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Santa's New Zealand problem?

No worries! He'll come in through the heat pump. (more) Read More

750 London homes freeze as gas supply is cut off

Thousands of residents in north London have been left without heating and cooking in the freezing conditions after their gas supply failed. About 750 homes in East Barnet faced a second day without gas after water from a burst main got into the gas pipes, cutting off the flow in the early hours yesterday. (more) Read More

Tank truck overturns, spilling heating oil

PROVIDENCE — A vigorous cleanup effort avoided what could have been a substantial oil spill on the city’s East Side yesterday after the axle of a tank truck carrying 1,800 gallons of heating oil broke, dumping the truck on its side and poking holes in its tank. (more) Read More

Woman pays South Jersey Gas bills, but no heat in her home for 5 days and counting

BRIDGETON — For five days, Roberta Algarin and her family have gone without heat in their Columbus Avenue home. It’s not because she hasn’t paid her bill to South Jersey Gas. It’s not that she doesn’t pay an extra $11 per month to the company for a warranty providing service in case of a problem, she said. With a potentially vicious nor’easter approaching, Algarin has no heat in the two-story home because in five days, no one can seem to deliver the needed part to get the system running again. (more) Read More

Energy-saving traffic lights caused crashes across the nation

Probably not the brightest way to save energy. (more) Read More

Helping Military Families This Winter

Town of Union, NY (WBNG Binghamton)-The holiday season is a difficult time for families who loved ones serving in the military overseas. A heating company is looking lessen the burden by helping to keep military families warm this winter. (more) Read More

Solar Panel Manufacturers to Benefit from Copenhagen Summit

The future looks bright for solar panel manufacturers, as the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference is about to get started next week.  Leaders from countries all over the globe will converge in Copenhagen to look for solutions with regard to the dangers of climate change.  This is a major step in the battle against global warming. One sector that would closely monitor the results of the Copenhagen Summit are solar panel manufacturers.  At present China is the world’s top manufacturer of solar cells, with industry leaders Suntech and Trina calling it their home.  Chinese manufacturing plants have increased their production capacity in 2009 to eight gigawatts, which is more than the projected global demand of 7.5 gigawatts. (more) Read More

Bloomberg goes less green

Post-election New York is going to be significantly less energy-efficient than pre-election Mayor Bloomberg promised it was going to be. Bloomberg announced Friday that he's backing down on a major component of the PLANYC Greener, Greater Buildings Plan he announced with great fanfare on Earth Day this year. In the face of opposition from real estate interests, Bloomberg has decided that the owners of buildings his plan identifies as using half the city's energy will no longer be required to make them energy efficient. With Greener, Greater Buildings in place, the city's carbon emissions were supposed to be reduced 30% by 2030. (more) Read More

Downtown Cedar Rapids Out of Steam

CEDAR RAPIDS - A long tradition has ended in Cedar Rapids. For more than a century, a giant steam system heated much of the downtown area. Tuesday, Alliant Energy shut it down. (more) Read More

New roof can pose carbon monoxide danger

Attic furnace venting is coming apart in some homes when the roof is replaced. (story) Read More
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