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Your source for breaking news in the heating industry.
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Bloomberg goes less green

Post-election New York is going to be significantly less energy-efficient than pre-election Mayor Bloomberg promised it was going to be. Bloomberg announced Friday that he's backing down on a major component of the PLANYC Greener, Greater Buildings Plan he announced with great fanfare on Earth Day this year. In the face of opposition from real estate interests, Bloomberg has decided that the owners of buildings his plan identifies as using half the city's energy will no longer be required to make them energy efficient. With Greener, Greater Buildings in place, the city's carbon emissions were supposed to be reduced 30% by 2030. (more) Read More

Downtown Cedar Rapids Out of Steam

CEDAR RAPIDS - A long tradition has ended in Cedar Rapids. For more than a century, a giant steam system heated much of the downtown area. Tuesday, Alliant Energy shut it down. (more) Read More

New roof can pose carbon monoxide danger

Attic furnace venting is coming apart in some homes when the roof is replaced. (story) Read More

Pump Manufacturer to be Under New Leadership

Indianapolis-based Peerless Pump Co. will have a new president in the coming weeks. Andrew Warrington will take over for Dean Douglas, who is leaving to become president and chief executive officer of another company. (more) Read More

Another New Online Learning Opportunity From Taco

Taco is pleased to announce the latest addition to our online educational program for members of the FloPro Team – it's a 4-part series on designing and installing Mutli-Temp, Multi-Load Hydronic Heating Systems.In this presentation, you'll learn how to best pipe, wire and control a system requiring multiple temperatures and multiple loads. You know, one of those jobs. This real world presentation gives you practical, easy to understand solutions for challenging systems. The focus is on putting together a system that is simple, understandable and repeatable, which in turn puts money in your pocket.You'll near the dynamics of primary-secondary piping for cast iron boilers, and "moose-antler" piping for modulating-condensing boilers. You'll learn how to best control different water temperatures using everything from simple tempering valves, to motorized mixing valves, to variable speed injection mixing."Multi-Temp, Multi-Load Systems" is the third addition this fall to the "Videos" section of the FLOPROTEAM website. ... Read More

Viessmann: Replacing More Heating Systems Necessary to Reach Climate Targets

Viessmann Group, Allendorf/Germany, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems, says that 13.6 million old heating systems need to be replace by 2020 if Germany wants to reach its climate protection targets. To date only 600,000 heating systems are replaced every year, according to Viessmann.  A company spokesperson said the heating sector with its share of 38% of the total German energy consumption (electricity: 21%, transport: 28%, other sectors: 13%) would be given too little consideration in the climate protection debate. (source) Read More

Grundfos ALPHA2 pump hits the 1 million mark

Grundfos has produced its one millionth ALPHA2 pump at the group’s headquarters in Bjerringbro, Denmark. (more) Read More

Intermountain Gas seeks right to shut off snow-melters on sidewalks, driveways

Customers who use natural gas to power snow-melting equipment on sidewalks and driveways could be subject to service interruptions during periods of high use, if Intermountain Gas Co. sells the Idaho Public Utilities Commission on the idea. (more) Read More

Danfoss changes its business structure

Greater focus on Danfoss' core businesses and core competencies, and creating opportunities for more targeted development activities and less bureaucracy: these are the targets of the new business structure which Danfoss will implement with effect from January 1, 2010. The former three divisions will become five more targeted and flexible units, each reporting directly to Danfoss' Chief Operations Officer, Kim Fausing. (continue) Read More

Potential for Solar Thermal in Europe

The European Union and its Member States have committed themselves to achieving a 20% share of renewable energy in Europe's final energy consumption by 2020. As only three renewable sources (biomass, geothermal and solar) generate heat, it is crucial to clarify how these different sectors can contribute to the renewable energy target. A new study being released this autumn – Study of the Potential of Solar Thermal in Europe, which has come from two Austrian bodies (AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies and Vienna University of Technology) examines the growth that can come from solar. (continue) Read More
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