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Boiler Tech/HVAC (entry level/apprentice)

Contact Information

Karel Foy 5 Jamaica Ave
Greenlawn, New York 11740


I recently finished a boiler course at Wilson Tech and i'm trying to get into the field now. I learned the basics as far as parts and where they are located, some trouble shooting and maintenance, but to me, you truly learn your trade hands on. I would like to get started as soon Monday, February 28th. I'm a 29 yr old father of a 16 month old and trying to get started in a CAREER ....not just a job. I was in sales before this, and I can't take the unsteady pay checks. One week I made $1000 and the next $500. That's not the environment I want my daughter growing up in. I want her to be able to see her father working hard and making good money so that in turn, when she grows up, she'll inherit those same values. I am also capable of learning through hands on application. I do music production on the side and I've taught myself how to operate various pieces of professional equipment with no help. I became good enough to where Usher's label reached out to me and offered to sign me to there production team. It didn't work out, but I just want you to know that when I apply myself I am capable.