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Repy to high efficiency gas boilers

@ September 9, 2013 11:09 PM in High efficiency gas boilers

Thanks all for your helpful comments. 
Rich, I didn't find that your comment came across as attacking anyone either.  Based on what I've been told and read though, I would prefer staying away from a Buderus. I'm leaning toward a HTP, elite or munchkin, or a Lochinvar knight.
Zman, you're right, I'm looking for people;s personal experiences (either as a homeowner or installer) and advice from knowledgeable professionals.
I find searching for a plumber to install these things is like searching for good autho mechanic or computer technician.  Its a matter of trust. The average consumer like myself doesn't have a good foundational understanding of boilers, thus seeking out opinions on a forum like this and doing other research to make a semi educated decision.  I learn something new from every plumber I have spoken with.
Gordy your car analogy was helpful as was the other information. Go green seems to be part of the message.
Scott, thanks for your offer..I may call you.  I need to have the boiler installed this month to qualify for the rebate.
As far as how the plumbers have calcuated what size boiler to install, one plumber did ask for the measurement of my baseboard coils ( I previously measured this myself and gave him the figure...177 feet).  the other two plumbers didn't ask and I believe just guestimated based on the square footage of the home.  I did ask one plumber this question and he said, I've installed other boilers in homes just like yours, so I know.   I am meeting with the 3rd plumber in a couple days and plan to ask him this question too.
What are your thoughts about having a 4th zone to the boiler for a water heater but waiting until my current water heater goes before I replace it.  Do you see any issues with this? My current water heater was replaced 2 yrs ago so i probably have another 3-5 years of life with it.
thanks again. Lori

Reply to high efficiency gas boilers

@ September 7, 2013 8:37 PM in High efficiency gas boilers

Thanks for all the comments.
Rich....I have baseboard heating in a 2 family home, 3 zone heating as I also have heat in my basement.  To my knowledge, none of the plumbers have done a heat loss calculation.  At this point, whatever boiler I get is going to be more efficient than the one I have, which is an American Standard oil burner with a gas converter.  With the early replacement rebate for high efficiency boilers it is less expensive than a conventional boiler (which is also less efficient).

High efficiency gas boilers

@ September 5, 2013 11:38 PM in High efficiency gas boilers

Hi...I'm currently in the market for a new gas boiler (forced hot water) in MA.  I have a 50+ year boiler and qualify for an early replacement boiler rebate which is why I'm in the market.  I have received three quotes, and three different boilers were recommened:  Lohinvar Knight, HTP Elite, and Buderus.  I was told by one plumber to stay away from Buderus high efficiency because it is made with cast aluminum and not all stainless steel.  My hesitancy is that these boilers only have a 12 year limited, pro-rated warranty, and while the plumbers I have spoken with each have 5+ years experience installing them, two of the three acknowledge the risk with these boilers given there are no long term results here in the US.  My concern is the maintenance of these boilers over the first 15 years and the cost of repairs etc.  I really don't want to replace an expensive boiler in 15 years. If it weren't for the generous rebate I would probably opt for a conventional boiler with a limited 25 year or life time warranty with less efficiency, which as one plumber said is a simpler way to go with less worries and headaches.  I am looking for any information and experience you have had with these boilers, and any insights you can provide.
Thanks, Lori