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no swing joints

@ December 2, 2013 1:52 PM in NEW STEAM BOILER IS BANGING! HELP!

on the top of the risers. Not that this is your problem but unlikely to be covered by boiler warranty if boiler snaps.

Two stoves

@ December 2, 2013 10:09 AM in want feedback piping WOOD boiler gas mod/con backup via reverse indirect BUFFER tank

Absolutely, wood stoves like boilers have a tendency to be over sized, then when it gets too hot you either open the windows or choke the fire, Two smaller stoves are better.
One for the shoulders and two for the design.
Another thing he needs to be clear about is Makeup air and chimney design. There are so many misconceptions about these two items. Google "outside air for woodstove"
It gets downright humorous. Unlike the modulating gas boiler, where you get a bunch of professionals arguing the finer points..Wood brings everyone that's ever lit a fire into the discussion.. Farmers, mother earth news people, wood zealots and the list goes on and on.
Outside air for combustion is a must...its all outside air but its much better for you to control it than let it find its own way in. Pipe it in stainless steel with a fireproof wall entrance, so if negative draw ever becomes a reality, it is no concern.

Chimney lined with stainless liner same size as vent adapter and insulate with vermiculite. The more insulation the easier your life will be.

The problem is

@ December 1, 2013 6:45 PM in want feedback piping WOOD boiler gas mod/con backup via reverse indirect BUFFER tank

using your 800 gallon buffer. 800 gallons of water x 8.33 gives us 6664 pounds of water that has to be raised in temp from room temperature to 85degrees just to start the heating process. Thats 15 degrees( if the room is 70 more if its in a cold basement) we need to raise this 6664 pounds of water, that requires in a perfect world 99,960BTUs.You can add another 50% to that for boiler loss and heat loss during heating the buffer. OK so we have now expended almost 150000 btus just to get our buffer hot enough to start heating. This is why I recommend a bypass on the buffer. So anyway lets say its night time and 50 degrees out and heat load is about 10,000 and hour. You have already burned enough fuel to heat for 15 hours just getting your buffer up to temp. I was lean on the buffer starting temp because your drawings show domestic prefeed going through the buffer which means your buffer tank is going to be starting out at 55 degrees( remember its well insulated so it will stay cold a long time) Now you need to bring that buffer tank up to 85 from 55... thats 30 degrees for 800 gallons of water. Wow do that math.
All he needs to do is add 10,000 BTUs an hour to his house.  These systems really start to border on ridiculous for homes with low heat loads.
If you have to have this system at least put in one modern wood stove in the home, it will give you much better control of your heat and use much less wood during those shoulder seasons.

You may want to consider

@ December 1, 2013 11:11 AM in want feedback piping WOOD boiler gas mod/con backup via reverse indirect BUFFER tank

Coming off the boiler with a direct loop to the heating system and then bleeding excess into the buffer tank. Then switch the loop back to the buffer tank when it comes up to temp. A relay and an aquastat could do this.
Your boiler is already twice the size you require on the coldest day of the year. Whats going to happen the rest of the year? You will have to load up the boiler with enough wood to bring the buffer up to a temp you can heat with. My home is about the same as loss is 36000 at 0. We are at the end of November and still havent seen anything below 25 at night and we have been seeing 45- 50 some of these days.
Last night I burned .....maybe 3- 12 inch split rounds in the wood stove and it is 79 degrees in here with sun shining in.  If it gets really cold where you are and stays that way for extended periods and your going to keep that fire going nonstop...go for it.
It has been my experience living in south east PA  using an outdoor wood boiler then a indoor wood gasification unit and now finally a new epa quadrafire woodstove that by far and away the woodstove was my best idea.
No matter how you get your wood, there is work and money involved and wood boilers just have to much loss when they are not wide open.
Also be prepared for that unit to damper down when your buffer tank is maxed, it will still blow the relief valve and you will hate cleaning that filthy thing.
Just my opinion based on my experience.
Good luck

Triangle Tube

@ November 24, 2013 9:27 PM in Condensing gas boiler you install

Prestige. I believe this is year number 10. The MCBA controls were good but the Trimax is great.. Out of 50 some boilers I have had almost zero trouble. That is very important for me since I am the one installing and servicing. I like my weekends off and I don't care for working late at night.
The boiler doesn't require pri-sec piping in 90 percent of installations. Tying into old gravity systems straight through the exchanger on low speed and outdoor reset is just a win win situation. The company and staff is first class.

