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Gastite manual

@ July 3, 2014 8:47 PM in Bouncing Gas Pressure

Pages 39-43 .  I believe they have a program online to size in this manner Swei .  When this stuff first came out long ago I began to wonder how it was that you could run smaller diameter pipe when that type of pipe had a higher pressure drop per foot .  The answer was right in the International Fuel gas code .  3 acceptable methods for sizing , #3 other approved engineering methods .  This is CSA approved and is shown plainly in the manual .  The charts will plain and simple rob the money right out of your bank account with the price of metal now . Charge same price and offer some piece of mind .  This method pretty much relies on 402.5 Allowable pressure drop . Written right in the code for those whose money and perhaps meeting the intent and spirit of the code mean something . You should check it out , it is really economical and will leave you with more of your profit .


@ July 3, 2014 7:03 AM in Bouncing Gas Pressure

We have been sizing using series summation (allowable pressure drop) for years now without a hitch .  We have also been called in several times where people installed tankless 199,000 water heaters and found that the meter was sized tight when there was a typical storage water heater (40,000) but when the tankless was installed the pressure drop through the meter would increase from 1/2" to 2" leaving the equipment woefully short of required minimum inlet pressure . 
The series summation method is segmented , main to tee , tee to appliance and makes for easy math while sizing and determining what size pipe is needed and it's maximum length .  Over the years we have saved loads of material and labor money and been able to locate and point to any possible problem or condition easily .  It works on all pipe where pressure drop is known for a given load for that pipe , a good example of the method is shown in Gastite manual , there are iron pipe pressure drop tables in rear of manual . Just size the system as they would have you do it using their product , ignore the wording CSST and substitute with iron pipe .  Using this method is accurate , labor saving , economical and will minimize the hazards associated with the distribution and storage of --------- within the structure , in other words , the INTENT of the CODE .  It is an approved engineering method and will save you time and money .  Just remember to ream, every piece of pipe , you probably already do that but many don't .  Tim or Ray may be able to verify the validity of this method , I am sure .

New board

@ July 2, 2014 11:19 PM in Munchkin 199MLP R1 not heating

Those Munchkins with the 925s are serial number specific . Not sure but don't believe what you are thinking is worth the effort . You can probably have a board and be enjoying hot water before all the research

Can you

@ July 2, 2014 8:33 PM in Need to replace big old galvanized pipe with pex

scan both of these drawings and then attach the pictures in PDF . They are small and cannot be viewed well when I increase the size

Gas pressure

@ July 2, 2014 7:42 AM in Bouncing Gas Pressure

and sizing are amazing in that they can go awry if close attention is not paid .  Please inform of what boilers these are and what method was used to size the piping for this system.  Where are you located  How far are these units from the meter and what is there position in the order ?  Forget about where you are I did not look at whom was posting


@ July 1, 2014 4:48 PM in Converting Oil to Gas

calling Emerson Swan and ask for a reputable contractor , someone that Bruce Marshall would recommend . You'll be safe then .  You could also try the Taco website , they have a Taco connect feature , the guys you will find there are of the same caliber as the folks you hear from here . 

Too high ?

@ July 1, 2014 7:07 AM in New gas boiler sizing

How do you know this if you've only gotten one price ?  This very well may be the guy who has the knowledge to do the job right .  Did you specify what your requirements are , could you tell us your requirements ?  I think anyone on here would be hard pressed to imagine that this house needed 57 BTU per foot .  Do you have a specific idea in mind about efficiencies and budget for this replacement ?  My opinion for what it's worth is that the overall operating efficiency should be of utmost concern due to the fuel being used and a proper installation will go a long way toward this end .  Be careful though because there are plenty of guys who will tell you they are the best and they may even have references but if your buying strictly on price those references may not be worth much if those people got a heating system installed based on an unrealistic budget .  Yeah he was cheap and we are warm is not a glowing recommendation , a woodstove can keep you warm . Let us know what you are looking for , quality or low cost job . More often than not you cannot have both and if you can you are very lucky indeed .   Check the find a contractor bar here on the site , there may very well be someone in your area , I can think of 2 within a reasonable distance from you .
   Sounds to me that your heat loss is very high , you have more than enough radiation installed , and could benefit from outdoor reset , only a proper heat loss can verify these things . Peerless (US boiler) is right in Bally also , maybe sourcing a local product can offer some savings . As far as sizing this boiler you should certainly be well below 100,000 unless it's a tree fort .

Square feet

@ June 30, 2014 11:26 PM in New gas boiler sizing

Is the boiler serving both residences ?  Is the square feet stated the entire load this boiler is expected to serve ?  Where are you located because the load calc sounds high ,  57 BTU per foot is certainly high .  If every foot of baseboard installed performed to spec you'd still only be around 70,760 , By the way measuring baseboard and sizing the boiler to that is not a proper heat loss .  Please give us a bit more , location is a start too so we can have an idea of possible winter conditions .  The way you describe the house sounds like Pa to me .  Let us know


@ June 30, 2014 11:16 PM in caleffi dirt seperator

I usually get my stuff pretty quickly .  Certainly not 2 weeks out . Try another supplier , sounds like someone forgot about your non stock item and your order may be sitting on a desk , it happens . General supply and Ferguson usually expedite this pretty well .

One mystery down

@ June 29, 2014 1:33 PM in Poor radiant floor hydronic installation

The expansion tank is not on potable and heat .  George , I see a RPZ BFP next to the left side of boiler w/ airgap. Kinda hard to identify anything .
Gotta wonder if this is even barrier tubing .  Really curious as to what is stated on those 2 - 3 papers to the left on the wall .


