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Howdy Hot Rod.

@ July 6, 2014 10:57 PM in Cleaning radiant tubing

do you recall the pex line tube thawing lash up i made long time back? It had a thin line lashed to a hose connector? this works for more than getting ice out of a line...
i think there is a picture of it in one of my earlier posts a couple a few years back.

i noticed that i cleared stuff that looked like wet cement slurry out of some of the lines,
so i think this tool is real tight to the real world application in this instance.

it acts like a mini steam jet as it were. i will look for a link....

I am going with Paul 's perspective ....

@ June 29, 2014 6:02 PM in Poor radiant floor hydronic installation

at a glance it explains why none of us smoke crack.

two large radiator hose clamps...

@ June 10, 2014 4:05 PM in Husky coupling saves the day

and an "Old style" american beer can

seriously though while you can replace old fan belts in a pinch with your lady friends nylon stockings or a rad leak with some pepper...rebuilding the heads alongside the road and hauling swamp water out of the ditch to fill the rad and block i wont say were my favorite experiences in life.

i'd go with fix it and forget it.


*~//: )

maybe this thought will help.

@ June 6, 2014 3:28 PM in Recirculating loop

Hot Rod,I like drawing 7-5, I could add balancing valves on the manifold and thermometers on each loop back from the system. Can you tell me what the purpose of the bypass (#1) is for? I see no need for it..
Thanks again

when you take something out then you need to put something back.
were there no return to the heat source there would be heat going out and sooner or later it would dissipate. the anti scald benefits from some warmer water being allowed into the recirc system mixing with hotter water as that reduces the time and hastens the response thru the mixer.

when i need recirc the easiest way i find i use. Often i catch a t branch at the most remote bring it past the next branch t and pick up something like a washing machine box branch as the last fixture .

that gets hot water to the fixtures and as the washing machine doesn't complain ,
should that fixture have the hot water side open it will carry on without too much further to do , as the water makes the long loop.


Well if you test it tomorrow...

@ June 2, 2014 12:00 PM in Joe the Toe, overloaded!

you may get lucky and it melt over night. don't let it get you down Harvey You can dial a log cabin in with som Rads maybe and make it very skookem.

The blower door test is a great way to get some accurate information before trying to do much of anything other than a recon mission in your superman shirt .. you will probably need it on that job no matter what the heat loss numbers are.


*`//: )


@ June 2, 2014 11:50 AM in Reconnect oil boiler after copper ransack

that is sad to hear.
4. plug the holes and test with air. that will quickly tell you if the boiler froze and broke.
without a test first all else would be a moot point.
for a guy with no air compressor you will end up with quite a few hr's into freaking with leaks in the piping arrangement should the boiler 'hold' when tested . dry firing just is not a good thing.

a threaded boiler purge valve on the bottom tap of the boiler could be used to introduce air or water . to test with water not always the smartest way to roll time wise .
you can plug one side of a coil and use another threaded no kin spun in on the opposite opening that you plug . water side test is 100 psi . boiler side you can roll 50 psi.

5. Calleffi makes a two part air release it is comprised of a check vale that stays in place an a removable air eliminator.

6. it is not an option it is even poor economy to not install a mixing valve/ blending / anti- scald valve... the anti scald valve does all of the above it is just made with different tolerance as it were.

i am leaving the other question go so you get some more help
*~//: )
yet have enough to get started...

i have something that you might like ,

@ May 22, 2014 12:13 AM in Time to pull the trigger

it allows you to look at two charts side by side , without brain strain .

It may help ...

There are times where i look at a pencil and consider that it has two ends , one with an eraser one with a sharpened end graphite point. Today when looking at an old boiler gravity system converted over to a "Pumped system" i considered the quest you were on and the problem in front of me and thought maybe this would help you as well.

*~//: )

Did heat loss calculations and I am looking at 19 btu/hr by the book.
I rounded it up to 24 in the real world when the insulation settled etc...etc...
i live in a completely different area of the world so some of the filtration of information i occasionally roll right past without reading between the lines . i apologize for that . my typing is not great either as i used to play Karate and Aikido in school and jammed my fingers into my hands so i had to try to type with my nose and the side of one of my thumbs in typing class.. my thinking is a bit different however i did not mean to blow by how you might feel ,it is just the way i think certain things.
hope the charts side by side allow you to see two manufacturers circs flow and head .