Mark, I hope you

@ November 19, 2013 8:47 AM in CryptoLocker malware

purchased some extra bitcoins when you paid your ransom. Because you are now way ahead of the game. This is insane.

It doesnt need to be

@ November 14, 2013 8:19 AM in Trouble wiring humidifier

connected to the boiler wiring at all. Keep it simple, like Slim said, use a current sensing relay or a sail switch in series with the humidifier circuit. Your just going to go from the R terminal on your transformer to the sail switch, then to your humidistat, to your humidifier then back to your C terminal. The sail switch will only allow current to pass if the blower is running. 

Where are you getting 24v

@ November 13, 2013 6:08 PM in Trouble wiring humidifier

off of the Triangle. The Trimax is DC and the older mcba controlled units don't allow for 24 vac access. There must be some external relay that turns on the fan after it comes up to temp. I doubt the boiler and fan start simultaneously.You can just supply your own 24 vac tranformer and break the 24 vac through the humidistat and then an air switch in series. You could also add a dpdt relay or maybe there is already one there that pulls in when the coil comes up to temp. If they are using a 120v klix on switch just use the line coming from the klix on to the fan and pull in a RIB relay or you can just use one of those aprilaire inductance relays, expensive but less time consuming.

Its not that bad

@ November 12, 2013 5:57 PM in I lost a job to a company that did this:

They used two finger clamps on the bx line. Its those little extras that got them the job. LOL

Proper vent placement

@ November 10, 2013 3:03 PM in Hydronic Replacement Boiler Sizing

is the key here. 105 to 110 is fine if the duct is sized properly and the vents are strategically located. 160 degree air can be just as uncomfortable if its blowing on you.
Well designed and I stress that,Well designed heat pump systems work at low temps and feel as good as any warm air job.

Interesting statement

@ November 10, 2013 2:40 PM in Hydronic Replacement Boiler Sizing

Why do you feel the coils would need 180 on anything less than a design day?

3 days after your post

@ November 9, 2013 2:11 PM in CryptoLocker malware

Its getting boringly obvious who infected your computer, so obvious I stopped wearing my tin hat. LOL

Hard to believe

@ November 7, 2013 11:47 PM in CryptoLocker malware

All the recent revelations about the NSA and their super abilities to snoop on everyone and everything and they can seem to find a couple of low life hackers who are stealing millions of dollars from thousands of people.
Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh Mark...take it in stride!


@ November 7, 2013 1:28 PM in CryptoLocker malware

Sorry to hear that Mark, All I can say is if they are worth 300 bucks it.
The federal reserve is not happy with bitcoin, it threatens dollar hegemony. At the same time if you invested in bitcoin when it started you made quite a bundle.
If I had to guess, your part of a major false flag, perpetrated to rally people to back the government with whatever is necessary to eliminate Bitcoin.

Search Bitcoin in zerohedges search box for some amusing reading.
As for your files, use a detachable flash drive for backup and physically remove it when done backing up.

Not familiar with Daiken

@ October 30, 2013 8:14 PM in Help with Daikin split unit (basic operation seems inefficient)

But I sell quite a few Samsung and Comfort star units.
If the unit is blowing room air before it has satisfied the setting, chances are good you have a low charge. Most units do not have a low pressure switch and will continue to run. The only safety is a hi temp thermistor on the compressor and I have found they will run and run without overtemping even with 0 charge. On HEAT mode the units blower will shut down when satisfied but will first modulate down to the lowest possible point before shutting down. This is the whole concept of modulating inverters- to replace just what is being lost.
Heat pumps have gotten a bad name because they were originally sized to the cooling load. Heating load is usually 2 to 3 times greater depending where you live. Inverter mini splits do not suffer from this disadvantage because they can be sized to the heat load and they will modulate down for proper dehumidification and cooling in the summer. I have a Samsung Vivace on my first floor, it achieves a COP of 2 at 17 degrees. Thats half the price of resistance. The air is always toasty warm, everyone stands in front of it when they come in from a freezing night. It will shut down at 5 degrees outdoor ambient which is hardly ever reached southeast PA.
In cooling mode, the indoor fan will run continuously, this is because the temperature sensing bulb is in the unit, this is why you can put your remote in a drawer after setting the temperature, it flashes the wall unit and in order to receive a accurate reading must keep the air circulating... indoor blower motor uses 33 watts.
Comfort star allows you to use the remote as the thermostat with their follow me feature. This feature works well for units mounted on high walls or cathedral ceilings although in this mode, just like the old Sanyos the remote must stay within eyeshot of the unit. You cannot use gauges on a mini, you must weigh in the charge. I would start there, inproper flares and procedures have left many of these units with leaks.
Good Luck

The trap

@ October 7, 2013 2:37 PM in refrigerent traps and subcooling

is there to insure oil returning to the compressor.
I check my subcooling right after the condenser.

