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@ February 25, 2013 7:03 PM in Freeze damage

Thanks for the responses! I apologize if the question wasn't clear. I just was hoping to get a better understanding on what should be done in order to fix the burst pipes and radiators.

One more question. Who is liable to pay for the damages? The situation was obviously out of my hands. The Contractor should have drained the radiators if the heat was not going to be working.

Freeze damage

@ February 22, 2013 5:31 PM in Freeze damage

I own an investment property that is currently vacant and under renovation. I have hired a contractor to take care of all the work, which started about 6 weeks ago.

A couple weeks ago, the heat went out. It got very cold in the building, and multiple radiators blew and also pipes. The water valve was shut off, because the crew was not using the water. By the looks of it, there are about four pipes blown and five radiators. The house is still frozen and the heat obviously isn't working.

My contractor has been very helpful up to this point, but I am quite frustrated with the current situation. He plans on replacing the broken pipes and radiators. Is fixing the broken pieces a feasible solution to the problem? Or is it likely the boiler (octopus) may be shot? Also, I have heard that such damage could cause leakage throughout the house. It is an old house, so the pipes are all visible.

Let me know if this seems to be the correct, easy fix please. Or will we potentially run into a bigger problem?