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Your source for breaking news in the heating industry.
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Ladies Lingerie to Fix Ice Dams!

Omaha, NE - No, it's not a fashion trend. Why pantyhose are showing up on Omaha roofs! It's one way to stop the threat of flooding now that all that snow is starting to melt. (more) Read More

Another Fatality Blamed On A Space Heater

MOBILE, Alabama - The cold weather we've been having in Mobile has led to a number of fires involving space heaters. Another deadly fire happened Monday afternoon on University Avenue. Eighty-year-old Gerald McDonald died after his clothes caught fire, apparently from a gas space heater in his bathroom. Now, more people are paying attention to the potential danger of space heaters. (more) Read More

House burns; officials urge space heater safety

Savannah, Georgia: Flames gutted much of a West 37th Street house's interior early Monday morning, marking the latest in a recent rash of fires apparently sparked by space heaters. (more) Read More

Information on the Boiler Scrapping Scheme (for our English friends)

Two good videos from Worcester, Bosch Group:Scheme explainedandHow to identify a G boilerandA word of caution to Pensioners Read More

Heating system gone to pot

An unusual use of a heating system leads to the slammer for these folks. (more) Read More

Financial Incentives a Boon and Bane to New Jersey Solar Energy Industry

The renewable energy industry in New Jersey is booming thanks to financial incentives the government offers and the lack of state regulations regarding the industry. There are 52 proposed renewable energy projects in the state, 24 of which are located south of Trenton. While this sounds great in theory, closer inspection shows that companies involved in these renewable energy project often have little or no background in the sector. Industry experts say that most of these new companies don’t know what they’re doing and are in the business primarily for the incentives involved. (more) Read More

Introduction to Oilheat Class at Suffolk Community College beginning on Monday Feb 8th at 6PM.

If you are interested in advancing your career as an Oilheat Service Technician visit to view the class content and to register online. In addition to being a great class for new and aspiring technicians, this is a great opportunity for interested individuals to make the transition from oil driver or dispatcher to technician. Questions? Call John Levy at Oilheat Associates, Inc. 516-679-4686 Read More

Boiler scrappage scheme unveiled

British homeowners will be offered a financial incentive to trade in their inefficient G-rate boilers for the most eco-friendly A-rated models from today.(more) Read More

Home-Made Heating Device Burns Phoenix Home

PHOENIX - A strange fire at a Phoenix home near 17th Street and Oak.  Investigators say a man created some sort of home-made heating device with an electric paint tool. (more) Read More

A greener way to get electricity from natural gas Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A new type of natural-gas electric power plant proposed by MIT researchers could provide electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, at costs comparable to or less than conventional natural-gas plants, and even to coal-burning plants. But that can only come about if and when a price is set on the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases - a step the U.S. Congress and other governments are considering as a way to halt climate change. (more) Read More
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