Taco sentry

@ October 6, 2013 2:55 PM in best all around zone valve? or fuggedhaboudit and use pumps?

Although I have had a bit of trouble with the originals, all have been replaced by now. I really like the design and the new ones fit right on the old valve bodies. I only have 2 years on the newest ones and so far so good. This is still a far cry from the 45 year old thrush motorized valves in my fathers home that seem to just keep on ticking.
Most companies over-design and then cheapen it up from there, Taco uses a different business model. After cracking open some of the older failed valves it was no wonder they failed, but that being said the new ones seem much more positive and powerful.
They use extremely low power consumption( without looking it up I think you can run 10 or 12 of these things on one 40 va tranformer) which means standby loss is minimal because most people dont turn off the power to the transformer in summer.
They use an isolated end switch which is needed for boilers like the Prestige that operate on dc current (no 3 wires allowed). Very easy to wire because of the removable molex type connectors used.
One thing to remember when buying Taco zone valves... warranty starts from date code on valve, do not buy any that have been sitting on the shelf!


@ October 1, 2013 9:06 AM in Condensate switch failures (Posting here because you folks use these pumps a lot)

Although I have never used that exact model I have two of their floatless cube units under my mini spits, I have had quite a bit of trouble with both of them, one more than the other. Evidently they try to match pump speed with condensate flow, that produces a lot of noise on a continual basis. Interestingly,I just purched a new Aspen mini white pump that is located externally to the mini split, very similar to the Diversitech style but it uses a standard float and is designed to be easily cleaned. After a delay in this pump arriving it was explained to me that Diversitech just purchesed that division of Aspen. Another problem with the floatless units is they use a computer dc supply that draws current all the time, probably more on standby than a normal float style uses all year.

Also not to bash on Diversitech but I had one of their standard condensate pumps(the red one) with the float fail. The closed cell foam they use for the float actually became water logged under a condensing boiler and shut down the boiler. I was given another pump and so far so good.

Using two Burnham pv4 boilers

@ September 20, 2013 7:28 PM in Using two Burnham pv4 boilers

to replace existing boiler. I would like to abandon the chimney and use power vent boilers. Unfortunately Burnam does not make a 7 section in PV.
What would be a good control to stage these boilers?
Would staging two boilers like this be a good idea?
Would it save the customer money on fuel?
All ideas and opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks


@ September 6, 2013 1:18 PM in Bridging the gap Hydronics to AC

Who ever is selling you Daiken should be setting you up with training. Join the Daiken University for a few hundred bucks and it gives you access to all their courses.

Daiken cost a little more but some of their units have some unique features such as being able to dehumidify without changing room temperature.
The Aussie on youtube ia always ripping them apart, His videos are entertaining and you will learn alot. Here is a link to one of his videos, you can subscribe from there.



@ September 2, 2013 5:54 PM in CSST

is a different story, I have lived in Vera Cruz in a small fully detached home for a year. I also lived in an apartment in Cozumel for a year. I married a Mexican girl who was bilingual and I had taken spanish for 3 years as an adult ( I could speak good enough just to get me in trouble)
Construction in Mexico is almost all cement including the roof. Electrical fires are almost non existent and believe me...its not because they practice good electrical codes.
Very few homes have air conditioning, although ductless is becoming popular. Because the homes have no insulation, a/c is usually kept to one room.  Most homes have no windows. Iron bars take their place, you would think this would be dangerous in a fire, and here it would but there.... not much to burn, a few pieces of wicker furniture and maybe a mattress, many still sleep in a hammock. The gas guy comes down the street every day banging on a tank of propane in the back of the truck. You just go outside and wave him down and he switches out your tank. I believe we were burning butane in Vera Cruz because the temperature was hot enough all year around for vaporization( Technical spanish is a whole other ball game so im not sure) The funny part is every Mexican housewife knows how to mix liquid soap with water and test the joints. Not for safety but because they dont want their propane being lost. Anyway if there was a leak, the houses are so well ventilated it would never build up.

Install Ductless

@ August 31, 2013 9:18 PM in Electric Heat???

heat pumps. She will easily be able to heat the home down to 5 degrees outdoor.
Size the heat pumps for the heating load.
Her heating bill will be 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of resistance heat.

sorry, missed the part where she was renting. she will have to use a window vented heat pump
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