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cost of High effeciency vs warranty

@ November 27, 2013 12:16 AM in NG Combi Boiler versus indirect tank and boiler setup

hi I am going through the same process and the q. is

I have water baseboard( 160" liner high trim baseboard ) heating , 4 bdr + 2.5b ;  2250 sq. ft. in CNJ. 2 floors with 2 zones... heat-loss appx 85k-90k?

Navien and TT PE110 both   ( combi) give only 10yr warranty.  The quoted cost is about ~8k -9k.

On the other hand weil-mclain cgi -4/alpine cast iron ( direct vent) warranty 25 yr/life time with cost is 6k.

I know you might say one is combi and anther is not but I want to compare it this way I have crawling space (4') so I don;t have option for indirect set up unless you can suggest horizontal indirect setup.

if my current monthly heating bill in winter is 200/month..
after combi installed.. 
how much saving will I have ?
how many yrs. will I have to stay in the home to cover the costs?

if I install weil-mclain cgi-4e, will my heating bill go up ? is cgi-4e end of life? should I not install it ?
what is better choice for me.
All the contractors/installers seem knowledgeable with a lot of experience but they differ in their opinion.