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Throttled back varivalve

@ March 21, 2012 2:09 PM in Adjustable valves for large hot radiators

How much air do I get if I throttle back the varivalve all the way to Closed? If it's more than the Hoffman 1A or the Maid-O-Mist #4 I may change them. I have the varivalve closed 80% now and it seems pretty hot. I've been afraid to close it more. If it won't cause problems I could close it 95% or even 100%, but I've been cautious. I definitely like the local adjustment because it's been hard to balance heat to upstairs tenants and I don't want to change settings for the whole building anymore.

Adjustable valves for large hot radiators

@ March 21, 2012 10:46 AM in Adjustable valves for large hot radiators

I live in a 5 story brownstone with 7 apartments. The building has one pipe steam with a heat timer system controlling the boiler. I have several rooms with large radiators that are extremely hot. A few rooms have no radiator (I removed them) and some have only of of 3 radiators on. I installed a heat timer vari-valve in two rooms and have them closed almost all the way, but those rooms are still too hot (with the rest of the house perfect). Is there another adjustable valve available that is lower capacity or more finely calibrated at the low end? I am getting betting performance from these vari-valves than I got from Hoffman 40s, and they are adjustable so on a freezing cold day I can quickly crank them up. I want to get better control at the radiator so my wife won't constantly open and close windows.

reply to LarryC

@ February 17, 2012 10:34 AM in Insulating basement pipes

Thank you LarryC. We have already upgraded venting on all the mains in the basement and at the top of the vertical risers. Pressure settings are as you described. I am considering replacing the Pressuretrol with a Vaporstat, but as we use a Heat timer I don't think it makes a difference. We do not have any water hammer in the building. I'll check the water bouncing in the glass as you suggested. I did read a couple of Dan Holohan's books including "We Got Steam Heat." The books are great!

Insulating basement pipes

@ February 17, 2012 9:35 AM in Insulating basement pipes

I have a 4 story apartment building with one pipe steam, and a new gas furnace. Currently I have too much heat in about 53 of the 56 rooms in the building. I recently replaced the boiler, upgraded gas service and gas piping and have had my boiler controls and heat timer adjusted several times. Also all air valves have been checked and upgraded. I am considering insulating pipes in the basement. How much (% savings in fuel) should I expect? Separate from the fuel savings I am hoping that insulated pipes will help get the heat to the end of the line faster so I can heat the last radiators without overheating the other apartments. Any thoughts?