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1-1/2 0r did you mean 1/2 inch

@ August 31, 2009 2:03 PM in Repiping water meter

Then use brass but that wont always stop the corrosion if it only lasted that long. My city is still full of galvanized water services that have been in 60 years. If your pipe only lasted a short while it could be from something else and you will still have the same problem. I have found in older homes they use the water pipe for electric grounding and sometimes stray voltage tends to eat holes in the pipe. If that is the case, drive some ground rods and reground your electric system.  I don't know how many 1-1/2 brass nipples you need but it doesn't take many to make 50 bucks. Stainless is also a good route, we do all our well systems in stainless now . and the price is close to brass.

But Bob Vila said

@ August 31, 2009 1:01 PM in EdenPURE portable heater

it can cut your fuel bills by 50 %, so it has to be true  LOL.  We could start marketing our own heater called the INLAWHEATER save 100% on your fuel bills. you just turn your heater off and move in with your in-laws. The sad part is this winter you might see more people huddled around a electric heater.

Galvanized But

@ August 31, 2009 12:35 PM in Repiping water meter

Screw the brass valve onto you copper adapter before going to your galvanized pipe. You could use brass if cost doesnt matter but it shocks me when I get the bill for brass nipples. If you are on city water supply the water is neutral and the galv will last for many years.

You may want to try one of these

@ August 31, 2009 8:10 AM in 80 Gallon oil-fired water heater

heat pump water heaters. Rheem makes one and also Stiebel-eltron.


@ August 30, 2009 10:47 AM in Has Anyone Else Run Into This

Look at the low water temps and the btu output of this stuff. Consider yourself fortunate to walk into a job and work with something you haven't used before. After reading these post I went to the warmboard site and reviewed their info, I have to say I am impressed with the low water temps. These temps are what is crucial for Geo and solar units. Be thankful it takes someone with your knowledge to finish the job and that the Warmboard people don't do heat loss calcs and more or you may have not even gotten the job. When your finished with the job tell us what you thought about it..

Once bitten twice shy

@ August 28, 2009 2:03 PM in owner

Remember the prepared to give your service man a key to the house. The Yukon worked on kerosene, so I was told. But until you have a good source for low sulfur oil, I wouldnt.  If you enjoy working with new things, have the right oil, and are willing to put up with the inconvenience(maybe) Go for it. Also figure the payback based on the price of the Low sulfur oil. 

I like it

@ August 26, 2009 10:51 AM in What Do You Guy`s Think?

Thanks Dan, BUT 1 THING, it would be nice if we could see the question as we type our answer. As I get older my memory gets shorter and more selective.

That is low temperature radiant heat

@ August 26, 2009 9:13 AM in TT mod con or Buderus Cast iron with outdoor reset

The reason I say low temperature JD is because some radiant systems run at 140 and higher. Most Geothermal water to water units will only make 120 degree water. That is why when you have radiant installed you look for the system that will give you what you need at the lowest possible water temp. In slab is usually the lowest, staple up being the highest.  The efficiency of some of the new air to water systems will be very high also. I believe that if you have a high temp hot water system in the future, and the only way to obtain those temps is with fossil fuel, the cost to operate between a future heat pump and a fossil fuel boiler will become so wide that only a very small percentage of people would retain their water systems unless of course they have low temp radiant.

I guess its just a matter of

@ August 26, 2009 8:22 AM in TT mod con or Buderus Cast iron with outdoor reset

doing the math. If the Vito has the same warranty as the cast iron and you really feel its going to last as long, you may be right. What is the warranty exactly on the 100? Maybe I'm wrong but it just seems ridiculous to be burning carbon based fuel for heat when the the ground has all we need. I have a geo thermal w/w and my heating bill is less than the cable bill.I know the new units will have ecm motors and COP,s that will blow us away. I will probably replace it long before its payback period on the boiler it replaced, depends on the price of fuel. I would rather see customers start converting their houses to low temperature radiant heat instead of spending more money on modcons, they are going to get better energy savings and they will be ready to convert to geo when the time comes. If a customer has a 25 year old boiler in decent shape, do you feel his money would be better spent on converting to radiant or spending the money on a modcon? A similar circumstance in my household now, My wife was going to buy a Prius, she drives about 30 miles a day to work and shopping ,whatever. She decided to wait till the chevy volt is available or the Prius has the plug in Lithium. She will then basically not use any gasoline then only on longer trips. I know I know you can always wait, but really this stuff is coming right around the corner. I'm also having a chimney installed in my house for a wood stove because if this whole thing collapses we will still have heat. 

