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Kenny Greene

Kenny Greene

Joined on October 1, 2009

Last Post on February 22, 2014

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Hydronic Air Handler

@ February 22, 2014 10:57 PM in Hydronic Air Handler in A Condo Issues

Thank you for the referral Mark. I knew that there were good people in the area but not many.
I will follow up with the results.

Hydronic AHU

@ February 20, 2014 7:55 AM in Hydronic Air Handler in A Condo Issues

I do not need a diagnosis, I need a referral on a person who is qualified to work on this unit. I can repair it but I am in Atlanta.

Hydronic Air Handler in A Condo Issues

@ February 19, 2014 12:10 AM in Hydronic Air Handler in A Condo Issues

I was recently visiting my father in law in Denver Colorado and stayed in my sister in law's condo. While there, she asked if I could help her with some heating issues.
She has had several contractors to the condo and none were able to help her solve the issues.
The issues are:
1) Air handler is extremely noisy due to high air flow. It sounds like the fan is on the highest speed.
2) The unit short cycles.

Can someone recommend a qualified technician who can diagnose hydronic air handlers in an 18 story condo?
Thank you,

Kenny Greene
K E Greene Mechanical/Hydronics

Heat exchanger

@ November 29, 2013 6:02 AM in Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

Technically correct and thank you for the clarification. Since the heat exchanger and tank are only available as one part assembly, I refer to the failure as a heat exchanger failure,


@ November 29, 2013 6:00 AM in Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

Not sure what you mean?


@ November 29, 2013 5:59 AM in Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

You had a good inspector. Thank you for the follow up. Hopefully we have helped others avoid this issue. 


@ November 26, 2013 8:12 AM in Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to clear up any misconceptions with my post.
I have not and will never ask a manufacturer of equipment to replace equipment or parts not covered under warranty.
 I did want to find out if anyone had experienced this type of failure in such a short period of time.
 I was disappointed with my perceived lack of response to my situation from Lochinvar and the fact that a heat exchanger would cost more than a new boiler.

When I referenced poor design, I was not referring to Lochinvar, but to the manufacturer of the packaged Boiler/Chiller Unit. I have several of the Lochinvar Knight boilers installed in the Atlanta area and all are performing well. They are used for heating and providing domestic hot water with an indirect tank. All of the units are on a maintenance program.

I was also disappointed that the Lochinvar unit had a circuit board, blower motor and exhaust temp sensor fail previous to the heat exchanger failure. Could this also have been caused by the refrigerant leaks?

I have condensing boilers of two other manufacturers installed in Atlanta. I called to ask them the cost of a heat exchanger that needed to be replaced because of a non warranty issue. One manufacturer quoted 20% the cost of a new boiler while the second quoted 50% the cost of a new boiler.

I will replace the boiler and relocate it to a clean environment. I will also have to replace the 15 ton chiller that has had multiple failures and many refrigerant leaks due to poor workmanship.

I did talk to Lochinvar again after their post on this thread. They assured me that they had read all of my emails concerning this subject.

Thank you for all of the comments, it is greatly appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday.


Lochinvar Heat Exchanger Failure

@ November 7, 2013 7:30 AM in Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

Thanks for all of the replies and information.
I also have many of the Knight boilers installed in the Atlanta market, and all have performed well without any failures.
The boiler is on natural gas.
It is mounted outside in a cabinet that also houses a chiller system. There is a wall separating the components, but with the amount of refrigerant related failures, I am sure that the boiler was contaminated with R22 gas.
Looks like this was a poor design right from the start.
The entire piece of equipment has been a miserable failure.
I will be writing about the entire experience, in the future.

Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

@ November 6, 2013 6:59 PM in Lochinvar Knight KBN 399 Heat Exchanger Failure

Had the heat exchanger fail on a Lochinvar Knight KBN399. The heat exchanger started leaking on a cold start up after only three years of service.
Called Lochinvar and was informed that the heat exchanger is covered under warranty.
This was great news as this is one of my best customers.
We next called the supply house wher we purchase Lochinvar products and ordered the heat exchanger. They were very prompt in completing the order and assured me that I would see the part soon.
I next received a call from the supply house informing me that I needed to send a P.O. in the amount of 9000.00 to cover the heat exchanger. I asked why and was informed that while Lochinvar would gladly ship a new heat exchanger, they would need to inspect the failed heat exchanger to determine the cause of he failure. If determined that it was not a defect in manufacture, I would have to pay for the new heat excahnger.
What is the cost of a new boiler, I asked? $8500 was the reply.
I called Leslie Hix , head of the Knight Boiler VIP program since it's inception, and to date she has not the time to return my call. Pretty Arrogant.
I called and talked with the head of the southeast region and was asked to send pictures. After their review, they informed me that the failure was most likely due to refrigerant leaks from nearby chiller equipment and a warranty claim would most likely be denied.
I have never experienced or heard of this in the past. Has anyone ever experienced this?
I have attached pictures of the heat exchanger bottom for those interested in reviewing them.
Very disappointed in Lochinvar. Most of the people I talked to just said that Rules are Rules and there was nothing that could be done.
Take a chance on a heat exchanger that costs more than a new boiler? I don't think so/

Fan Hi Speed lockout

@ November 6, 2013 6:41 PM in Knight boiler problems

I had the same problem with a KBN399. Called tech support and they advised me that it could be the board or the blower. No way to diagnose unless you bought their special tool.
I work on boilers and commercial water heaters from all manufacturers and this is the only one that requires a special tool to diagnose a blower circuit.
Not sure what is going on at Lochinvar, but they certainly are not the company that they used to be.
While the tool was not expensive, I could not wait as the boiler is the source for domestic hot water year round.
Installed a new board and blower. Problem solved temporarily. Upon start up, the heat exchanger leaks when cold.
I will address this in another post.
Will never purchase or recommend Lochinvar.

Pump flange tool

@ January 2, 2013 8:56 PM in heavy duty, pump flange tool

Got any left??

No air space required

@ July 11, 2010 6:24 AM in Pex Tubing and Spray Foam Insulation

No air space is required if using aluminum plates. foam has not melted anything in my installations. Foaming an entire house next week that uses Uponor Joist Trak with HEPex tubing.

The failed exhaust

@ November 20, 2009 5:07 AM in Condensing Boilers & PVC Exhaust

The failed exhaust pipes were on A.O Smith Cyclone water heaters. The manufacturer approves pvc for the exhaust, The exhaust 90's that failed actually come with the heater when purchased. The exhaust and intake were checked for restriction.

PVC Vent Failure Hotel

@ November 19, 2009 9:11 AM in Condensing Boilers & PVC Exhaust

Sorry for the late post regarding this subject. I have attached a picture of the 4" exhaust vent 90 that failed after 8 years on a commercial water heater. Two heaters had this problem. The main issue here is the fact that the equipment room is below occupied hotel rooms. If you use pvc for venting, make sure that it is inspected annually.

We have used Tjernlund

@ October 1, 2009 7:27 AM in Combustion Air System

with good success in commercial applications. The company also has good support. The combustion air makeup can be viewed at