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Reviews/issues on PurePro Advantage 3?

@ July 12, 2013 12:02 PM in Reviews/issues on PurePro Advantage 3?

Hello, I am a homeowner that is getting quotes on a new boiler (actually new heating system).  The person I am likely to use, very experienced, has given me two quotes:  One using a Burnham V8H3 Plus with new Becket Burner; and one with a PurePro Advantage 3 also made by Burnham, but apparently without brand name and saves me over $600.  Advice please?  I am hesitant about Burnham due to poor reviews on however this is a "regular" boiler and not high efficiency.  And this guy stands by them, and that's important.  Advice on these two products, please?  Thanks so much.