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Taco 'Bumblebee' Pump Gets a Name, Florida Contestant Wins the Smart Car Subscribe to RSS feed

Taco President and CEO John Hazen White, Jr. and his team carefully reviewed over 2,000 entries to find the winning name. And the winner is
The Bumblebee

The winning entry was submitted by:
Mario-Luc Ranger
Control Technician
University of Central Florida
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Orlando, Florida

Some 50 contestants submitted the Bumblebee name. To select the winner we conducted a random drawing among all those entries.

Connie McGreavy, executive director of the Rhode Island Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, drew the winning entry and David Gilden, managing partner of the law firm of Partridge Snow & Hahn, attested to the results. See a video of the drawing on YouTube. Mario's name was drawn and he'll be getting his Smart car from Taco soon. Congratulations, Mario.

The Bumblbee is just one of the growing family of Taco products we've engineered to save energy, save water and save money for your residential and commercial customers by lowering their operating costs. See them all at And join the conversation on saving energy, saving resources, green building and sustainability at the Taco-HVAC page on Facebook.