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open loop geotherm question

@ August 17, 2014 8:22 PM in open loop geotherm question

we have a customer with an open geotherm system. the water is pumped from the same well that supplies domestic water to the home. the water goes through one six ton heat pump unit, and then gets dumped into a field in the back of the property. this is older home, and this system has been grandfathered in to the new local ordinances. there is a testable backflow preventer where the water enters the heat pump unit. is there any reason that this water that goes to the heat pump unit, go through the water softener first? the customer goes through a ton of softener tablets through the year,and would like to install a bypass line around the softener to the heat pump unit. I am unsure if this would create more problems then it is worth, if the raw ground water fouls the tubes of the heat pump unit. the only suggestion i would have would be to install the bypass line, and keep an eye on the ph level to ensure it stays between 7-9 going to and from the heat pump unit. these systems are very rare around here so any suggestions would be much appreciated. thanks to all

determing to cfm

@ July 11, 2014 7:41 PM in determing to cfm

Does anyone know what is the best way to determine total airflow on a variable speed furnace when a duct traverse is out of the question? i am trying to find out how much air the furnace is moving in the 1st. stage cool, 2nd. stage cool, and cont. fan modes. i can not do a duct traverse due to the furnace being installed in a finished basement, and i can not get to all of the ducts that come off the plenum. since at this point i am more concerned with how the furnace is doing in the cooling months, and the furnace has an ecm, i am not sure the sensible heat formula is going to help. thanks to all.

coil cleaner needed

@ July 1, 2014 10:32 PM in coil cleaner needed

does anyone know of a cleaner, hopefully one that will not damage a rubber roof, that can get calcium build up of an air cooled condenser? we have a 15 ton unit that was installed by others way too close to a cooling tower. the unit ran like that for 5 years until we relocated out of harms way. at this point the damage has been done and there is this white film over everything, over the counter coil cleaners have little to know effect on getting this off. it is so bad that any day above 95 out both compressors will not stay online. any suggestions would be helpful. we are almost to the point of recommending the coil be replaced. thanks to all

Not a heat pump

@ July 1, 2014 7:40 PM in major problems with new carrier system

No this is not a heat pump, as I said in the original post it is straight ac. Yes the condenser fan motor is running in the right direction, and the scroll Astp that you are referring to is only on their three phase models. Our carrier salesperson has agreed to furnish a new condenser and evaporator. They don't have an answer for this either. We are going to change both and be done with it.

The compressor is and was running

@ June 30, 2014 10:10 AM in major problems with new carrier system

The compressor is running and drawing low amps. How else
Could the suction line get hot to touch unless something had come apart in the compressor and leaked hot gas into the low side of the system. If the compressor was offline bother the suction and discharge lines would be the same temp.

major problems with new carrier system

@ June 29, 2014 8:48 PM in major problems with new carrier system

our company installed the last part of march a new two ton carrier base model air conditioner with matched indoor cased evaporator coil. the unit ran fine for  a couple of months with no issues. at about the middle of june the unit would not cool. someone went out and replaced the txv because the unit would rung with good pressures, but after about 30 minutes of run time the unit would pump down, almost like there was a restriction, and there was no pressure drop across the liquid line drier. after a couple of days with the new txv the unit again would not cool, another tech went out there and found that the compressor was running with equalized pressures. the compressor was condemned, and replaced.after a couple of days, same symptoms the system was running fine for a bout thirty minutes with good pressures (135- 315 16 sh 20 sc) and had a 20 degree drop across the evaporator coil. this is a 410 a system. after a while of running the pressures dropped to a suction pressure of 80 and the subcooling went up to 40 degrees. it was almost like the txv had failed again, or there was a major restriction in the indoor coil. there is no temperature drop in the liquid or suction lines, and the lines are brand new and have been blown through with nitrogen several times. today someone was going out there to replace the evaporator coil entirely, and when he went to pump the unit down, the compressor pressures were equalized, the compressor was not pumping. the suction line was warm, and the discharge line was outdoor air temperature, not even warm to the touch. this would be the second compressor that has failed in this system. this is a very basic residential setup with only about 20' line set (3/4 and 3/8) with only about four foot of vertical change. the condenser is below the evaporator. we are at our ropes end with this system and it makes no sense what this system is doing. any ideas of what to do next would be much appreciated. short of asking our carrier salesperson for a new coil and condenser, we have hit a road block with everything that has been tried thus far. the unit info is as follows:
condenser carrier model 24abb324w330
evaporator carrier model cnpvp2417ala
compressor copeland model zp20kae-pfv-830

thanks to all

internal coil cleaner

@ June 12, 2014 9:28 PM in internal coil cleaner

does anyone know of an internal coil cleaner for a dx (r22) system. we replaced a large semi hermetic compressor installed suction, and liquid line driers with removable cores. evacuated the system overnight and am planning to restart the system sometime friday. my concern is that the defective compressor was a bad motor burn, the oil in the defective compressor was coal black color, and black can still be saw through drier core on the inside of the liquid line when the core was opened . we flushed the evaporator and condenser with rx11 before the new compressor was set in place, this is a self contained (no line set to flush). i thought at one time someone made an internal coil cleaner. but i may be mistaken. thanks and good luck to all

lennox pulse furnace test kit

@ June 8, 2014 12:59 PM in lennox pulse furnace test kit

i have for sale a test kit used to test the heat exchanger of a lennox pulse furnace. I paid $285.00 for it, and used it twice. I am asking $150.00 for it and will ship in the us.

