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Joined on November 2, 2013

Last Post on November 5, 2013

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@ November 5, 2013 11:58 PM in Rheem RGPR GX

It looks like I had a bad connection, after an hour when the soft lockout ended the furnace fired up and it is roasty toasty in my house today.

My guess is that I didn't have a good ground connection when I installed the new board...

Possible light at the end of the tunnel, maybe...

@ November 5, 2013 7:56 PM in Rheem RGPR GX

Sorry about the pricing, I have removed it from my post.

I had a technician out today, he didn't have a clue what to do. He started poking his voltmeter all over the place and finally said he thinks it has to be the board. He didn't charge me any money because he didn't know for sure.

He left the thermostat wires unhooked and I said I would handle hooking them up since I had photos of which wire went where, so I did this and when I turned the furnace on, the IDM motor ran on high, went to low, then I heard the ignition device clicking. But I got no flame because he had turned off the gas valve. So I turned it back on but the furnace is in soft lockout(I think it stays like this for an hour or so of being off). Is there any way to expedite it going out of soft lockout?

I am hoping I had a bad connection and the board is ok, because it is getting very cold.

My issue is finding a technician I trust, this guy gave me a quote that is 50% less than his fellow worker from the same company. I don't know who to trust...


@ November 2, 2013 4:24 PM in Rheem RGPR GX

My furnace sits right next to my drain in my basement, I had a clogged drain, water was getting into the furnace and the blower motor was kicking it all over. I didn't notice until after the blower motor stopped working during the heat of the summer. I had a technician come out, the control board was corroded extremely bad. The fuse had blown, he replaced the fuse and it got me through the summer. The quote from the technician for a new control board was rediculous, so I didn't have him do that and I forgot about it until it started to approach the cold season.

I decided to find a replacement board myself online, I found a new one, they said same day shipping on the site, it never shipped, they aren't responding to email or phone and that was three weeks ago. So I ordered one on eBay, the part number is: 62-102637-01

So I got the board yesterday, I put it in today, but the furnace still isn't working. A good sign is that something actually happens whereas with the old board I got nothing. If I turn on the furnace with the panel off and manually depress the door switch, the Induced Draft Motor runs for a couple seconds, then goes off, then a couple seconds later comes on, and repeats this endlessly.

If I look at the status lights on the control board the status light goes on solid for a few seconds, then goes off for a split second, then blinks, then goes on solid for a few seconds, and will repeat this endlessly.

Not sure what to do from here... It is starting to get cold and within the next few days it will be colder.