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@ February 24, 2013 12:20 PM in noisy gas valve

Gas pressure and voltage were checked on the original valve and were with in limits.
But the carlin rep brought another valve and installed and checked the limits again.
No change!  Still makes a bang on/off . I got the impression from the carlin rep that the the carlin ez-gas unit is working like it is suppose to, It fires up and is 84% efiencient.
No claim as to sound was every presented. You can't hear the TV in the living room when it runs with out turning it up! and the sound just goes through out the house. 

 I don't fault my HVAC guy at all, the fact that carlin sent a rep out and stated that had a FEW complaints on the noise  leads me to believe that they know a problem exits.
So do I spend money and get a lawler or do I get a modulating condenser boiler and throw out this unit like a drunken guest at a wedding ?

same situation valve makes clangiing sound on/off

@ February 22, 2013 10:19 AM in noisy gas valve

I am in the same boat .

I converted from Oil to Nat Gas I had a weil mclain WGO gold boiler 5 yrs old. On paper it look like the most economical way to go was to replace the becket oil  burner with a Carlin EZ-gas burner. The difference between this option and going with a condensing boiler was  2000.00 vs 5000  for the conversion. My HVAC guy who I trust did the conversion and tuned it to  85% . So far so good later that night when things were very quiet in the house. I noticed the gas valve clang right after the unit did its purge cycle and also on the shut down.The sound was actually amplified from the sound in the basement. The gas valve is a Honeywell VR4305M4540 . Also the Carlin burner sounded louder than the exhaust from a F4 phantom that I was around during my time with the Marines in the late 60's. I had my HVAC guy come out and evaluate the situation. He concurred with my observations and contacted Carlin and they sent a tech rep out. He said thy had complaints about the loud sound of the ez gas burner and they had a fix for it with a newly designed tube and replaced it with same and threw in a shroud cover to try and dampen the sound also.
 No improvement at all maybe worse I do not have a DB sound meter to verify.
 He also changed the Honeywell  gas valve. Still clanging like before I have to give them both credit as they did try and fix the problem. I said I would get back to them after I exhausted  all my efforts to find a fix myself . I tried to isolate the 1" black pipe by using closed cell foam insulation and adding more foam where the clamps were attached to the joists isolated the hangers also like a navy boomer sub too. Still a loud clang on the on and off cycle !! I am at my wits end on this one my wife and I get woken up at night with the sound. I probably will have to take a loss and go with a condensing boiler if I don't resolve this in the near future I just hope if I do change out the boiler I will not have the same situation with the gas valve clanging away in the condensing unit also. Any ideas always welcome !

Thanks, Capt Pete