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@ November 26, 2012 10:39 PM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

and found similar post with removing plugs. Seems like heating then cooling the plug will be one of my options. Not sure if I want to mess around with the mains during the cold weather (at least the heat works somewhat). I was hoping the plug came out with some force but now I might just have to deal with the cold radiators upstairs for the winter 

Pipe Plug

@ November 26, 2012 9:17 PM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Hey Kevin yes thanks for reminding me will get that out ASAP, i was meaning to do that but got too caught up trying to make my boiler work like it is supposed to. I tried to get that plug on top of the main (See Picture Above) off so I can install the street elbow and proceed with the diagram Rod provided for my vent. Any advice on how to get that sucker out. Tried for a while even went as far as getting a pipe for leverage and spraying an oil based spray that helps with rusty bolts. The thing will not budge. It almost stripped trying to remove it.

Appreciate the help

@ November 25, 2012 3:17 PM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Ok guys appreciate the help. I will wait until tomorrow to get the Gorton #1 at the local supply store since it is closed on Sundays and hopefully try to tackle the problem after work if possible. I will keep you posted as to what happens. The main that is not vented is the one that is not reaching upstairs properly which explains a lot.. Question: the upstairs radiator used to get hot before but there was a lot of hissing in that specific (last radiator of that main) radiator. Was the hissing the venting of the main through the upstairs room?

Also the first thing I did when trying to resolve this problem was put all of my radiator vents in a pot with vinegar for a while, rinse them in cold water, later I blew air in each of them and made sure they worked, which they did except for one. I did go to home depot and replace the "bad" one. 

Side Note: Previously I had an HVAC company come to my home. They quoted me $5000.00 to replace the boiler without new returns and without getting rid of my old boiler.  I decided to do some research, bought a boiler, and decided to try and start the install. My buddy who does maintenance in a building tried to tackle the installation with me. We added the 21/2 pipe recommended by the manufactures to the specific length, added the 2 T's you see in the picture and the 21/2 inch pipe going down to the water level. It took us a very long time to do and it was getting cold so I decided to call some independent HVAC guys. After telling them what I needed two of the HVAC guys brought a plumber with them which kind of made me think they didn't know much. Went to Home Depot were I ordered the boiler from and got a recommendation from the salesman for a  master plumber. So since I had to work and winter was creeping among us, he was here doing the installation that you see. He explained to me that I gave him more work since I added the 2 1/2 inch pipes (manufactures recommendation) and that he would have reduced them to 2 inch from the beginning and went from there. Well $2,000 (boiler installation and returns) and 21/2 days later my system was complete. No mention of venting or anything else. Sort of a blessing in disguise that I started the project or he would have reduced my system without following proper procedure. I should have came to this site a long time ago *sigh* I was going to call the plumber to ask him about this but after telling me about the reduction and no mention of venting, I am hesitant of getting any advice from him.

More information

@ November 25, 2012 11:48 AM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Thank you guys for your replies:
Pressure is set at 2 psi. I turned the heat up to make it run. As it is running, it is barely reaching one psi. The mains are slightly sloped away from the boiler but not by much. Level is almost even but its hard to get an accurate level with the asbestos (I don't want to disturb it) on the pipes. As far as the air vent goes, I only saw one and I believe there are supposed to be at least 2. The pipe to the left has one but the one to the right does not and seems like it was never installed. What is your recommendation, greatly appreciate all of your opinions.

Boiler sizing chart

@ November 25, 2012 3:13 AM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Ok before I go to bed , I took your recommendation and took the measurements needed. Total Square Feet of Radiation: 292.2 x Conversion Factor 240= Total BTUH Load 70,128

Initial Recommendation

@ November 25, 2012 12:57 AM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Sorry the initial recommendation boiler from the company that did the calculation was a Crown Bermuda BSI 103 which from what I can tell, specifications are less than that of the boiler that I have, the shocking thing from your post is that I do not see main vents anywhere on the pipes in the basement. Where would these be located?


@ November 25, 2012 12:26 AM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

If you need more pictures or more information please let me know thanks.

Old Boiler Pictures

@ November 24, 2012 4:21 PM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

This is my old boiler set up here

Size of boiler

@ November 24, 2012 4:04 PM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

The new boiler was sized based on a heat loss calculation using a slant fin calculator software type. The software based on my measurements and following the instructions said I needed a 87,000 BTU boiler. I also had a UGI contractor come in before then and counted all of my radiators and based his calculation on that. He recommended a Burnham 103,000 BTU. I chose a bigger with a slightly bigger BTU output just in case I needed to heat another room (if I ever needed it).

Pictures of New Installation

@ November 24, 2012 3:57 PM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Here are some photos of the new installed boiler

My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

@ November 24, 2012 4:51 AM in My second floor is not heating up after installation :(

Hello, I am here in need of some help. Well here is my ordeal. I bought a Slantfin GXHA-120DPZ gas boiler. This was to replace a 6 foot Burnham Boiler that ran on Oil and I was hoping to save some money by switching to gas. Anyway hired someone to do the job and they replaced the returns and installed the new boiler. The boiler is running fine and heating up the first floor of our home. We are having issues heating up the second floor. There is one radiator in particular that does not get hot like it used to. It is basically cold  (unless I run for a longer period of time) and the others radiators upstairs do not get as hot as before.  I made sure the radiators were slightly sloped which they were and cleaned the valve. Air seems to be going through it fine and I can feel air blowing through it when the furnace is on. But does not get hot. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Any idea of what it could be? Could it be that I need to raise the temperature since this is a smaller boiler compared to the 6 foot beast that was there previously?  Thermostat is located in the living room which is on the first floor