ac problem at basketball game

@ June 5, 2014 11:48 PM in ac problem at basketball game

anyone in Texas that can find out what went wrong with the air conditioning at the heat/spurs game ,i sure would like to know. in a way i think it is great, now anyone who did not know before knows know how important air conditioning and the people who are capable of working on it are. good luck and be safe to all.

beckett aqua smart

@ April 28, 2014 8:07 PM in beckett aqua smart

I had a few  questions regarding the beckett aqua smart control. first how long do they normally take to install on an existing oil fired boiler of appx. 20 years of age? do they  really provide a savings in fuel usage? I know that this control is now used by beckett to replace the heat manager that they, beckett, have stop making. we have a customer that has high fuel usage and I was looking at installing one of these on their boiler. thanks to all 

Nema 1

@ April 9, 2014 10:01 AM in Controls cabinet

Nema 1, indoor something in the 3'x 3' size

Controls cabinet

@ April 8, 2014 10:48 PM in Controls cabinet

Does anyone know of a good affordable control cabinet? I know kele makes a line that has a hinged door, and was wondering if there is any other manufacturer that may make something a little less costly. Thanks to all


@ April 5, 2014 10:05 PM in oil to gas conversion kit

Thanks for the response, i will look into that. If at all possible i am going to try and sway the customer into replacing the boier with a gas fired mod/con boiler.thanks

oil to gas conversion kit

@ April 4, 2014 7:21 PM in oil to gas conversion kit

does anyone know if an oil to gas conversion kit is made, and if so by who, to convert a residential oil fired boiler to gas? I know this is fairly common with larger commercial turn down, duel fuel burners, but was unsure if there was such a product for smaller single stage units. we have a job where e customer has a 15 year oil  fired boiler, but has natural gas in the house and wants to convert the boiler to gas. seeing how the boiler is not that awfully old if this was something that s made it would be a lot less costly to install it rather then replace the whole boiler. thanks to all 

Kill a watt meter?

@ March 5, 2014 8:39 PM in computer room heat gain question

What is that, and what is the differance and using a regular volt amp meter to determine the watts consumed by this equipment, and it's heat output?

computer room heat gain question

@ March 5, 2014 7:23 AM in computer room heat gain question

does anyone have a rule of thumb as to how much heat gain there is from a standard desktop computer, like you would have in your house? i have a job where the customer has moved their call center to an interior room within in their space. in this office there are four occupants, and six desk top computers. the size of the room is 280 ft2, 3920 ft3, the space has no exposed walls, and is served by a rooftop unit that serves other areas that require heat, and cool, where this room will only need ac year around. the six desktops are all the same model where on the back it shows 5 amps @ 120 volts. that would add up to 600 watts, and 2,046 btu's each. is this the best assumption to make as to how much heat these computers put out, or does anyone know a better way to go about this. thanks to all.


@ January 26, 2014 9:33 PM in replacing condensing gas heat exchanger

the only reason I replaced the heat exchanger was because it was under a lifetime  warranty, and it was for a family member that is trying to sell their house. I am aware that the labor credit  tops out at twenty years, and this furnace is well beyond that. replacing the secondary heat exchanger was a piece of cake, and I found out that it can be slide out without messing with the primary, however I would suggest to anyone that has to do this, if there is any doubt about the primary cells to go ahead and replace them, which I did because they are also under a lifetime warranty. thanks again

replacing condensing gas heat exchanger

@ January 22, 2014 8:54 PM in replacing condensing gas heat exchanger

does anyone know if the secondary heat exchanger on a carrier model #58sxc furnace can be replaced without removing the primary heat exchanger? I have a family member that has one that  is leaking, and I have ordered the replacement heat exchanger, which unfortunately came with a lifetime warranty, and am planning on replacing both even though through testing it only appears that the secondary is cracked. I have never replaced one of this model before, and am just going by an exploded view of the unit. i tried to convince them to replace the furnace, they would get a better warranty, and all new parts, but they chose to replace the faulty part. any input would be appreciated. thanks to all. 

Holes face in

@ January 7, 2014 11:12 AM in prolem with lennox pulse furnace

The kidney shaped holes face in towards the heat exchanger, that the way they are facing. Thanks


@ January 7, 2014 7:53 AM in prolem with lennox pulse furnace

thanks to all, i have the pulse furnace heat exchanger test kit and have used it several times.this furnace's heat exchanger seems to be ok, but i feel at this point replacement is the only option. i was able to get it to fire when i went back to measure up for a new furnace. this furnace's has become less reliable that replacement is the best option. the only saving grace is that this house has four systems, and when one is not working sometimes it is not even noticable.

Furnace still not firing

@ January 4, 2014 11:00 PM in prolem with lennox pulse furnace

I installed the tune up kit today, and the pulse furnace will not fire at all. With the old parts it would fire about once every three times, now it does not fire at all. You here the sparking and see manifold pressure, however it does not fire. I do not know what do at this point, as everything I have done to this point has resulted in a dead end. I can't think of anything else to chek or replace.


@ January 2, 2014 10:58 PM in prolem with lennox pulse furnace

Thanks for the response, I ordered the tune up kit today and am going to install it as soon as the kit arrives.
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