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Your source for breaking news in the heating industry.
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HVAC Manufacturers, Efficiency Advocates Ink Historic Efficiency Standards Agreement

Washington, D.C. - infoZine - The nation’s leading manufacturers of residential central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps today signed an historic, voluntary agreement with the nation’s leading energy-efficiency advocacy organizations supporting new federal standards for those products. For the first time, the agreement calls for regional efficiency standards to replace a quarter century of national standards, and it also recommends more stringent building code provisions for new construction. (continue) Read More

Uponor offers free training in October

A nice way to thank their friends! Full details are here. Read More

Cold students?

Interesting things going on in North Dakota with the students at the university. This will be an interesting one to watch. And note how the Sierra Club has their eyes on 59 other campuses. I wonder if they'll do the same. Great opportunity for the local professionals! Read More

Russian eggs in one basket

Some of the old district heating systems from the Soviet days are in such bad shape that people are going without heat and hot water for months. Here's a story about one such town. Count your blessings. Read More

Ya snooze, ya lose.

It's the only time this all-technical Night School will be in the area. Ya snooze, ya lose.  October 15 in beautiful Timonium, Maryland. Read More

Radiant cooling at Sam's

The new Sam's Club in Sacramento, CA has radiant cooling in the floor and some other interesting features. Wal-Mart (owner of Sam's) is moving more and more in the green direction because it makes good business sense. Here's the story. Read More

Last chance for Classic Hydronics in Maryland

We're just about sold-out for this one. It's the only time this all-technical Night School will be in the area. Ya snooze, ya lose.  October 15 in beautiful Timonium, Maryland. Read More

Heating oil prices cool down as winter approaches

Here's a good look at where prices will probably go in the cold months to come. Click HERE for the article. Read More

Oil Heat Cares About West Haven Couple

A West Haven couple is getting a new boiler, chimney and sense of hope from a national program called "Oil Heat Cares."  A new boiler is an expensive and labor intensive project. But with every part installed in the basement, on Island Avenue, it means a chance for Carl and Kristy MacLeod to put their own life back together. The rest of the story is HERE. Read More

National Grid to propose lower winter gas rate

National Grid, the energy delivery company, said that it will ask the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to approve natural gas commodity rates that are on average 18 percent lower than those from last winter. Click for the rest of the story. Read More
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