Ok lets change the options

@ August 25, 2009 8:44 PM in TT mod con or Buderus Cast iron with outdoor reset

We can use a Revolution@88%and go through the wall, then add a tekmar outdoor reset and we already have a more efficient way to make domestic with the Navien which will give us the tax credit. Figure it with a Burnham pvg at 85% it doesnt matter. Use a crown boiler. Throw in another thousand bucks, it just isnt there...there is no payback,it makes no economical sense to buy a modcon now. I owe it to my customers to tell them what will cost them less upfront and in 30 years.The federal government cant keep giving this tax break forever. And the tax break is not refundable and is cumuative with many other things. Truth is without a tax break the modcon doesnt even come close to competing. I think when you see these modcons start failing in a few years it will be easy to get people to change back to cast iron. Its just proven to be a great material to make boilers out of. This is probably why they are willing to pay more for a cast iron boiler in Europe than a modcon.

Navien water heater

@ August 25, 2009 6:09 PM in TT mod con or Buderus Cast iron with outdoor reset

As far as the water heater goes, a tankless navien is 98% eff. It is the most efficient water heater made and cost about the same as a indirect, 15 year warranty, will get you the tax credit, no standby loss.

950 gallons of oil

@ August 25, 2009 6:04 PM in TT mod con or Buderus Cast iron with outdoor reset

would be about 1330 therms of gas, gas here is about 1.27 a therm, use would be about 1700.00 a year but it will be less with either new boiler, so lets say 1500.00 a year. Your picking up 7 percent which is 105 dollars a year (we didnt add the cost of running primary secondary pumps on the modcon so it even less) Lets say the modcon goes 15 years and the buderus 30. In 15 years the modcon saved you 1500 bucks plus the rebate1500, and thats if you havent already consumed some of your tax credit on insulation, doors,windows ect. So your at 3000.00 savings in 15 years. Now after 15 years you need a new one. Will the new one be less than 3000.00 No its going to be alot more. There really is no reason to use a modcon that I can see. Check out the new Burnham ES2, cast iron, 110 return temps, lifetime warranty,outdoor reset. American made.

A car is a different type of commodity

@ August 25, 2009 4:24 PM in Aluminum heat exchangers

People will spend 30,000 every 10 years on a car, but a car is more than a machine,its an extension of a persons personality(to many anyway). Could you see Vanna White telling someone that behind curtain number 3 is a brand new......boiler. When people hit the lottery they don't say Yeaaaa now I can get that new boiler. Anyone that says that is braindead or one of us. I don't think asking 30 years out of any large home investment is to much. When I buy a roof I go for the 30 year shingle. New windows have 30 years or better warranty. Solar tubes are 30 years and high tech photovoltaic have a 25 year warranty. I think if solar didn't have a 30 year warranty it would be much harder to sell. When I see a boiler like the new Burnham ES2, that will go 30 years+ at 85% vs 2 modcons in the same time. What advantage was the modcon? Nothing moneywise thats for sure.  i am sure the people in New England states see a payback faster than people in Maryland but even if the modcon is 95% that only 10%. If they spend 2000.00 a year on fuel they save 200 a year for 12 years is 2400.00 dollars...then what. Another 8000.00 to 10,0000 dollar modcon. This is just my opinion, if im missing some angle please tell me. I sell modcons to but im definatley going to start selling the Burnham.

Modern gas valves

@ August 24, 2009 1:37 PM in Need advice on Electronic Ignition vs Continuous Pilot for a steam boiler

will automatically close when the pilot goes out Craig. Its been that way for quite some time now, that must have been a really old furnace. The pilot doesn't use that much energy. It will never be enough to off set the discount your getting, maybe 5 to 10 dollars a year if that.


@ August 24, 2009 8:40 AM in Aluminum heat exchangers

Carbon filters are for removing chlorine and radon not for co2. Co2 will be removed from your heating system as soon as you run it up to temp it will exit via the air vent, no need to be concerned. Glycol in a system is what starts the problems if its not maintained, it decomposes into glycolic acid and must be checked every year. Also if you have a auto feed valve, turn it off so if there is a leak somewhere you are aware of it.

