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New additions to options

@ September 20, 2011 11:12 AM in Oil boiler to gas boiler conversion

I've recently had a few more contractors in and have a few more options to get opinions on.
1) Navien Combi CH210.  For both HWBB and DWS.  House is 2200 Sq. Ft. 4 BR, 2 1/2 bath with both dish and clothes washing machines.  Currently only two adults living in house.  Located in Central New Jersey.  Will this system be able to supply enough hot water for a full family, assuming we sell eventually sell to a larger family?  Any opinions good or bad?
2) Triangle Tube PE-110.  Same questions as above.
I appreciate all the feedback this topic has been getting.

Oil boiler to gas boiler conversion

@ September 7, 2011 10:59 AM in Oil boiler to gas boiler conversion

Due to a flooded basement, thank you Irene, I am in the process of converting a 15 yr. old waterlogged oil fired boiler to a new gas fired boiler.  I live in Central New Jersey.  My oil burner heated both HWBB and domestic supply.  I want to separate the two.  I've gotten a quote from one contractor for two options for boiler and two options for water supply.  I'd greatly appreciate any feedback I can get as I am not well versed on the pros and cons of these systems.  In process of getting other quotes but these guys helped me out w/DHW issue that no other contractor I spoke to could offer a better solution than "call a plumber" so it's their job to lose.
First to the boiler:
Option 1: WM CGI-4E 85% AFUE  Seems like a significant upgrade from my Oil burner, which was probably running at about 65%.
Opton 2: WM Ultra 96% AFUE (I believe it would be the UG-105 or UG-155).  I've read some mediocre to bad reviews for this system but I'd like some knowledgable people to offer feedback.
Now to DHW:
Option 1: Indirect fired hot water tank (probably 40 Gallon) no particular brand given.
Option 2: Navien Tankless hot water heater (not sure of model).
I've spent about $3000/yr on oil since we bought the house in '06.  W/O getting into pricing specifics there is a large price gap between CGI4E/Indirect combo and Ultra/Navien combo.  I can figure out a rough ROI from each option but would like feedback,both good and bad, on each individual component.  If negative, please give an alternative if possible.
Sorry for the lengthy post and Thank you for any feedback.