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ACCA Publishes New ComforTool On CAZ TestingSubscribe to RSS feed

ACCA, the nation’s largest association of indoor environmental systems professionals, has published its latest ComforTool for ACCA members to help educate customers. The newest addition to this series of fliers, “Why Did The Home Inspector Say I Needed To Call In Another Expert?” covers what combustion appliance zone (CAZ) testing is, why the test is performed, and why home owners need to call another professional to correct any issues.
ComforTools are provided to ACCA members at no cost and cover a variety of topics related to system design, installation, and maintenance.
“As home performance contracting becomes more common, more home owners are going to have CAZ tests performed and will need to work with contractors to correct any issues revealed by the test,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president & CEO. “This new ComforTool will help our members explain why a professional contractor is who the home owner needs to work with to ensure that the issues are corrected and that the home is now not only more efficient, but also safe.”
ACCA members can download the new ComforTool, and any of the other ComforTools in the library, for free at