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Hot Water Recirculation – Comfort and Convenience combined with Water and Energy savings from TacoSubscribe to RSS feed

“The simplest way to reduce water heating costs in a home – without changing a family’s water use habits – is the installation of a hot water recirculation system,” explains Eric Aune, owner of Aune Plumbing and Heating in Zimmerman, Minnesota.  “To save my clients money, I frequently recommend the installation of a Taco SmartPlus system.”  

Designed for domestic water systems with dedicated hot water return lines, the new recirculation technology combines the reliability of Taco’s “00” line of circulators with cutting-edge electronics for super-efficient operation. 

SmartPlus was recently displayed on the TV show “Designing Spaces” which airs on the Lifetime Network.  The technology is winning broad consumer interest, especially in drought-prone areas, or where homeowners are becoming more water-and-energy conscious.

“The device never requires programming,” continued Aune.  “It offers automatic operation right out of the box.  It delivers hot water instantaneously, providing comfort and convenience, while conserving water, energy and cash.”

When set to the “smart” mode, the SmartPlus circulator records each time hot water is called for during a seven day period and then duplicates the pattern for the following week.  This energy saving process occurs constantly, so hot water is ready when it’s needed.  With SmartPlus, the average household can save up to 12,000 gallons of water in a year.

“What it boils down to is that with SmartPlus, my customers won’t send clean, cold water down the drain while waiting for hot water to arrive at the fixture,” Aune added.  “And, if wastewater goes into a municipal system, customers not only pay for the water supplied to the home, they pay to get rid of it, too.”  

The SmartPlus can also be set to “pulse” mode.  It will operate for 150 seconds every ten minutes, maintaining hot water at all fixtures.

Whether in “smart” or “pulse” mode, the circulator will automatically enter “vacation” mode if hot water is not used for 36 hours.  In this mode, water will be circulated once a week to prevent corrosion and scale buildup.  When hot water is again called for, the unit will go back to normal operation.

SmartPlus is available in a bronze bodied ½-inch or ¾-inch sweat connection to accommodate residential and light commercial applications.

“Technology that maximizes comfort and convenience while saving water, time and money is a win-win for homeowners, any way you look at it,” concluded Aune.  “And, for homebuilders, hot water recirculation is a great way to smartly differentiate their product by appealing to homeowner interest in comfort and conservation.”