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All done...THANKS!

@ December 20, 2012 3:57 PM in How to wire duct fan to Carrier 58MVC100-20 furnace?

Just finished wiring it up and my little Suncourt purrs like a kitten every time the blower comes on.  The duct fan only draws .35 amps, well under the 1 amp max., so that turned out to be a non-issue. 

So I wired it exactly like you to EAC-1, white to EAC-2, and ground to the chassis.  My furnace even had a knock-out plug on the metal box that houses the circuit board, so I ran my 14-2 house wire through that and secured it with a cable connector for a nice, neat installation.  Added female terminals to the two wires and plugged 'em in...grounded the ground wire to a handy screw on the chassis...Done!

Many, many thanks to both of you for your help.         

Almost there...

@ December 19, 2012 8:17 PM in How to wire duct fan to Carrier 58MVC100-20 furnace?

Thanks HDE.  I looked at the circuit board and see an empty male terminal marked "EAC-1" that is next to 2 other black wires connected to the board.  So I assume that is where my black wire should go.
And there is an empty male terminal marked "EAC-2" in the Neutral2 block (outlined with a white line) on the board, next to 5 other white wires plugged into the Neutral2 block.  So I guess this is where my white wire goes.
And I assume I can ground my ground wire to any nearby screw on the furnace chassis.
Is this all correct?  Just want to make sure I don't fry something!
Thanks again...

How to wire duct fan to Carrier 58MVC100-20 furnace?

@ December 19, 2012 2:08 PM in How to wire duct fan to Carrier 58MVC100-20 furnace?

Hello.  I hope someone can help me.
I want to wire a Suncourt 6" in-line duct fan into my duct to help boost airflow to an upstairs bedroom.  I want to hardwire it to the blower motor so it only comes on when the blower is on.  I have a Carrier Infinity 58MVC100-20 furnace.  It has a "variable speed" blower.  
I simply want to splice into the correct two wires at the blower motor harness(es) to connect the standard house wire that I ran from the Suncourt fan to the blower.  So very simply I need to connect the black wire to something and the white wire to something, and of course ground it.    
There are 2 wiring harnesses that plug into the blower motor.  One is a 4 pin, and the other is a 5 pin.  They are described below:
The 4 pin harness is marked +V (red wire), Tx (yellow wire), Rx (blue wire) and C (green wire).
The 5 pin harness is marked L (black wire), N (white wire), Ground (green and yellow wire), and the last two pins are jumped with a short piece of yellow wire.
Again, I want the in-line duct fan to ONLY COME ON WHEN THE BLOWER IS RUNNING, both for heating and cooling. 
Can someone tell me which two wires I need to splice into?
Thank you!