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LaDon Sams

LaDon Sams

Joined on April 30, 2004

Last Post on April 30, 2004

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@ April 30, 2004 5:55 PM in Weil Mclain Ultra boiler noise

Jerry we had the gas company come and check that and reset the pressure to what it was supposed to be but it still did it.

@ April 30, 2004 5:46 PM in Weil Mclain Ultra boiler noise

The house is 52ft by 28ft with an upstairs and a downstairs only the downstairs has a garage on one end of it so right now we are heating about a total of 2300 sq ft but after I recement the garage floor then it will be heating about 2900 sq ft. They said that was plenty for that type of house and I am in northwest Iowa so it gets pretty cold here. Also they said that I have a defective gas valve that is why it is doing that so they are gonna take care of it. So far from the old boiler to this one it kind of is looking like it will cut the gas bill in about half so it is looking good. If you would want any more info you can email me at