@ June 29, 2014 11:06 AM in Munchkin 199MLP R1 not heating

portion of their site may get you a lead on local knowledgeable contractor , site has been evolving regularly but you should be able to locate the blog . Jason A is very responsive as long as I have been involved using their products (quite awhile) . Give that a try  

Rest Easy Dan

@ June 29, 2014 11:01 AM in Typical venting for high-efficiency wall-hung boilers?

in several years when PVC venting becomes more of an issue and the problems associated are more well known you will be glad you did this .  Many of us have seen the bad stuff that happens on older installs , this pipe is used by professionals who give a damn . Sufficed to say there are many whom money means more to than the safety and well being of the end user .


@ June 29, 2014 10:56 AM in Poor radiant floor hydronic installation

Could you display a picture of the paper taped to the wall to the left of this thing ?


@ June 29, 2014 10:51 AM in Poor radiant floor hydronic installation

good question about this quality install .  Have you ever seen anything this bad Gordy?  Can't really say that I ever have , well maybe a couple this bad .  I do believe I see a PRV on the heating side


@ June 29, 2014 10:26 AM in Munchkin 199MLP R1 not heating

East Freetown Mass .  Contact them to find a local authorized contractor .  The control module and display if needed are what I would consider inexpensive if in fact none of the earlier mentioned items are the culprit . 

Writing on the wall

@ June 29, 2014 10:09 AM in Poor radiant floor hydronic installation

I did miss that George .  It does appear that they are on the supply side but the S & R pipes are bass ackwards , Supply should come first in the order . The closest circuit to the boiler will receive boiler temp water only until the return fluid re enters the primary loop and the second circuit will only receive water at a temp of the mixed fluid . Would not even surprise me to find out that the second circuit required higher water temp than the first but that would impart the idea that this guy had an idea and made a mistake . That in my opinion is a stretch .  You know these Naviens better than I so which port on the boiler is Supply , right or left ?  If it is the left what I just said would be incorrect but then the circs are pumping toward the expansion tank and air eliminator and unfortunately directly into the potable water which appears to be connected to the tank . How the hell does something like this happen ?


@ June 29, 2014 8:53 AM in Munchkin 199MLP R1 not heating

Mike , where are you located ? Could you post the serial number of the boiler ? 


@ June 29, 2014 8:45 AM in Need to replace big old galvanized pipe with pex

include how many feet for each piece and what circ you have .  Make and model of boiler also


@ June 29, 2014 8:26 AM in Poor radiant floor hydronic installation

How anyone can use the right stuff and just be clueless on how to install is remarkable .  Do you gentlemen think those pumps are supply or return side ?
This is certainly not acceptable Sam .  Could you please tell us eho the builder is and where you are located ? This is something I have been actively lobbying against in New Jersey . Seems that builders like to stick the GREEN tag on anything and continue to screw unsuspecting home buyers . 
Were you able to see this prior to closing ? This is certainly a legitimate reason to demand that this be done properly .  


@ June 29, 2014 8:17 AM in Heat loss on DC rowhouse?

will be speculation at best unless you have a blower door performed where they take the space to -50 pascales to determine how much air can be pulled through the envelope .  Heat loss programs get close after entering all the information but depend a lot on whether all the components were installed really well , not too often , that's why they have the fudge factors built in .  Many utility companies offer this service as part of an energy efficiency program  , you could check that out but be very wary of the fine print . 
Will you be putting in new flooring ?  If so I would recommend an above floor product , they are more responsive and will lower your SWTs .  As far as on top of sub floor products I recommend Sun Board panels , they really perform well and at 8" on center are probably the best value and heat more evenly than other similar products due to the graphite coating . I use everything Uponor for the most part but have to say when I need a pre manufactured panel I do not use quik trak because the head losses usually do not allow me to use ECM circulacirculators that I prefer in my designs .  If you are certainly going under the sub floor the Uponor Joist Trak is comparable to others and will do what you need it to . 
   The recommendation to contact Dan at FMI is one of the most intelligent pieces of advice I have heard on this site lately .


@ June 28, 2014 1:42 PM in Need to replace big old galvanized pipe with pex

works utilizing a 2" & 3" OD header delivering the medium to the emitters . Will it continue to do so with less volume , will it have velocity noise and can we deliver the GPM through the smaller ID piping ?  It is a good possibility it won't perform the same .

Precise engineering

@ June 28, 2014 1:24 PM in Need to replace big old galvanized pipe with pex

 We have seen many instances where someone was off a little bit on a number of things and had systems where nothing worked . Precise is exactly what is needed , without precise you don't know that you'll do no harm . 
  We know nothing of this guys system except for some very vague information .
 This house could have a requirement 39K if it is leaky and in one climate zone , in another climate zone it might require 54K . The radiation that is 1/2 baseboard could be greatly oversized and placed in the header in a location that would not allow other emitters the required thermal energy to perform . We don't even know how many BTU the home is , where it is , what size is the boiler , lengths of supply and return devices , is the 3/4 even 3/4 anymore , how many feet of 1/2 baseboard there is on each circuit . To offer any advice before possessing this information could certainly do harm .  That is what is mostly done here , properly assisting people , not doing no harm . 
  What an accomplishment it would be to leave people in no worse a position than they were in when they came here as opposed to actually sending them away with a precise resolution to their problem .  I'm sure that's what our host had in mind when he started this .
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