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Thank You

@ March 12, 2013 12:23 PM in Propress valves

Paul and pipeking, especially the Fiberglas trick! Had heard about it before but forgotten it.

Don in MO


@ March 12, 2013 10:44 AM in Propress valves

Worried about stress of closing and opening valves on press fittings. Nibco supplier did not have ball valves over 2 inch and needing 2 1/2 & 3 inch valves.

Thanks for the reply!

Don in MO

Propress valves

@ March 12, 2013 10:00 AM in Propress valves

Looking at using press fittings to install a ball valve, 3 inch IPS with press male adapters. Will the press fittings leak when using the valve?

Can the press fittings be used on copper that has been cleaned up that had solder on it?

Any insight on using press fittings, Nibco or Viega? Would like to use them in installing ball valves in a drop ceiling, not wanting to light up the torch.


Don in MO

That's why.....

@ June 25, 2012 8:56 PM in Williamson Units

I asked for any info on the Williamson unit. Took an eight ton Sporlan txv with a "C" charge head off and replaced with an eight ton Danfoss.

Thanks for the replies!



@ June 24, 2012 11:23 PM in Williamson Units

This unit is over 40 years old. Just looking for confirmation that it is not going to work well with newer equipment. Seems someone is always trying to say if it works it's ok.

Kind of like tonights call. The boss tells me to meet him with some 404a. Get there and doesn't really seem low to me. Check the evap coil(walk in cooler), find the very top frozen over. Another tech fixed some leaks Thursday and was told by the owners it had 404a. But txv was for 134a and comp. was for 404a. Figured last company put 134a in the system and it worked. We changed the head to a sc for 404a and it worked properly. Imagine that!

Thanks for the reply Mike!

Don in MO

Williamson Units

@ June 23, 2012 8:37 PM in Williamson Units

Would anyone be able to tell me how old this Williamson air handler is? All I have is this model number?: 6132-07-2148.

We had low suction, no superheat, hi head and over 25 degrees subcooling.
Replaced the txv on it this friday and having only  low suction pressure. It is piped to a Carrier M# 38AK-008-511, S# 4599G0187.
  With the new txv, 52 lbs low, 4 degrees superheat, 221-240 hi side, 3 degrees subcooling at most, with clear site glass at the evap coil. Might be undercharged as the liquid line is 5/8 and around 50 ft long. I believe the site glass is clear because they insulated the liquid and suction lines together for the majority of the line set.

Thinking the evap coil may be oil logged or this indoor unit is so old that it was designed for a lower suction pressure. Took off a Sporlan EBSVE-8-C. The head is for med. temp coolers. But it is the original txv number.

Ideas? More info?

Don in MO

All the time?

@ June 23, 2012 7:02 PM in Refrigerant thread sealant

Are you having this problem with every lid or just this one? I have had the occasional problem with a fitting and would switch the fitting and or wrap with teflon tape, a lot. Never used one on a 410a system.


What I was told

@ April 9, 2012 10:40 PM in stay brite#8

Sat through Lennox class on 410a in 2000?(sometime around then). Do not use solder!! Stay Brite was brought up, again the answer, no soft solder to be used on R410a systems.
Sat through Carriers R410a class twice, again do not use soft solder. I believe the biggest concern for both manufacturers was the flux and the possible contamination with the POE oil.
Now, that was the official answer, although as Bergy said they haven't had any problems on their systems. So as most people do in this industry, use what works for you, just don't expect the OEM to back you up if you have problems.
Question for Bergy, Do you use stay brite on heat pumps too, or just ac's?
Don in MO

Never legal

@ March 8, 2012 12:39 PM in epa rule on r-22

Been a while, but it was never legal to pull any refrigerant from one customer's unit and install it in another customers unit. I can pull refrigerant from a customers unit and install in the same customers other equipment all day.

Refrigerant is supposed to be ceritfied to ARI 700? if it changes ownership.

Now what happens in the real world like another respondent said........

Don in MO

What purpose

@ December 31, 2011 4:10 PM in white rodgers cycle pilot burner burns for short time and recycles

Tim, what purpose does the pressure switch serve in the gas valve? I would assume proper gas pressure, anything else? Any other manufacturers use this type of switch in their gas valves?
Don in MO

Past experiances

@ December 31, 2011 7:42 AM in white rodgers cycle pilot burner burns for short time and recycles

I have seen this ignition system on different gas burners and none of them work well. Any one remember the Carrier Multi-Zone roof top units? I worked on four of them at the local community college. The hoof of the pilot would warp and not direct enough flame to keep the mercury bulb hot enough to keep the main flame on. The cycle was like this:

Pilot lights, flame heats mercury bulb, switch closes to bring main flame on, main burner lights, burns for anywhere from seconds to minutes then main flame goes off and pilot heats up mercury bulb again to close switch to bring on main burner and keeps cycling like that till your pilot times out(if pilot actually goes off and starts sparking to relight) or thermostat actually satisfies. I have seen this on the aforementioned Multi-Zone, Clare furnaces, & Heat Controller Furnaces. For some reason I have seen the Cycle Pilot on Boilers but they never seemed to have this problem.

