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@ January 27, 2014 4:58 PM in does this system look right?

 couldn't get the print today but I will.
  mark, they don't  have valves on the primary tee's so there won't be flow in cooling mode ( I know I left them out of the drawing, but u can c them in the pics). I to was questioning the 2 pipe system for heating and cooling, I am sure they will need to cool and heat at the same time and won't be able to.
 what kind of problems do u think they will have. I think that it won't be very efficient on the electrical side (pumps fighting), but what about hydroniclly?


@ January 26, 2014 8:06 PM in does this system look right?

there is no indirect. just to boilers and a chiller. domestic hot water is being done by my company and we r using high ef. storage tanks.

threaded whoa

@ January 26, 2014 7:11 PM in does this system look right?

 u don't see 6"+ threaded to often anymore, around here anyway. some prefab welded stuff would have been nice with just a few joints left to weld in the field or vic would have been cool. all the scd 40 vic is time consuming.

these are my issues

@ January 26, 2014 7:06 PM in does this system look right?

 oh yea, how have u guy been!? I know it been a while!  :}
 I know the pics are hard to follow, but the diagram I drew is exactly how the primary/sec piping is set up. so with the closely spaced tees not closely spaced, and an elbow in-between, and the differential by-pass in-between, was the elephant in the room. I don't think the hydraulic separator is a tru separator, its just an air separator with a strainer. the whole job was vic, and I'm ok with the boiler room being vic its just a lot of feild work. at the end of the secondary loop it is not "looped" together but there is are differential pressure sensors for the by-pass in the boiler room. there r no 3 duty cuz of the VFD's, just suction diffusers and checks. I do like the way the pumps r hung above the boiler and the stanch the built for the chiller pumps. the circuit setters on the primary I don't get, shouldn't the pumps be sized accordingly (thinking the only reason they r there cuz the pumps could be to big).I will try to get a pic of the print to see what's what.
  also the engineer has circuit setters on my domestic hot water mixing valve too. I have never seen that before! there r a few water heaters that don't have a recerc line or anything fancy: just a hot water heater and a thermostatic mixing valve (symmons 400&500) and the print shows a circuit setter on the cold water inlet of the mixing valve. It's been a while since I read the literature on these bigger mixing valves so I opened it up (3 pages wow) and there ain't nothing in there, or water heater's literature about that; like I said never seen that before.

does this system look right?

@ January 26, 2014 10:59 AM in does this system look right?

  I am doing the plumbing on this job, it's a 3 story 200+ private rooms for senior living (very elegant). another company is doing the heating and cooling system, and I have some problems with the way boiler room has been piped. I haven't said anything to anyone, but it's just not how I would have done it. here are some pics and a diagram. I left some thing out of the diagram like, sensors, valves, isolators, but the fundamentals are there. take a look then I will give my 2 cents on it.

the pex joints

@ March 13, 2013 10:00 AM in pex on condensate loop

is not whit's at u have to worry about, it's the pex. as long as u make sure use a heatpex (it's pex with an oxygen barrier) and do not exceed the temp/pressure limits u will be fine. pex is being used on residential heating systems more than anything else, so all the r&d is taken care of.

if the rads r free

@ March 13, 2013 9:38 AM in unusual use for a cast iron radiator

you can put as many as u want into the tank and it will be economical, compared to a large plate ex or 2000gal of mfrd. storage tanks. so this is going to be a concrete tank? where in the basement? r u worried about moisture/humidity, smell, excessive heat transfer to the air? i personally love the idea of having as much water storage as possible and heating it with a wood boiler a few times a week, it is part of my dream system!

pro press

@ March 12, 2013 10:44 AM in Propress valves

is the best invention for large fittings. use a 3 pp ball valve, don't use adpt. unless u r using the adpt. to take up the difference so u don't have to buy a piece of 3" copper and coupling. the best way to clean off the solder is to heat it up then wipe it with FIBERGLASS INSULATION not a rag, trust me. u will be able to wipe it so smooth u won't even need to sand it after, but i do recommend sanding it. good luck


@ March 11, 2013 9:09 PM in Looking for plumbing tool that is no longer made

 this is the one i have. it comes in 2 sizes one for 1 1/2 and one for 1 1/4. but it's not the old hammer type, but still works good.


