 2009 9:29 AM in Buderus won't run on generator

I, along with a number of other people, have been unable to get a Buderus GB boiler to fire on generator AC power. They work fine on grid power, and even on an inverter, but fail to fire when powered by a generator. This of course comes as a great surprise to people who install a backup generator with a goal of maintaining heat during a power outage. I've sent multiple inquiries to Buderus about this and the silence is deafening. I've received no response at all. I've tried various forms of power conditioning, frequency control, grounding and isolation, etc. with no success. My first question is whether there is anyone out there who has been successful running a Buderus off a generator? Maybe your success will help the rest of us. My other objective, quite frankly, is to generate some pressure on Buderus to address this problem. At this point I steer people away from them if they have any plans for backup power. It's very unfortunate since the Buderus is otherwise a very attractive product.