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plbg, htg, mech. foreman/supervisor

Contact Information

Frank Sgambati 10-21 162 street
whitestone, New York 11357

718 767 7361

what is your shop like? New work???......I've done that, single family to high risers. Alt. & repair shop???....I started out that way, and graduated to bigger and (sometimes) better ways. If it's a pipe, I can put it in. Anything, any job site, wether burried in the ground, or suspended through via ducts, 1/2" to 6 ft. in diameter, been there, done that. Boilers and domestic water piping, steam piping, etc. either conceived by, installed by, or inspected by me. I suppose I could go on and on about my tenure in the trade, but if you're interested, shoot me an e/m. Thanks for takin' the time here. Frank