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Robert Bean wins ASHRAE award

JUNE 27, 2011 — The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has presented the prestigious 2011 Lou Flagg Historical Award to Canadian Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.) and two collaborators from Denmark and South Korea on a recently published, two-part historical series on radiant heating and cooling. The trio was recognized at the 2011 ASHRAE Annual Conference in Montreal, held June 24-29, for the most outstanding recorded history of either projects or persons related to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry. Bean, who served as the lead researcher, and co-authors Professor Bjarne Olesen, Ph.D., from the Danish Technical University and Professor Kwang Woo Kim, Arch.D., from the Seoul National University were recognized for their global collaborative work on the "History of Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems," published in the January and February 2010 issues of the ASHRAE Journal. Bean, Olesen and Kim, who began ... Read More

Grundfos pumps up its jobs, real estate presence in Kansas City area

Grundfos Pumps Corp. is priming the process for construction of a 150,000-square-foot-plus corporate headquarters in Lenexa. The Danish pump manufacturer has added more than 60 employees in the past year at its North American offices in Olathe and is ramping up annual revenue projections to $1 billion by 2015. (more) Read More

Dan Holohan To Present At Virtual Green Expo

Please follow this LINK for full details. Read More

Viessmann raises stake in CHP engine maker

German heating appliances maker OEM Viessmann Group has increased its shares in Microgen Engine Corporation (MEC), a manufacturer of gas-fired Stirling engines for micro-CHP systems. Viessmann now owns 42.2% of MEC, with heating appliance maker BDR Thermea Group holding an equal share in MEC. (more) Read More

Wilo Wins Pretegious Design Award

Wilo has developed a new, particularly energysaving, high-efficiency  pressure boosting system, which is intended for use in potable water supply systems, as well as in fire water and industrial applications. On 4 July 2011, in the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany, the "Wilo-COR-Helix EXCEL" will be awarded the coveted seal of approval in the form of the "red dot award: product design 2011“, in the category of Trade and Industry. (more) Read More

Grundfos awarded Supplier of the Year by Lochinvar for 2010

Grundfos Pumps was named as Lochinvar’s 2010 Supplier of the Year for its overall business performance in providing Lochinvar with high performing parts and services.  The award was given during a ceremony Friday, June 2, at Lochinvar’s World Headquarters in Lebanon, Tenn.  Lochinvar Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers, pool heaters and storage tanks. Read More announces three new Night Schools

Here's the lasted on the Dan & Lovely Marianne tour:Dead Men's Steam Night School, July 20 in Kingston, NYClassic Hydronics Night School, July 21 in East Syracuse, NYClassic Hydronics Night School, August 30 in Astoria/Long Island City, NYEach session closes when we reach 50 people. Hope to see you then! Read More

National Grid to seek another rate hike in 2012

National Grid customers could wind up with a double whammy in 2013. The British utility, which announced a 25 percent increase in its pre-tax profit Thursday, says it will likely seek rate increases for its electric and natural gas customers in upstate New York as soon as possible next year.Because the process of asking state regulators for a rate hike takes 11 months, any increases wouldn't take effect until 2013. But National Grid just spent most of last year trying to justify a $360 million electric rate increase, although the state Public Service Commission only allowed $119 million. And in 2009, the PSC approved a $39 million increase in natural gas rates. (more) Read More

In Tennessee, Heat Waves Diminish Nuclear Power Output

On July 8, 2010, as the temperature in downtown Decatur, Alabama climbed to a sweltering 98°F, operators at the Browns Ferry nuclear power plant a few miles outside of town realized they had only one option to avoid violating their environmental permit: turn down the reactors. For days, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which owns the nuclear plant, had kept a watchful eye on the rising mercury, knowing that more heat outside could spell trouble inside the facility. When the Tennessee River, whose adjacent waters are used to cool the reactors, finally hit 90°F and forced Browns Ferry to run at only half of their regular power output, the TVA hoped the hot spell would last just a few days. (more) Read More

Taco’s new Solar Water Heating Course Available Online

The design and installation of solar water heating systems is a growing segment of the market.  More homeowners are interested in and willing to budget for renewable energy sources, especially with the offer of federal, state, local government and utility incentives.  Taco’s newest FloPro University course is designed to provide plumbing and heating contractors with a basic understanding of residential solar water heating components, systems, system configurations, how to choose systems for specific homes, and how solar water heating technology works. The first course, titled Solar Water Heating Theory and Application, includes: How solar works - the amount of solar energy available at various locations and times of the year Why you can’t “dabble” in solar water heating, but have to commit to learning all the skills required How to determine the solar potential in your locale; how to do a preliminary site evaluation; what to look for in solar ... Read More
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