You post an interesting question, so heres my opinion

@ August 24, 2009 7:57 AM in Aluminum heat exchangers

A boiler is not a car for several reasons, everyone needs a car, from Texas to Maine, it is just an American fact of life. The car is something Americans embellish, we have car museums, movies about cars, drive in movies for cars, When your young your chances of getting" lucky " are directly related to the car you drive. The largest spectator sport in this country is nascar. We drive them around oval tracks, drag race them, jump them, many of us were conceived in them. I can remember every motorcycle I had since I was 12 and every car since I was 16 They each hold a memory of a special time in my life. As much as we all love this trade, it is our trade and very difficult to talk to people about outside of our small group. That's why we are here. Sure, some of us live in affluent areas where radiant heat and Viessman boilers sell much more easily but I for one don't. I live in Reading Pa, A city that was built back in the 1800s and is probably 50% hydronic. People here are suffering as in many places! Sure we sell Modcons and radiant but it is not the mainstay of my business. Boilers are a commodity for most, No more thought about than the roof. What if your roofer told you after installing a new roof...that should be good for 12 years. Even photovoltaic have a 25 year warranty. OK so if they cant afford the high tech, what happens? They buy the low tech and we all just keep on destroying the planet. Also the people that cant afford their fuel are getting Government help which means you get to help pay for their fuel. I wish I could see your question as I'm writing this post, Its one thing I don't care for in the new Wall. I believe you ask if we tested water, Yes I do, I am also in the water treatment business so I make it a point to test water in every home. Lets me ask you, when you have to fill a new boiler and you have 18 grains of calcium and they have no softner, how do you do it. Honestly.

In Europe

@ August 22, 2009 5:46 PM in Aluminum heat exchangers

these boilers are about 1/3 the cost they are here, check and while you are there check prices on other commodities just to get a idea. I would say the Europeans have it just about right...About a grand for a boiler that last 12 years. No different than a standard power vent water heater here. Im sure everyone here could live with that. I was looking at the new Burnham es2, cast iron with 110 return temps and 85 % eff. w/outdoor reset. This boiler has a much better warranty and will last alot longer. You will never see a payback on these modcons with new boilers like this. There are people out there like you who will buy them just for the enviroment but we live in a country that has 50 million without health insurance and a home is repoed every 30 seconds... that is not the norm.


@ August 21, 2009 10:56 PM in wall hung boiler for radiant

makes a 98% tankless water heater and also a devise called a heat box so it serves a dual purpose. I havent tried the heat box yet but if it works as well as the tankless it may be just what your looking for.

I think the Vito uses 316ti

@ August 21, 2009 9:33 PM in Aluminum heat exchangers

which is just a variation on 316l. I wouldn't say its the strongest. The ferritic stainless used in the Prestige 439 would be a better choice. Neither is the best and both have their faults. Check here and call the metallurgist in the morning, very friendly people [url=]

Dans the biggest offender

@ August 21, 2009 5:17 PM in discussing pricing.......

Hes always telling us we can advertise here for a buck a day and he has the prices of his books plastered all over the place LOL.

My opinion

@ August 21, 2009 2:46 PM in Aluminum heat exchangers

The boiler companies themselves require stainless al294c stainless pipe on their near condensing boilers . Why? Aluminum tubing would be a lot cheaper. Ever remove a aluminum chimney liner that's been on a outside chimney connected to a gas boiler for a few years. Looks like Swiss cheese. Aluminum has a lot going for it if your a manufacturer.. Inexpensive, easily castable, easily machined, light weight .  Figure the boilers lasting 5 years beyond the warranty...Maybe. There is no payback.

It is based on all

@ August 21, 2009 11:21 AM in Indirect heat loss

things being equal fuel, indirect ,ect. and your correct, if you are replacing a boiler that has to be replaced anyway you have to subtract the difference in price. As for you wanting to pay a little more for the enviroment that you can figure out after it calculates the numbers, that being said, I have to congradulate you on being one of the few over seventy crew that I know that is concerned about the enviroment. Have you always felt this way or just having feelings of guilt after a lifetime of v-8s LOL.
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