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Info on conversion of steam to hot water of a two pipe steam system

@ April 19, 2013 9:28 PM in Info on conversion of steam to hot water of a two pipe steam system

Anyone have a good reference for a project such as this.
I've been working in a residential single family that's been slowly remodeled over the years. It's got a huge steam boiler supplying steam to three floors of radiators. The first floor has a combination of radiant, steam, and hydro air. Yes all three. Radiant run off a water heater, hydro off a zone off steam boiler. The third floor has a/c and they want to add a coil for heat and do away with some of the radiators.
In my opinion it's time to convert the whole system to hot water, but I've never done it. It's a two pipe steam system, I'm sure someone out there knows what to do. I could use some guidance

Plastic direct burial. The way to go!

@ April 19, 2013 8:57 PM in Running A Gas Line Underground

"That yellow stuff" it's the way to go, polyethylene pipe with "con-stab fittings". The same as gas utilities use. The pipe is very inexpensive, but ou will have to buy a roll of like 100 or 150 feet. The end fittings are expensive. You'll also need to get a reamer for the ends of the tubing. If you need to run over twenty thirty, feet that's not in a straight line, this is the way to go. Continental industries
I recently ran a 2" line for a pool heater and outside kitchen 70 feet in about 15 minutes, from inside house to termination


@ April 1, 2013 7:01 PM in Lead lag set-up for two steam boilers??

I was at the house this week to do some plumbing service and she asked me to re program her thermostat -she was complaining that it was not maintaining the temp. Right. So I'm going over times and temps with her when I realize the heat should be one. Go to basement, boilers off on low water. Able to take a long look at what was done, like Jaime said the pressuretrols are set at different cuties and outs so, both boilers fire on a call for heat, one boiler will shut down while one will continue to run to try and maintain psi. Both boilers off on low water, "main boiler" close to bone dry secondary boiler just needed a jab of water to get back on. Told her to call installer for some feeds that should have been included inhis price. Thanks to everyone for their help and ideas.
I'm sure ill be back with some more steam problems.


@ March 27, 2013 9:33 PM in Lead lag set-up for two steam boilers??

Jaime thanks, when i think about it, I can see how setting the pressuretrols at the different settings will indeed set the boilers to run in the lead lag sequence. It's so basic- once you step back and look at it. Thanks

Lead lag set-up for two steam boilers??

@ March 27, 2013 6:51 PM in Lead lag set-up for two steam boilers??

Recently a client of mine had her 600,000 btu steam boiler replaced. The contractor, not me, installed two 300,000 btu burnhams. He told her that the boilers were set up so only one boiler would run, and if necessary the second on would kick in if needed. Both boilers piped into same 4" header. A quick look didn't reveal any special controls, tekmar etc. There's a single thermostat in old large house.
Is it possible? I've never seen it done without actuated valves with special controls etc..
Nothing like this on this system. House is vintage 1910.
Any thoughts