Many of us have books handy so we can piece things together by part numbers ,
a miss read number can take even more time to find. i am fairly certain you were not deliberately given a run around .

up until last Thursday, i was doing fine , until the guy i am working with started feeding me lunch , now i am addicted to food again and don't know how to get off of it . Even right now i think i might have fallen prey to another insidious trap due to some neglected aspect so today i asked my buddy what day it was and He Knew ! Now i am sure my days are numbered . !
My last paragraph will definitely help just about anyone who is feeling like things did not go right in their day. i hope you are feeling refreshed , if not, try Onion News they have a video there that will relieve the doldrums .

i like to have my boiler at the supply and return .

@ May 21, 2014 11:14 PM in Help diagnosing hydro air problems....

either a system bypass right there or a three way valve.

then i know what is what by looking at temp gauges in front of the equipment or remote station header that i am looking at and working on.

is there some particular reason folks do not like a few dollars worth of parts and pieces to help diagnose whats happening at the equipment ?



@ May 21, 2014 10:23 PM in Here's to 100 years of useage

: ))

It would be great to hear that someday , roll outta the grave one morning and have some "Young Guy" telling us that our system Hit Century ! lol.

I am tweaking an ancient of days American Radiator & Standard Sanitary out and a Bucket a day for a Slant Fin 50 Intrepid . from hand fired to stoker to oil . and just before i went home he was asking me about hooking up a gas burner in the future..

it is staying put as is for now i just not keen on taking either of the boiler or bucket a day out. so i am valving them off and tying into the returns and supplies and valving the old equipment out for now... i may keep the screws and stokers now that i have them apart.. lash them up to the one i bough off a retired plumber ten years ago or so and go coal ... : )

We can Do This ! : ))

Your work is going forward mine seems to be headed back a century or two..

i like the Dianorm

@ May 20, 2014 11:13 PM in Wall Mounted Hot Water Radiators?

buderus , runtal Myson ..

Mark , here had a post like 7 years ago with all sorts of fancy name brands .. The costs might jar you a bit. some that you mentioned might be designer like the ones he posted , buh if not , the Dianorms are very this century looking and a reasonable selection exists.

*~//: )

sounds familiar...

@ May 20, 2014 11:02 PM in Electric Water Heater Problems

The instinct to turn away the tech with the 140 amp breaker advise was Good.
Look on your water heater , get the model # voltage and Watts , seriously consider what has been stated here , and also consider the elements price and availability . do the tests . if it is not "Happening" turn off the power check the wiring push the red reset button ...if it still no mojo .

Get the elements . do not turn power on until you have run water out of your faucets, thru the water heater and removed any air.

that is the way to ensure that you have removed a second go round with the same result.

i hope you have a blending or anti scald valve.

that sounds like a very bad idea.

@ May 13, 2014 4:33 PM in Manabloc Supplying Cold Water Non-Oxygen Barrier Pex Mix & Radiant Heating

i have seen it done , hooked up to a munchkin cannot say much in a positive way for that lash up . PLS fittings from wirsbo would have been a better choice lashed to a flatplate ,if realestate was the deciding factor in the arrangement .

A buffer tank off the plate might even salvage that . rust needs O and heat to accelerate ,so, you have to consider that in you selection of parts and pieces.water has plenty of O as it is...think about it for a min.

i am off t help out a bit moving an old bucket of heat converted from coal to oil,
for a tank and new boiler and new pex lines for the domestic .
The three hundred gallon tank he has rusted from the inside out and no amount of screws with rubber washers can call back the decay over time. : (

maybe the thing to do is look long term in your future , that may help . especially if you would like to or have to sell it one day.
i hope all goes well.

*~//: )
and helps in some small way.

this was a radiant heating system that i had seen run thru the maniblock ...
long time back i was interested in using a wirsbo block that is built in pieces to do about the same thing for heating.. then , when the guy said no thats not quite what it is supposed to be used for , ...... i bagged the idea , then when i considered using a different lash up for domestic with a recirc line he wasn't good with that idea either.

so , recirc lines thru the maniblock are not a good idea for heat or domestic.
with domestic non barrier pex is what we use to be certain for the most part , some times i use Red Rehau barrier pipe for recirc or and hot water lines.

Habby Easter

@ April 20, 2014 7:30 PM in Happy Easter

had some hot cross buns and fish and bananas left over from a Good Friday traditional Breakfast .
enjoying the sunlight here after a winter of struggle of cold and darkness.

