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Embassy Axia 29E is nothing but trouble!!!!

@ January 8, 2011 8:47 AM in Combi Boiler Recommendation

I've had the axia 29e now for two years - worst mistake I've ever made. Propane bills are HUGE-out of sight!!! 500+ gallons/month and it won't raise temp over 62 degrees when outdoor temp goes below 20. Cuts off constantly for no reason - have to have one person man the unit to reset the boiler when it goes off while someone is showering. Often wake up to cold house with boiler cycling endlessly as it tries to reignite. Terrible customer service from Mestek. My contractor has tried to get help after his mechanical sub simply refused to deal with the problems and Mestek won't respond. And I'm not one of the people on the blog you will find elsewhere online about similar problems and reaction from the company. Lawsuits have been filed by others here in NM. I WOULD NEVER BUY THIS UNIT AGAIN! For the same money you can get a much better mod/con boiler.