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U.S. announces tighter scrutiny for Energy Star products

The U.S. government, criticized for lax scrutiny of Energy Star products, has announced it will further tighten its certification rules. Prior to using the Energy Star label, the U.S. stamp of approval for energy efficiency, companies will now have to submit complete lab reports and results about their products to the Environmental Protection Agency, according to the announcement Wednesday. EPA will no longer rely on an automated approval process. (more) Read More

Manufacturer A.O. Smith signs solar water deal

MILWAUKEE — Manufacturer A.O. Smith Corp. said Tuesday that it has signed an agreement to market solar water heating equipment made by an Israeli company.A manufacturer of water heaters and electric motors, A.O. Smith has exclusive marketing and distribution rights in the United States and Canada for solar collectors made by Chromagen.Chromagen makes solar products for household use at two factories in Israel.The companies will also work on the development of new solar products.Shares of A.O. Smith rose 65 cents to $56.38 in late trading.(source) Read More

VT college to begin biomass heating

POULTNEY, Vt. (AP) - Green Mountain College in Poultney is going to inaugurate a new biomass generating facility that will produce 20 percent of the electricity used by the Vermont school and 85 percent of its heat. The $5.8 million facility is expected to burn 4,400 tons of wood chips a year, displacing 200,000 gallons of heating oil. (more) Read More

Chinese Turbines Spun by Texas Winds Spur ‘Buy American’ Push

April 13 (Bloomberg) -- Chinese turbines powered by west Texas winds are sparking a debate over whether “Buy American” rules should be imposed on renewable-energy investments backed by the U.S. government. A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd., based in Shenyang, China, will supply turbines to a joint venture planning to build a $1.5 billion wind farm using equipment made in China. The group, which includes two U.S. partners, says it may seek financial aid from the Obama administration because the project will create at least 1,000 American jobs. Lawmakers led by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, say such assistance amounts to subsidizing green jobs outside the country. They want to slap made-in-America requirements on renewable-energy initiatives aided by the U.S., like those already faced by highway and water-treatment projects helped by President Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan. (more) Read More

10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Water Heating

Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont introduced a bill to, respectively, the US House (HR 4597) and the Senate (S 2993) in February, 2010, that seeks a new program of rebates for small-scale solar systems. Based on Cailfornia’s 2006 “Million Solar Roofs” initiative, the proposed 10 Million Solar Roofs and 10 Million Gallons of Solar Water Heating Act would seek millions of solar systems to be installed on rooftops of homes and businesses over the next decade. (more) Read More

Maine putting its energy behind efficiency project

AUGUSTA - Maine is preparing to spend $180 million over the next three years on a far-reaching plan to help residents and businesses use less energy. The plan would greatly expand efficiency programs, in line with meeting a 20-year legislative goal of weatherizing every home and half of the businesses in the state. That law also aims to cut consumption of electricity and natural gas by nearly one-third over the next decade, and use of heating oil by 20 percent. Officials are calling it the most ambitious energy-saving goal in the nation. (more) Read More

When water becomes sustainable business

By pairing existing technologies with an innovative business model, Grundfos LIFELINK responsibly changes the way of operating and managing rural water supply systems. (more) Read More

Phony products win Energy Star label

WASHINGTON — Fifteen phony products — including a gasoline-powered alarm clock — won the Energy Star label in a test of the program's vulnerability to fraud. A report released Friday says government investigators tried to pass off 20 fake products as energy efficient, and only two were rejected. Three others didn't get a response. (more) Read More

EPA Issues Second Annual Ranking of U.S. Cities with the Most Energy Efficient Buildings: List shows continued growth in saving money and energy

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a list of U.S. metropolitan areas with the largest number of energy efficient buildings that earned EPA’s Energy Star in 2009. The list is headed by Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Houston, Lakeland, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta and New York. Energy efficiency saves building owners money and fights climate change. (more) Read More

Building services team on top of Kilimanjaro

A team of six workers from the building services industry has reached the summit of Kilimanjaro, raising more than £33,000 for charity.  Staff from Worcester Bosch, Wolseley, Grundfos and Keston boilers came to aid SACRED (South African Children's Resource for Educational Development) and climbed the boilers set off to climb the Kilimanjaro mountain on March 8 .(more) Read More
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