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you didn't read my post

@ August 31, 2009 12:30 PM in Has Anyone Else Run Into This

I never claimed they did heat load calcs. re-read what I wrote. they do not design radiant systems, just panel and tubing layouts. I'm not sure what they do for "boiler recommendations", since they don't do heat loads, and in the many dozens of warmboard projects I've been involved with I've never heard one offer an opinion on boiler sizing, but if they are giving boiler recommendations without heat loads, I suggest you talk to paul at warmboard about it: he's the tech services leader, and he'd definitely want to know about that.

their tubing layouts assume your manifold has balancing capabilities, as almost all of them do these days. with that, even lengths are a waste of time and effort to design for. I never even think about even loop lengths, it's just not important. it's much, much more important to isolate major rooms on their own loops.... and warmboard doesn't always do that either.

I'm not saying I LIKE their tubing layouts. But then, if you design for even loop lengths, I wouldn't like yours either probably. I wouldn't come here and bash you for it though.

step one

@ August 31, 2009 12:22 PM in Tankless for Radiant Layout

is return the tankless heater, and the 011.

Then, get a heat load done to figure out if you are best served with a mod/con boiler, or a tank water heater.

Then, you can have a system that will serve your needs ideally.

time to take a deep breath

@ August 28, 2009 4:01 PM in Has Anyone Else Run Into This

First off, Warmboard doesn't usually recommend boiler sizes. If someone over there did that I would be very surprised.

Second, They don't do heat load calcs and they don't design full systems: and they put this on their drawings, their emails and more. If it got to final drawing and someone didn't know that yet, they weren't reading very closely. I'm not sure what else they could do to make it clear that someone else is supposed to do all that work: they just draw warmboard panel layouts to accepted rules of thumb out there.

It's not how I would do it either, but they don't make any claims to be doing anything else.

Third, they have output charts available. You might find it helpful to use them when you do the design.

Basically, warmboard is a panel sales company, not a radiant design company.

sure thing Dan.

@ August 26, 2009 2:49 PM in What Do You Guy`s Think?

all I can do is voice my opinion.

These are my own takes, admittedly somewhat subjective:

-The current RSS feature is totally unusable, because it's a massive amount of info. Unless it were per forum only, and even better new topics only, I won't use it. Anyone who is busy is unlikely to want to wade through every single post on the site to dig out what they are interested in, in my opinion.

-ten posts a page is just... difficult. that's just personal preference I guess, but it sure seems easier to scan a longer list of posts than having to cycle through pages.

These I think I'm not much more solid ground on, from a usability perspective:

-I want opt-in subscription on posts, so I can follow the discussions I care about. Otherwise, it's impossible to track the conversations I'm actually trying to participate in. Especially with the large amount of "noise" in the RSS feed.

-I do not want to log into my account every time I show up. That's just a PITA and it should not be necessary to fight spam. the internet is full of forums that do not have robot or spam problems and that allow users to use cookies to stay logged in.

It's not a "fear of change" or things just being different. I use all kinds of forum software, have several myself and I'm very comfortable with all of them. This just, in my not unexperienced opinion, has some major problems with usability. It's not easy to track conversations, and it's not easy to post. both are big problems for a forum system. Together, I would call it a killing blow.

two cents for what it's worth. I'll still poke around from time to time I'm sure, but I'm not sure how you'll broadcast changes to the forum since with a ten post view limit it'll get pushed off the front page pretty fast... maybe you have sticky posts? or updates in your newsletter, perhaps, would be good.

I am just trying to help. this has been a great place and I want nothing but increased success for it. Best of luck and I hope whatever balance you end up with works out for you.


@ August 26, 2009 9:29 AM in What Do You Guy`s Think?

RSS for the whole forum is just a deluge of spam, basically.

I love, love, love RSS. but I do not want the RSS for every post.. maybe just new TOPICS, but not every post. Certainly not for every forum here, several of which I'm not interested in at all.

the beauty of email notification, is that you can unsubcribe from a post you don't want to follow anymore, and only get notifications on topics you are interested in.

also, I hate only being able to see ten posts per page. I don't see any options to customize either?

I like progress as much as the next guy, and I didn't really like the old forums, but this threw some baby out with some bathwater I think.

sure it's small

@ August 20, 2009 12:46 PM in old home retrofit emitter design

it's just very weak. if he doesn't have the wall space for adequate fin tube (as he says), he definitely does not have the wall space for those products.


@ August 20, 2009 10:40 AM in Radiant snowmelt under wood deck

your loop lengths would have to be absolutely tiny, since any plate product can only be provided for 1/2" pipe and your typical 125 BTUs/sq ft will drive up your flow rates wildly.

You might, just might, be able to melt some snow here, but you will not be able to do it on contact because the R-value of the deck will prevent you from moving the necessary amount of energy to the snow. This will be, at best, a "melt over time" situation.

well hold on

@ August 20, 2009 10:00 AM in old home retrofit emitter design

radiant panel baseboard is significantly weaker than fin tube. If the problem is that he's trying to jack up the output per foot, that would be exactly the wrong direction to go in.

really he should be looking at more like Runtals, but budget will nix that in a hurry probably... unless it kills the need to add mixing. It should, and it should work better on a single reset curve. Runtal and a TRV or thermostat would be my vote, skip the mixing, sized for whatever you need in the cast iron section.
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