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Comogas Axia units are headaches

@ May 30, 2012 12:48 AM in Combi Boiler Recommendation

We bought a house (nearly $1million) in Santa Fe and it has a Cosmogas Axia unit that heats the floor (radiated floor heating) and supplies hot water for the kitchen/baths.  This thing is literally a piece of crap. The manual sucks (and I am an engineer saying that!)  and you are left hanging with vague "troubleshooting"
 instructions.  Plumbers tell you flat out to get rid of it, that it is totally inefficient and problematic. Our propane bills were outrageous ($700 per mo) in the winter (and it was a "warm" winter). The thing just quit with a red "low pressure" light and the manual is completely vague about what to do. The unit cycles on and off (when set to 140 degrees) every few minutes, working itself to death.  I would strongly recommend that you avoid any home with this system in it. Does anyone know of the lawsuits I have heard about against them?