I know that you are not supposed to re-engineer the gas train, but that is what I did with some Clare furnaces when I had to wait for the hot surface ignition re-work kit. Used White Rodgers wonderful(in my opinion) hot surface ignition components that would come in the OEM kit from Clare. Call Weil McLain, see if they have a rework kit so it is OEM(no warranty or liability issues). Other wise I would make my own and not have the continual problem of the Cycle Pilot. You also could install a Honeywell spark ignition kit that converts from standing pilot to spark ignition. Have done that also in the Multi-Zone unit. Worked like a charm.

If you stay with the cycle pilot system, unless you did this when you changed the sensor, replace the pilot assembly. Like I mentioned above, the hood of the pilot can warp and not direct enough flame to keep the sensor hot. When the main burner comes on, enough heat is lost to the sensor that you loose main flame. Or something else has happened to cause the flame to disrupt and not heat the sensor properly.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Don in MO

Check pilot

@ December 30, 2011 1:59 PM in white rodgers cycle pilot burner burns for short time and recycles

Try cleaning the pilot. If it is dirty, it will not produce enought heat to trip the switch if it is dirty. If it is LP, good luck!

Personally, I would call Weil Mclain and see if you can convert to Hot Surface Ignition, wether it is Nat. or LP(propane). I did that with some Clare furnaces. I wish there was a bounty on cycle pilots, not a good ignition system!

Don in MO


@ December 19, 2011 9:30 AM in Analog or Digital Manifold?

Eventually the majority will be digital. They will get cheaper and you will see two or more hanging in a truck, along with an analog.

Back ups are a must, but can get out of hand.

Don in MO


@ November 12, 2011 10:56 PM in Analog or Digital Manifold?

Used the SMAN 3 this summer. Loved the micron gauge in it. Almost bought the Testo 550, but was told the sman 3 included hoses and would have been a better buy, but no hoses. Glad I have the sman 3. Would like to use the Testo and see if better or just different.

Would like it if  FieldPiece woudl have a 4 valve manifold..

.Don in Mo

Unico fan question

@ November 10, 2011 10:17 AM in Unico fan question

Hi all,

Looked at a customers heat pump the other day. They told me every once in a while they would have to "hit" the control box to have the blower shut off. It has a variable speed control on the side that is adjustable and three relays inside.
M# MB3642L 

Anyone run into that before? Of course it would not fail while I was there, normal for those situations.

Thanks for any insight!

Don in MO

That's it!

@ October 14, 2011 11:45 AM in TXV Kits


I got a price from the wholesaler this morning for it. Don't know why they included filter-driers? If I would buy your kit, I probably already have the driers.

Now if I get one, will I really use it?! Customers have been fickle lately. Which I don't blame them, money is tight everywhere. Me included.
Don in Mo

That's it!

@ October 14, 2011 11:45 AM in TXV Kits


I got a price from the wholesaler this morning for it. Don't know why they included filter-driers? If I would buy your kit, I probably already have the driers.

Now if I get one, will I really use it?! Customers have been fickle lately. Which I don't blame them, money is tight everywhere. Me included.
Don in Mo

TXV Kits

@ October 13, 2011 4:27 PM in TXV Kits

Saw an add in a trade magazine about a kit by Sporlan(Parker) that had OEM fittings(chatleff, etc,) and a TXV body, so you could add a TXV to any coil(A/C, HP) using the OEM fittings. Anyone remember that add or actually have one and the order number to get one from the Sporlan rep?

Not talking about the Q, BQ kits. They are strictly flare or sweat.


Don in Moberly MO

Thanks Tim

@ August 30, 2011 2:00 PM in Truck Inventory


Do you think that the advances in technology prevent contractors from having  a good inventory on the trucks?

I know there are universal parts, but they can't be used for warranty and a lot is still OEM.

Don in MO

Truck Inventory

@ August 29, 2011 3:41 PM in Truck Inventory

Question about inventory you are keeping on your truck. What parts are you keeping? OEM, universal, standing pilot parts, millivolt, space heater, etc.
Interested if your inventory list has changed that much in the last 10 years?

Working on an inventory list for heating parts, why I am asking.

Thanks in Advance!
Don in MO

Sorry about the double

@ May 30, 2011 7:52 PM in Balanced Port TXV

When in IA

@ May 30, 2011 7:52 PM in Balanced Port TXV

We switched to the balance port Sporlan kit. We used it for 95% refrigeration use, but every once in a while would install on an AC system. Loved the Sporlan kits. Now that I don't do refrigeration, don't carry a kit anymore.

Techman, do you carry the Sporlan kit with you? Flare and solder bodies?

I don't see why you would not use a BP txv in any system?

Don in MO
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