Howdy , Dan
*~//: )

What part of heat shield am i failing to understand?

@ April 19, 2014 12:31 PM in Slab house/Boiler in kitchen

whatever it is that i am reading here seems to not be trailing with flying in correct formation.

Heat shields may not be a requirement , convince me that they are not.

*~//: )


@ April 14, 2014 1:51 PM in Contractor kicked out of house for doing CO test

Jim ,
the thought needs to be conveyed to the home owner that we are there by permission.
We have no Right to do just anything we feel like doing in their home , anymore than he has the Right to burn down his neighborhood. One of the reasons , that we have to do our work correctly is because of the permission we have to work comes with requirements we have in responsibilities to ourselves and the rest of the community.

People may not get what you say right away , so you have to let it "Sink In" ...
exactly what it is that you have just finished saying....

I think as a first line of approach that tact works best. It also helps to have a second means of referral to that on your service bill .

People may pick up on something that they read quicker some not . However , i sometimes say ,
"i don''t want to sound like an alarmist , buh this condition could quickly cause your death and there would be no amount of money that could ever fix That, then."

(This is not fear mongering . it is simply stating a fact)

The next line i roll with , is , "Because of that , it is best to do what we can right now , with a few mins of our time ,rather than wait for later."
that implies that you and the homeowner are on the same page and just to reinforce what you just said if you then say , "You are not that bad a guy and you certainly don't seem suicidal , ... " and use a dash of humor to change perspectives . you have basically captured most of the sane world right there.

the next few customers are the ones that are much more difficult to get across to , they know everything and you are just some paid monkey to them.

almost anything that you say is taken as drivel. So it iis good to point out the consequences once again and reinforce that part about you being part of the community and that it needs to be dealt with and will be by the city firemarshall or fuel provider . tell them that it is not a threat .
if that does not work , let them know the FireMarshall may see other code violations and bring along enforcement officers . which he can then deal with instead of you .

that is something i have only had to mention to the very few to get through to them how important they need to be considering what they say or do around me ... and that ,
was when a chimney was on fire from a creosote buildup in a wood stove.

i hope that outline is succinct enough. To draw from when added to other peoples advise in your presentation of ideas to the techs in your classes.


Take a peek at this ,

@ April 13, 2014 4:33 PM in Slab house/Boiler in kitchen

i live far away from there ,so some "Experiences" i do not have ...
my thought though was, if i could see what exactly it was , a picture even , then there may be some other this century solution.

in staying with oil , my thoughts are heat loss and exact dimensions of work area and
possible piping solutions to and from another location within the dwelling . essentially recapturing the kitchen space for cabinet or new appliance real estate ...

my buddy just called to see if i was alive ..: ) we seemed to have come up with a solution to a specific problem in winterization , he asked me some things and then i told him about some mining vendor show i went to a couple days ago... i burn lots of daylight with people as i go thru life. off solutions sometimes can lead to changes in the way we do things , it is just a matter of seeing the connectivity of the idea or principle.
i just hung up the phone while searching for the vendors info and typing this .
wrrrrr wrrrrr lol..

Here is what i am thinking when i hear of your accomplishment,

@ April 13, 2014 3:05 PM in What do you think of when somebody says Hydronics?

i hope this displays my enthusiasm for your right efforts .

as i have not heard back from you

@ April 8, 2014 1:33 PM in FST-200 Boiler Breeching Rumble after conversion to gas

would you consider calling the mechanical contractor who installed the burner ?
Let them Know that this happened?
Thank You.

it is early , my first cup of coffee,

@ April 8, 2014 12:21 PM in FST-200 Boiler Breeching Rumble after conversion to gas

is it possible the combustion air requirements have not been met?
for a quick idea where to look?

if the room has an opening like a window or door to the outside
and you open it, during start up and testing ,
your results are different than with the window or door closed ,
Then , there is insufficient combustion air intake , for an example.


this is a funny video

@ April 1, 2014 7:04 PM in this is a funny video

Virgin Airlines Climate Control

Google’s Nest teamed up with Richard Branson’s Virgin Airlines to start a program that would allow every passenger to each set their own temperature in a plane all at once.

Yah i would say that the

@ April 1, 2014 1:22 PM in Coming From the"High"Country CO...(Altitude not Attitude:-)

engineers picnic site might be a "Bit Flashy" for my tastes lol..

