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Time Meter for Riello F5 Burner

@ September 11, 2013 2:27 PM in Time Meter for Riello F5 Burner

Earl, Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and wired in some test leads between the control box and the coil. Before that, I buzzed out the coil with my old analog VOM and got the following reading in OHMS. 1-2 1500 ohms, 2-8 1 ohm, 1-8 1500 ohms. This agrees (given the accuracy of my old meter)with a Riello troubleshooting chart for the 40 F3/F5 burners. Next I attached the wires( 16 ga stranded and routed them out the air vent of the rear plate of the burner head and connected them to a terminal strip. I attached my meter and using the ac scales got the following voltage measurements when the burner actually fired; 1-2 50VAC steady with burner firing. 2-8 0 VDC, 1-8 a brief voltage pulse no more than 50 VAC when the burner first fired and then 0 VAC while the burner continue to fire. So, it looks like the voltage on 1-2 is what I want to run to a time meter to use to time oil usage. I want to remeasure the 50 VAC with a better meter. I don't know if this RMS or p to p or whatever. I did not try to measure any voltages to ground only between connections on the coil. I need to find a time meter thats inexpensive. I see ones that use 24 VAC and 120 VAC. Need to do more research. Last time I did this (1970's) I just connected an old mechanical clock radio to the AC into the burner and kept track of the time using 12 hours AM and 12 PM . IIn winter months when cold, the clock would be on the third cycle ( 24-36 hours) in a 7 day period when I recorded the data. That was with a simple no name oil burner in a Repco boiler.
Any advise would be welcomed.

Time Meter for Riello F5 Burner

@ August 30, 2013 9:12 AM in Time Meter for Riello F5 Burner

Can someone tell me the voltage ( AC/DC, etc) on the coil of the riello F5 solenoid oil valve when open. I want to connect a time meter to the coil to record burner run time when the burner is firing. Has anyone done this?and what Time Meter did you use. Thanks