@ March 10, 2013 3:41 AM in do u know what this is?

 i would love to see pics, at least of the duct work, if u got some, or have time to take some,lol!  in your wall and ceiling radiant, did u use small capillary tubing, or standard ?" O.C. 1/2 tubing?

thanks bob

@ March 9, 2013 10:30 AM in do u know what this is?

i would love to see some photos of the finished product, that would be cool! maybe if u got time u can post pics of the whole system too. r u able to get below the dew point across the board in cooling season to handle all the dehumidifying needs? do u also cool with the radiant?

do u know what this is?

@ March 8, 2013 9:42 AM in do u know what this is?

what is this custom hx being used for? how is it being used? here is a link where i found it and a little info, but not enough info. has anyone done this before? maybe this post will find the designer


@ March 8, 2013 9:27 AM in Hanging a circ

U should put a hanger under the motor. i always use threaded rod and uni-strut. but i always say every time i do one, i wish they put a spot on the pump to put threaded rod thru.

that's what i was looking for....

@ March 6, 2013 2:40 PM in sand for heat tranfer media?

there had to be a major downside to this. ant farm!lol! thanks

what he did

@ March 5, 2013 9:07 PM in sand for heat tranfer media?

was staple down the tubing to the floor 6"OC with sleeper 2x4 in between, then poured sand on top of the tubing. he had that expanding spray insulation under the sub floor in between the joists. my first reaction to this was a bad idea, cuz of the air in the sand, so  he used a hi density sand and his argument was, it is  like having stone (or concrete) a hi thermal mass. i wish i had a FLIR!

sand for heat tranfer media?

@ March 5, 2013 10:28 AM in sand for heat tranfer media?

 a buddy of mine is building his home and it's a log cabin, but huge. anyway, he is always asking for advice, but never want help with the labor. he usually finds my insight really helpful and takes it, but he came up with the idea of using sand to enhance the heat transfer of his sleeper radiant system. it kind of sounds like a good idea, but i never heard of it, has any of u guys done this?


@ March 4, 2013 8:46 PM in Boiler has too much pressure

 down to the pressure needed for your system prolly 12-18psi. once u do that shut off the valve that feeds the boiler for a day or 2. if the pressure doesn't rise we found the problem. so u say the pressure from the road is high how high? you might need a pressure reducing valve for the house to bring it down to a manageable pressure. u might also need a new prv 4 the boiler from being over worked.

i new that

@ March 4, 2013 10:34 AM in Chilled ceiling design

cold air is more dense and can hold more humidity then hot air, brain fart i guess! know why not just put the cold dry air back into the home without reheating it? is i because it will cool down the home to fast and inturn short cycle and not pull the humidity out? but then why can't u just down size? maybe i should find an artical on this and read it!lol!

this is

@ March 3, 2013 9:33 PM in Chilled ceiling design

all uncharted territory for me, but i like it. let me see if my theory on your design is correct; u first heat the air using your compressor which increased the amount of humidity the air will hold. then use the cold hx to extract the humidity better, because it doesn't get nearly as cold a refrigerant. But then i ask,  if the cooling tower your using is cooling the water with refrigerant, and not a "swamp cooler type chiller", then y not just use a refrigerant dehumidifier, "a smaller ac system" insteed of a chiller and preheater?

what do

@ March 3, 2013 7:25 PM in Chilled ceiling design

u have to do yo convert your ac to dehumidify? i would think that all u would need to do is downsizing the tonnage

how r u

@ March 3, 2013 7:10 PM in Chilled ceiling design

going to control the condensation (humidity) if your costumer doesn't have room (or doesn't want) ductwork?  i am very interested in this topic, cuz this is something i want to do in my place.

can u

@ March 3, 2013 5:22 PM in Laars endurance EBP

post a pic of the sensor where it goes into the tank? i wouldn't think u have to drain the boiler to take it out.
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