I get what icesailor is saying .

what i also get is minor technicalities in flame position and dimension and was merely pointing out that at a certain point things change rapidly from controlled to , not so much .
just exactly when and where all that occurs is in a grey area for me . what additional combustion chamber changes or quality of materials that would be required were some of the items that i thought might be what was hampering simply changing air fuel mixtures .

i think i was influenced unduly by engineers who had done some experiments on the what happens when scenarios and leaped to that picture in my minds eye.

because of that piece of information it looked like a formidable challenge and something that might be generating call backs from ,"Hello Operator , give me Jesus on the line ," which unfortunately then gave rise to thoughts of Mexican cuisine and the entirely different meaning ,
"Elevated dish" , may have for them that cooks something up with magic mushrooms and say your friendly tourista considering trying some specialite D 'masion , not quite realizing just what that all may mean ...

Mark , put it in perspective, when he said that the flame area Moves as being possibly the part of the neglected aspect. that is the part that i was saying about shock wave within the flame . That moves . when it does , things go very different very quickly , this gave rise to the thought that , while we are speaking about atmospheres and combustion flame characteristics and maintaining correct air fuel mixtures, the slight variations might give The Rocky Mountain High a entirely New meaning, raising it to even greater heights , should the unit go ,
because Bang! is not good in home appliance markets .

The stability of mixed gas depends upon it's nobility as it were , so it behaves a bit different at higher altitudes and can quickly ascend to loftier plateaus . ...

i hate the way i think , because i often inject humor into conversations due to a type of educational circumnambulation on a quicker straight line, i even have my own vocabulary i made up when studying Greek and Latin and English ... the teachers... cha the questions i would drop out of no where with , up set them ... it was not in the books that they had studied , yet ,there it was , line for line word for word within what they were Teaching us , so , if some of my expressions or words are bit more understandable even though they are not in a dictionary , please , with me at least, try to remember that things mean exactly what i want them to mean . lol...
Sorry , i digress ...
any way , i am certain that anything man can make man can break .

therein is the devil of or the crux of the matter . just how much techno will we have to be able to argue when the blame is on us for selecting the equipment in the first place as the Blame is Firmly established ...: )

We do not want that particularly , because like i was saying just the other day to a buddy ,", yes . it is as you say ... however, if the electrode goes to ground at 14000 volts, the guy in his bathtub might not be Able to be apologized to later. So , i would hold off on that idea , until you have the correct electrodes with the right ceramic insulation and correct holder . add auxiliary heat until the morrow.

some ideas give rise to alternative ideas , some technology is all about improving one aspect and moving it into another arena . ( even as i write this , i envision the arena designed by a computer engineer collapsing on folks heads because of human efforts to hang banners or something off of the structures) i cannot help that it seems something that just happens within my mind . It may be that the control issues will indeed be overcome and work within the parameters of mixed gas combustion appliances economically in the future , that is what is so unique about The Wall. we discuss things from a variety of experiential observation points as it were and quite often a manufacturer gets in on the conversations and bada bing ! it happens ! : )

not always though . just that sometimes their reasons are on another track after trying to decipher all we say. the days of summer are approaching and there is a lot of work to get accomplished this year . i think i really need to get after it before i start feeling guilty that i didn't give someone the shirt off my back this coming year

enjoyed the thread and the evolution of the thread *~//:)

"Say , I just contacted every contractor in town ...

@ March 28, 2014 7:07 PM in Billing format

and i cant get anyone to help me ."

i work for XXX company outta Nebraska , we need someone to go over to ( some place) and change out ( expensive parts and pieces) due to some (reason they think you will help) minor problems we were having.

ok . say , " thank you i do not work for out of state companies."

...."this is the saddest story i ever heard , i will be right over .." well wait to you try to get paid ... lol..

"My buddy needs some help because the rentor left the garage door open in 40 below..... , "

" well
who should i make the bill out to?"

" er.. the owners out of state right , nauhOw..

nuff said

sorry please continue looking for a P & H contractor as i am unable to do the work at this time .

"would you come over an look at this project ,? i will buy the (specified boiler) and my buddy will do the install in the mech room .. "

these are not things to jump right up and fly out the door doing .

with them weeded out immediately you will likely save considerable dollars and wasted hours of your life .

when you are working for years with the same people and they
want to change the game . fire them as a customer then and there before you begin the next day of your life.

i once read a book written in Spanish , one of the morals of one of the stories was

"Better Alone , than in bad company ."

i hope that helps.

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