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Made some progress tonight

@ December 8, 2013 10:07 PM in Emilio's steam pipe insulation journey

Tossed up some more sections tonight. Did a couple elbows as well. The 90's were simple to get on and tacked/taped but the tees were a bit of a pain in the neck. Pictures attached.

I also took a picture of a hole in the cover that was opened by the installer I assume and never closed up. Any advice as to how to plug it? I popped the top off a while back to clean out the remains of a mouse nest after I bought the house last fall. I was thinking of putting some fiberglass in the hole and sealing it with a foil tape. The previous owner left a can on top, I assume he hoped it would reduce the heat loss. I can feel plenty of heat radiating from the hole so I'm assuming it'd be wise to close it up.


@ December 8, 2013 2:41 AM in Emilio's steam pipe insulation journey

Thanks for the confirmation.

What do you guys do in a situation like the one pictured? I've got a pipe passing above the steam line. I have about 3/4" of an inch clearance. Do I notch or let the insulation rest against the pipe. I am leaning towards notching as crushed insulation is a no-no. If I notch do I tape over the exposed fiberglass?

What about when going around the hangers in the second picture? Just notch a hole on top?

Emilio's steam pipe insulation journey

@ December 6, 2013 9:43 PM in Emilio's steam pipe insulation journey

So, I've got the books, I've had a pro out to review my system (Charles Gerrity) and replace all radiator valves and now it's time to reinsulate my pipes. As Charles pointed out some issues with the near boiler piping of my system which I plan to have him remedy in the near future I won't be insulating most of that section until the work is completed. With winter upon us here in MA I did want to get the sections that won't be seeing major changes insulated.

I'll be documenting the progress and using this thread as a place to ask questions. The first of which is about the snugness of the insulation on my pipes. I test fit two different 2" pipe sections and a 1.5" section. From what I've read I assumed they would have been really snug but they aren't. They fit well enough but there is a gap as seen in the photos. I measured my pipes with a mini rocket I bought here so I'm pretty confident in my measurements. Does the gap in the pictures look acceptable to you?


@ September 8, 2013 5:17 PM in Need help finding a Steam expert in Western, MA

Just called and left my info with the person on the other end. Looking forward to having him come and evaluate the system.

I'm sure he'll be on top of it but are there any questions I should be asking or information I should be ready to provide?


@ September 8, 2013 1:59 PM in Need help finding a Steam expert in Western, MA

Excuse the typos! I posted from my phone.

Need help finding a Steam expert in Western, MA

@ September 8, 2013 1:57 PM in Need help finding a Steam expert in Western, MA

Hey everyone! I'm an owner of alone built in 1900 with gas fueled steam. Outside of the boiler (a gas fueled Burnham), piping to said boiler and air vents the system appears original. We are gearing up to reinsulate the pipes after having the badly damaged asbestos removed at the tail end of last heating season. I'd like to find someone who is knowledgable about steam come examine the system and clean/service it prior to insulating while everything is exposed and repairs (if needed) can be performed easily. I've tried the search for contractors page on the site but didn't come up with anyone in my area. I've read dan's "we've got steam heat" and have a pocket rocket and copy of "the art of steam heat" coming my way so I know the questions to ask but I'm hoping to save some time and energy by finding someone trustworthy from the start.

I'm located in South Hadley, MA and willing to comp for travel time as long as the basic service/travel comp is a firm price quoted prior to the appointment (of course any labor/parts required at the of service are excluded and can be quoted during said appointment). Thanks in advance!