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Noise Sears Install

@ December 3, 2012 10:05 PM in Referral for Steam Inspector

Thanks for your reply. I have a 1 pipe system and I think that the 1 main vent that I located is plugged. I'll submit some pictures. Thanks for your help.

Water Level

@ December 3, 2012 10:02 PM in Referral for Steam Inspector

Thanks for your reply. The water level does bounce around a lot during the heat cycle and does get very low. Once the system is off, the water level goes back to the normal level in the glass. What do you think?

Referral for Steam Inspector

@ December 3, 2012 11:22 AM in Referral for Steam Inspector

Glad that I found this site.  It's been extremely helpful and I have learned a lot about my steam system from this and Dan's books.
I replaced an original 1947 steam boiler a couple of years back with a new Dunkirk that was installed by Sears. It's currently serviced by my oil delivery company.
My problem has been excessive clanging of the radiators during cycles and what appears to be excessive water flowing into the radiators.  As per Dan's advice, I lowered the pressure to the minimum (it was set at the maximum) and wrapped the main heatiing pipes. While I am happy to be saving oil due to the reduced pressure, I still have the clanging and water in the system.  I believe that my radiators are properly pitched.
I think it's time to find a steam expert who can evaluate my system for me and make recommendations.  I don't think my oil company has that type of expert, and would like to find a recommendation for a steam expert on Long Island.  I live in western Suffolk County.
Thanks for your help.