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Munchkin boiler didn't start on generator. Problem solved.

@ November 14, 2013 2:53 PM in Buderus won't run on generator

I had the exact problem on my Munchkin T50 boiler, it's similar technology to the Buderus. I spent lots of time on these forums and researching UPS' and inverters and other technology I thought might work. The problem was all in a twist of a screw. FYI on that issue with the Munchkin Boiler faulting (f-19) on the Generator

I got it. It works perfect now and with all 10 circuits on the transfer switch switched on and everything powerd up. Munchkin boiler, Tv laundry. Comp. all lights. Even a space heater. Etc...

The Speed Control (a spring loaded screw) on the generator needs to be set balanced to maximize power and still keep the frequency under control. Too much speed creates spikes above 60hz, too little speed not enough power and under 60hz.

3. Connect an AC frequency meter to one of the AC output receptacles. No-load frequency should be between 62.0 - 62.5 hertz.

4. If the frequency/RPM are incorrect, turn the speed adjust screw until frequency/RPM is within limits. Turn clockwise to increase frequency/RPM, counter clockwise to decrease the frequency/RPM (see Figure 19).

5. After adjustment is complete add a drop of removable loctite (Loctite 241) to the threads of the speed adjust screw (see Figure 19